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Archive 05/2023

31.May.2023 (Forum)

MorphOS: Web browser Wayfarer 5.4
Jacek 'jacadcaps' Piszczek has released version 5.4 of his web browser Wayfarer for MorphOS. Changes include updates of the YouTube scripts and cURL.

Download: wayfarer.lha (29 MB) (snx)

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Sprite/Icon/Map editor: Raster Master V1.7 R84 for Windows 10/11 (update)
Raster Master ( reported) is a sprite/icon/map editor for Windows 10/11 which generates RayLib-, PutImagedata and Map code for gcc, AmigaBASIC, Amiga C, Amiga Pascal, QuickBasic, QB64, Quick C, Turbo Pascal, freepascal, Turbo C, Turbo Basic, Power Basic, FreeBASIC, GWBASIC, BASICA, and PC-BASIC (YouTube video).

About the now released version 1.6 R83 the developer wrote: "This is a big one! Refactored so much code and deleted even more! But the most exciting aspect is that we are back to support 32 bit systems. The previous method used for rendering was terrible in terms of memory. Now way less memory used.

Rendering and scrolling is much faster now! Everything in the main editor has been simplified. All shapes now are rendered in their correct color when drawing/adjusting size. Previously during draw/size shape was using xor to erase previous shape.

Grid and Clip Select outline are rendered over the zoomed image. Everything is fast now that you can't notice this.

The tools menu now includes the hidden tools that were available only when selecting a clip area. These tools can be used now when the image is not selected. The action will be performed on the entire image.

There maybe some things I missed, but overall I think you will notice the improvements!"

Update: (01.06.2023, 05:12, dr)

In the meantime, version 1.7 R84 has been released: the sprite importer now also has the options "Grid" and "Snap to grid", the map editor has a grid in the background that can be switched off if required. Also, a crosshair pointer has been introduced in the edit windows. (dr)

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Image editor: PyDPainter 1.1.0 for Windows, Linux and macOS
The image editor PyDPainter (YouTube video) is inspired by DPaint and according to its author Mark Riale an attempt to create a usable pixel art program in Python using PyGame that can handle low resolutions and limited colour palettes and which can be as easy to use as possible ( reported). Changes of version 1.1.0:
  • Add stencil functionality
  • Prevent active (floating) brush from being saved with CTRL-s
  • Make sure color palette size is a power of 2 when loading
  • Remove brush from Show Page Preview
  • Fix cycle speed in palette requestor
  • Add Clouds, Planet, and Galaxy tutorials

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Encryption protocol: AmiSSL 5.9 (AmigaOS 3/4)
Version 5.9 of the open source encryption protocol AmiSSL has been released, which is now based on the latest version OpenSSL 3.1.1 and thus fixes four security vulnerabilities. Updated CA root certificates are also provided. The changes in detail:
  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility with the latest OpenSSL 3.1.1 (30.5.2023) version, which includes one moderate and three low severity fixes for newly identified vulnerabilities:
    • Mitigate for very slow OBJ_obj2txt() performance with gigantic OBJECT IDENTIFIER sub-identities.
    • Fixed documentation of X509_VERIFY_PARAM_add0_policy().
    • Fixed handling of invalid certificate policies in leaf certificates.
    • Limited the number of nodes created in a policy tree.
  • Updated root certificates to latest Mozilla-based bundle provided by dated 30.5.2023.
  • Added 8K minimum stack cookie to example programs.

AmigaOS 3: AmiSSL-5.9-OS3.lha (3,4 MB)
AmigaOS 4: AmiSSL-5.9-OS4.lha (3,1 MB)
SDK: AmiSSL-5.9-SDK.lha (2,3 MB) (dr)

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MorphZone (website)

MorphOS: Hotfix for openssl3.library
An update of openssl3.library has been released, because a vulnerability of the version of OpenSSL has been discovered that has been included in MorphOS 3.18.

Download: openssl3.library (2 MB) (snx)

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Simone Bevilacqua (Mail)

Video: Experiments with the AMOS Layers System (ALS)
Simone Bevilacqua's AMOS Layers System (ALS) "turns the screens of AMOS Professional into layers that can be laid over one another, with complete control of order, colors and opaqueness, while keeping them renderable as usual" ( reported). During a brainstorming for a new game with ALS he did some experiments which he recorded in two videos (1, 2). The basic idea here is that there are two parallel worlds in the game: a real one (dangerous/dark) and an illusory one (pleasant/nice), each of which becomes visible to the player on different occasions. (dr)

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Arcade game: Galaxian500 released
Jean-Francois 'jotd' Fabre has transcoded the original arcade game Galaxian to the Amiga. (dr)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood: Remedios 1.4 released
Version 1.4. of Remedios, the toolkit for compiling Hollywood applets into native iOS applications, has been released. With this version, the iPhone and iPad simulator can now also be used on arm64 Macs. Previous versions of Remedios only supported the iPhone and iPad simulator for Intel-based Macs. The update to version 1.4 is available for free for all customers in the protected download area. (snx)

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Browser extension: AGuide Viewer 0.2
AGuide Viewer is an open source reader for AmigaGuide documents implemented as a browser extension. It works with Firefox and Chromium on all platforms ( reported). Changes of version 0.2:
  • The extension is less aggressive when intercepting URLs that include the string .guide. The detection methods are now configurable and can be turned off if they cause problems. Please report an issue if the default configuration causes a problem. All auto detection can be turned off and the extension manually triggered if desired.
  • Links that require more than a simple click to open now have tooltips explaining what to do.

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AmigaOS 4: MIDI sequencer "Seq" V2.7
"Seq" is a simple MIDI sequencer that offers fast editing and many functions for live performance. Changes in version 2.7:
  • FIXED play buttons
  • FIXED play buttons light flashing if cancelling song mode during the last played pattern
  • Setting busy pointer while loading or saveing project
  • Added instruments setting window
  • Project file version increased to 7 and instruments tag added

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Amiga Future (website)

Arcade port: Amiga version of Tapper completed
"Tapper" (video) is a conversion of the 1983 arcade classic of the same name for the Amiga. After several pre-release versions, it has now been completed and can be downloaded at the title link.

The game is about serving beer to thirsty customers at four rows of tables and collecting again the empty glasses. (snx)

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Video: Repairing an Amiga A590 Rev.6, part 1
In a new video series Robert Smith deals with the revision 6 of an A590: Commodore's external hard disk for the Amiga 500 or 500 Plus, which is connected to the expansion port and can also serve as a memory expansion. The first part of the series is about the functionality in detail and the onboard Fast RAM. (dr)

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Batman Group (Twitter)

Demo: Update of "Batman Rises"
In mid-December the Batman Group had released their demo "Batman Rises" ( reported). The now released update fixes the slowdown bug with Terrible Fire turbo cards and a typo in the credits. (dr)

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