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Archive 09/2023


Platform game: Update for "Ooze: The Escape"
The ZX Spectrum port "Ooze: The Escape" (video), released in August, has received a minor update: The developer speaks of "game-play tweaks" to some of the screens. (cg)

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Mirandor (comments area)

Pop Art: Amiga pictures from Keith Haring found, sold via NFT auction
Keith Haring was a well-known member of the US Pop Art movement, who was gifted an Amiga by Timothy Leary, another famous artist, to design graphics for Leary's never completed computer version of the Science Fiction novel Neuromancer.

Learys Neuromancer project didn't go anywhere, but Haring used the Amiga anyway, apparently  - to create digital illustrations in his typical style. The Amiga disks containing his creations were found in Learys residue a decade ago, but only now they will be made available to the public: reports that NFTs for five of the images will be sold via an online auction - four of the images can be seen in artnet's article.

The auctioneer estimates the worth of the collection of Keith Haring NFTs to be around 1.65 million USD - 200,000 to 500,000 Dollar per image. A similar auction two years ago with Amiga pictures from Andy Warhol earned the auctioneer 3.4 Millionen Dollar. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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Do it yourself: Adapter board A314 for internal Raspberry Pi, version 1.2
The A314 is an FPGA-based adapter board by Niklas Ekström, which can be used to connect a Raspberry Pi in the expansion slot of the Amiga 500 ( reported), which among other things also allows the use of its network connection.

In the meantime the project has matured to version 1.2, details about the changes in this release are not available. (snx)

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