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Archive 09/2023


Amiga Games That Weren't: Fatal Mission
As the website "Games That Weren't" reports, "Fatal Mission" was an ambitious project started by Ola Zandelin and Robert Hennings in 1993: "a cinematic style adventure in the lines of Another World, but with bitmap graphics instead of vector style one". On his website, Ola Zandelin has published some examples of this. The website "AmigaPD" conducted an interview with the developer in 2013. In it, he suggests that the game was playable to a certain extent, but it was never finished because there was a lack of time and experience to put everything together and plan it properly. (dr)

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Emulator: Denise V2.1
Denise is a cycle accurate and platform independant emulator which since version 2.0 can emulate an Amiga 500 and Amiga 1000 (Kickstart disks are required) in addition to a C64. Now version 2.1 has been released. Changes:

General changes:
  • add drag'n'drop overlay
    • files can be inserted into additional drives faster
    • files can either only be inserted or inserted and restarted
    • multi file support
  • fix: Wasapi didn't work on some audio hardware
Amiga specific changes:
  • greatly improved accuracy
  • ~15% speed up
  • fix: Drive LED sometimes does not turn off
  • display tracks more clearly
  • add IPF, DMS, EXE and encrypted kick rom support
  • add RTC
  • add multi file support for any-loader (fill DF0-3 in one go)
  • show power LED in status line
    • colors for power and drive LEDs depend on the model
    • click on power LED to select audio filter
Denise is available cross platform for Windows 32/64 XP and higher, macOS (from version 10.9 on, Intel and Arm), Linux and BSD. (dr)

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Video: Repairing an A590, part 5
In the fifth part of his video series about the repair of an A590 ( reported) Robert Smith had a look at an example that he could get hold of in the original case design and that still has the original Epson hard disk. (dr)

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Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 5.11 (AmigaOS 3/4)
Version 5.11 of the open source encryption protocol AmiSSL has been released, which is now based on the latest version OpenSSL 3.1.3 (19.9.2023) and thus provides various minor fixes, including removal of memory leaks. Furthermore the root certificates have been updated to latest Mozilla-based bundle dated 22.8.2023.

AmigaOS 3: AmiSSL-5.11-OS3.lha (3,4 MB)
AmigaOS 4: AmiSSL-5.11-OS4.lha (3,1 MB)
SDK: AmiSSL-5.11-SDK.lha (2,3 MB) (dr)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: E-Mail client Iris 1.18, Contacts 1.1
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 1.18 of his e-mail client Iris and version 1.1 of the contact manager Contacts for MorphOS. Detailed changes:

Iris V1.18
  • Updated to match changes in Contacts application
  • Updated curl, mysql and other libs
Contacts V1.1
  • Implemented Digest Authorization
  • Implemented NICKNAME support in CardDAV
  • Configurable sort by first or last name
  • Fixed aspect ratio of cropped contact photos (iCloud) appearing in other applications

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Scheduler PolyOrganiser 1.21
PolyOrganiser written by Frederic 'Polymere' Rignault is a so called "PIM-Tool" (Personal Information Management) with which you can manage dates, contacts and tasks. Changes since version 1.16:
  • Fix: Task edit, due date broken at creation (1970) and ignore very old due date too.
  • Add: Task edit, add a context menu entry for remote due date.
  • Fix: Task display, late date are bold. Fix no title display. Fix Columns weight.
  • Change: Task list, use short date
  • Fix: Contact diplay "no name" when name or company is blank.
  • Fix: Contact/Event/Task, ask confiration for remove show "No name" when needed.
  • Fix: Remove edit of task categories in main window due to a unfixable bug.
  • Fix: Fix backgound & frames of popup objects (except Task type that have fixed back...)
  • Fix:Task edit show wrond type
  • Fix: Sort of contacts that was kind of random.
  • Patch: Replace "Jabber" data type for "Title"
  • Fix: DueDate broken due to stuoid datestamp copy
  • Fix: Workaround some issue with duplicate ids in packed event storage which are used for both event item ids as well as additional links (0xE1 and above)
  • Change: Don't write DebugTracking.raw file to PROGDIR: any longer by default
  • Fix: On New Task creation, use the current date for Due Date instead of leaving it uninitilized to 1978
  • Fix: Correct backfill of sunday column weekday for locale country catalog settings which don't start on Monday (like United States which starts on Sunday)
  • Fix: Fixed a use-after-free for notification once the close window button of the search window was hit and which caused a crash once PERMMEMTRACK kernel option was enabled
  • Fix: Fixed some bug in some intermediate 1.18 version that always deleted the last record for each launch of the program
  • Fix: Icon sizes of top navigation bar back to 100% (from 80%) again after some intermediate change
  • Rework: Code to create the DateIcon AppIcon uses Reggae instead of a direct PNG decoder now
  • Fix: fixed some bug that triggered PERMMEMTRACK because the app tried to free some static application memory on some string
  • Fix: Fixed some incompatibility with MorphOS PERMMEMTRACK option due to some access to already freed memory
  • Fix: Fixed hits caused by 2nd launch of PolyOrga Fix: Fixed some possible illegal access when the database is opened or past events are checked on launch

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Platform games: Updates for all four parts of Boxx series
The developer 'Lemming880' has released updates for the three parts of his Boxx remake series as well as for the fourth part. All four parts now use the same Scorpion engine version. The changes in the overview:

Version 1.01 of Boxx 1 remake:
  • Menu: replaced quit with options.
  • Menu options and jukeboxx: replaced coin with arrow.
  • Menu: removed boxx splash screen.
  • Music: swapped songs of levels 3 and 4.
  • Sound: changed break block sound effect to original.
  • In-game: turrets shoot a bit faster.
  • In-game: added boss health bar.
  • In-game: moving bricks explode instead of dropping a coin.
  • In-game: removed alarm lights in boss arena.
  • Removed unnecessary files.
Version 1.00 of Boxx 2 remake:
  • In-game: turrets shoot faster.
  • In-game: moving bricks explode instead of dropping a coin.
  • In-game: closed a tile gap in level 2.
  • Removed unnecessary files.
Version 1.00 of Boxx 3 remake:
  • In-game: turrets shoot faster.
  • In-game: moving bricks explode instead of dropping a coin.
  • In-game: bounce blocks only in hard mode.
  • In-game: closed a gap in level 2.
  • In-game: flying boss pod doesn't make a shooting sound anymore after the main boss died.
  • In-game: flying boss pod now drops a bomb on hard mode instead of exploding.
  • Removed unnecessary files.
Version 1.04 of Boxx 4:
  • In-game: reintroduced faster shooting turrets in the flying levels.
  • In-game: level 2: water collision a little bit lower at the fish jump before the boss.
  • In-game: level 5: fixed end boss arena for a situation where the boss could temporary get stuck.
  • Menu Options: removed Performance Mode and added Default Settings option.
  • Menu Info: rearranged text at the bottom.
  • Menu Credits: changed text 'box art' with 'print design'.

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Event: Voting started & further information about Amiga38
Markus Tillmann informs in our german news-item about catering at Amiga38 and other details. Also voting on the Community Award has started. (snx)

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Competition: Winners of AmiGameJam 2022
During a live show on Twitch, the winners of the AmiGameJam were announced ( reported): (dr)

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