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Archive 12/2021


Mod-Player: HippoPlayer 2.50
Kari-Pekka Koljonen, developer of the Amiga-MOD player HippoPlayer, has updated it to version 2.50. Changes:

  • New fixes:
    • There was a bug in the sample player (which also plays MP3) in AHI compatibility. It could hang when playback was stopped. This happened especially when using AHI with the Toccata driver. Should work now.
    • Another different possible AHI related hang bug fixed which could happen when pausing playback.
    • When the play mode was set to "List repeatedly" and the list was full of dividers (a.k.a. directories), Hippo could get stuck trying to find a module to be played. This should be fixed now.
    • Possible hang/crash bug (related to a stray audio interrupt) fixed in Ben Daglish and Kris Hatlelid formats.
  • New supported music formats:
    • Impulse Tracker, using the "Impulse" deliplayer, written by the Delirium team for DeliTracker.
    • Impulse plays IT formats v1.00 and v2.00. Newer formats are not supported.
    • Impulse supports pattern skip forwards and back, along with song end detection. Song position display is not supported.
    • 32 channels are in use in all modules. This is due to the way IT modules work, channels are used dynamically according to whatever is needed at the moment.
    • Modules can be played using the PS3M mixing engine or AHI.
    • Stereo scope works with PS3M.
    • Channel panning is not supported, each channel has a fixed stereo position.
    • Requires 68020 or better.
    • Impulse is not included in the file, so Hippo will look for it in the following places: "PROGDIR:", "PROGDIR:eagleplayers", "eagleplayer2:eagleplayers". Here "PROGDIR:" is the directory where the Hippo binary is installed.
    • Impulse can be found in the Aminet DeliTracker archive.
  • New features:
    • There is a new list mode which can be toggled by the button on top of the file slider: file browser. The list modes now are:
      • Playlist (list icon)
      • Favorites (heart icon)
      • File browser (disk icon)
    • File browser mode:
      • In this mode the list displays contents of directories.
      • Directories are entered by the "Play" button, return/enter key, or LMB double click. (Note that double click can be enabled/disabled in Prefs.)
      • The topmost list item shows the name of the displayed directory. Activating it goes back to the parent directory.
      • Files are filtered using the configured match pattern, see "Prefs/Loading/File Match Pattern" (kick2.0+ only).
      • If you have enabled "Keep list on exit", Hippo will return to the directory where you left off if you were in the file browser mode when exiting.
    • New keyboard shortcuts:
      • List mode toggle: [SHIFT+M]
      • Navigate to parent in file browser: [BACKSPACE]
  • New ARexx commands (for HippoPlayerIR support):
    • TOGGLEMODE: change between list modes
    • FAVORITE: toggle chosen module favorite status

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Amiga Future (website)

A570: 2 MB memory expansion for the external CD-ROM drive
The A570, a CD-ROM expansion for the Amiga 500, can itself be expanded by additional memory. Information on a corresponding 2 MB do-it-yourself PCB can be found at the title link. (snx)

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Amiga Future (website)

Floppy drive emulator: Gotek Flash Floppy
Files for an alternative do-it-yourself PCB to the classic Gotek - an emulator of floppy disk drives for the usage of ADF files - can be found at the title link. Oleg Mishin's board for external or internal mounting can be equipped with an 0.96" OLED display and with push buttons or a rotary encoder. (snx)

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AROS: Text editor 'TwinsIDE 0.1' in progress
According to the developer 'serk118' under the title link, he has started developing a text editor called 'TwinsIDE' for AROS IDE. As he writes, the original plan was to either finish his work on porting AmiDE or to work on porting MurksIDE. But since the latter does not support syntax highlighting, he decided to write a text editor from scratch. (dr)

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AmigaOS 4: First public version of editor 'Lite XL' released
Recently George Sokianos, author of the AmigaOS 4.1 application MediaVault, had announced that he is going to port the Linux editor Lite XL. Now he has released the first public version v1.16.12.3 of his port.

According to the author "LiteXL for AmigaOS 4 is still experimental and there are some known issues, but it is quite usable. It is recommended to use it on a fast AmigaOne, although it was tested on microAmiga1 and works pretty good, but slow."

Using an AmigaOne X5000, the editor could be started without problems (screenshots see above). Under WinUAE and AmigaOS 4.1 it runs with the help of the PatchCompositeTags, which gives the following result:


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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Book: Interest in a German version of Commodore - The Inside Story? (Update)
Three years ago the English book "Commodore: The Inside Story" became available at retailers. There the former Commodore UK Managing Director David Pleasance describes the twelve years in which he worked for the company.

Currently he wants to find out interest in a German version of the book, translation would be done by Anton Preinsack. Sufficient demand given, a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter would be started, with a price of 35 British Pounds for the hardcover book (almost 42 Euros currently). An e-book version would follow. If you are interested in it, please write an e-mail to with the subject "German Translation".

Update: (02.02.22, 09:01, snx)
In a posting to our comments section, Anton Preinsack points out that his German translation would be basically finished already and that an e-book version would be published in any case. (snx)

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Amiga Future (website)

PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 129 (Italian/English)
Besides the Italian original issue, the PDF magazine REV'n'GE ("Retro Emulator Vision and Game") is also available in English. The magazine's reviews compare the different ports of classic games to the various platforms of their time. (snx)

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29.Dec.2021 (forum)

AROS: Update of 68k distribution Aros Vision
Olaf Schönweiß has updated his AROS/68k distribution Aros Vision. Changes in this update without a version number include updated ROMs and datatypes as well as the new version of WHDLoad and its graphical interface iGame.

It is recommended to copy the libraries bullet.library and rexxsyslib.library from AmigaOS 3.1 to Libs: and the command rexxmast to C: and to use the Installer 43.3 by Amiga Technologies (Aminet) for installation. WHDLoad is pre-installed using AROS ROMs; for full support, you will need original Kickstart ROMs (description). (snx)

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THEA500 Mini: Interview with Paul Andrews
The Blog BlitterWolf has published an interview with Paul Andrews, the managing director of RetroGames which is about the announced THEA500 Mini. Among other things, a "full sized version" is promised with the 'THEA500' if sales are satisfactory, similar to the approach taken with the THEC64 Mini and the THEC64. (dr)

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Rob Smith

Tutorial: Porting a X-Mas game from HTML5 to AMOS, part 4
Rob Smith, known for his project DrawBridge for reading Amiga floppy disks using a standard PC floppy drive, has now released the last part of his YouTube tutorial showing how he ported the Christmas game 'Present Drop' from HTML5 to AMOS ( reported). Here he is "focusing on improving performance, music, sound effects and the finishing touches such as showing your score, and the title screen". (dr)

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