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Archive 05/2020

28.May.2020 (Webseite)

File manager: MCAmiga 0.5 for all Amiga systems (update)
Marcus 'ALB42' Sackrow's MCAmiga is a file manager similar to Norton and Midnight Commander which additional to the mouse interface can be also completely controlled with the keyboard. MCAmiga is available for AmigaOS (m68k, PPC), MorphOS and AROS (x86, x64, ARM). The program at least requires 4 MB RAM. According to the author the AmigaOS 4 version does not run on a X5000.

Changes in version 0.5:
  • video fixes
  • browse, copy, move, rename, view/edit in lha/lzx archives
  • browse, extract, view files from xad supported archive types
  • start executables by pressing (shift) enter
  • tools menu
  • now includes a build for 68000 CPUs
Hint of the editors: Obviously MCAmiga does not work with Vampire systems, due to the affinity of the Vampire team with operating system "Coffin OS" which also includes illegal copies. The corresponding error message is slightly misleading and suggests a incorrect detection of Coffin OS.

Update: (29.05.2020, 23:00, cg)

According to the author in the comments of his blog, he only forgot to remove the bloackade of the Vampire. The author wrote: "It was my try to point to a problem… seems not many people care.. so it became stupid and useless… therefore I decided a while before already to remove that." (cg) (Translation: dr)

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28.May.2020 (Webseite)

USB adapter for classic joystick: UJOY/1A
The US-American retailer has developed another adapter for connecting an Atari/Commodore-compatible joystick to a modern computer: UJOY/1A uses an USB micro controller "Silicon Laboratories EFM8UB1" to make old joysticks understand the USB protocol. The adapter is available for 19 USD, the schematic (but not the documents for making a board) are available for free as PDF. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Full version of Grand Prix 500 for download
The full version of the motorbike racing game Grand Prix 500 II can be downloaded in the download section of the Amiga Future as ADF image or WHDLoad version. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Olaf K÷bnik (ANF)

Beambender: Interview with Bernhard Aichinger / PC version downloadable
Olaf K÷bnik wrote: 17 Jahre after the first release of Beambender (Amiga-Version) by Amiga Arena now with permission of Bernhard Aichinger the long missed PC version of Beambender is offered for free and legal download.

Even after 25 years, afrer the installation Beambender runs under Windows 10 without any problems. An (German) interview with Bernhard Aichinger who contributed the graphics for the Amiga and PC version you can also find under the title link. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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amigaworld (Webseite)

Arcade classic in 36 kilobytes: Tiny Galaga
After Tiny Invaders, the demo group Abyss has released its second minimalistic clone of an arcade classic called "Tiny Galaga" (video) which is less than 40 kb. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Indie Retro News (Webseite)

SciFi shooter/racer: First demo of "Verge World Icarus Rising"
According to the authors "Verge World" is "a sci-fi shoot'em up, racer game with exploration elements." The game is being developed for diverse retro platforms. Now a first playable Amiga preview version is available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 110 (Italian/English)
The PDF magazine REV'n'GE ("Retro Emulator Vision and Game") is available in Italian as well as in an English-language translation. REV'n'GE compares and reviews games and programs on vintage computers.

Among others the latest issue includes an article about the Amiga games "Cyber Kick" and "Dylan Dog: Attraverso lo Specchio".

Download sites:
English (snx) (Translation: dr)

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AmigaOS 3/4: Web browser Netsurf 3.10
The web browser Netsurf - and also Chris Young's ReAction-based Amiga port (must not be confused with the SDL version) - is available as version 3.10 for AmigaOS 3 and AmigaOS 4.

Specific AmigaOS changes:
  • Added Page Info icon and window.
  • Updated to improved core content scaling interface.
  • Add support for scrolling core windows in response to core requests.
  • Allow running JavaScript from ARexx.
  • Removed login window because it's now handled by the core.
Cross-platform changes:
  • Improved handling of NetSurf generated queries and errors, including:
    • Timeouts.
    • Authentication requests.
    • Certificate problems.
  • Created consistent visual style for NetSurf Core generated content.
  • HTML layout fix for {min|max}-width on replaced elements.
  • Improved keyboard navigation.
  • Improved local history with keyboard navigation and improved display.
  • Fixed mouse interaction issue when entire document had visibility:hidden.
  • Refactoring of the browser window handling.
  • Refactoring of the HTML content handler.
  • Refactoring of SSL certificate handling.
  • Refactoring of HTML, text search and selection code.
  • Many improvements to JavaScript robustness.
  • Many new and improved Duktape JavaScript bindings.
  • Improved core/front end interface for content scaling.
  • Much improved content caching, both in memory and disc caching.
  • Added a generic hashmap, used by the disc cache code.
  • Fetcher improvements for robustness and performance.
  • Updated JavaScript engine to Duktape 2.4.0.
  • Improved handling of aborted fetches.
  • Improved integration testing with framework built around monkey front end.
  • Improvements to monkey front end to make testing more extensive and reliable.
  • Minor HTML form improvements.
  • Minor HTML handler optimisations.
  • Fixes to HTML handler for robustness.
  • Refactoring generation of about: pages.
  • Fixed save complete not to save multiple copies of the same files.
  • Change how animated GIFs are rate-limited to be in line with other browsers.
  • Added a page info core window.
  • Clamping screen DPI to a sensible range.
  • Initial work towards supporting HTML5 canvas element.
  • Various treeview fixes.
  • Hubbub library 0.3.7 (HTML parser):
    • Minor code quality improvements.
    • Fixes for some HTML5 element handling.
  • LibCSS library 0.9.1 (CSS parser and selection engine):
    • Fixed a problem in the parsing of invalid media blocks.
    • Minor code quality improvements.
  • LibDOM library 0.4.1 (Document Object Model):
    • Improved HTML TextArea element handling.
    • Fix SubtreeModified event to be fired after updating attribute values.
    • Support finalising the namespace strings.
    • Basic support for keypress events.
    • Improvements to event dispatch event lifetime handling.
    • Support for InnerHTML.
    • Added support for HTMLCanvasElement.
    • Minor code quality improvements.
    • Fixed HTMLElement property setters.
    • Fixed HTMLTitleElement text getter/setter.
  • LibNSBMP library 0.1.6 (BMP support):
    • Minor code quality improvements.
  • LibNSLog library 0.1.3 (Filterable logging):
    • Added support for short log level names.
  • LibWapcaplet library 0.4.3 (String internment):
    • Free global context if no strings leak.
    • Enabled build with toolchains that don't support statement expressions.
  • Also included are many smaller bug fixes, improvements and documentation enhancements.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Generation Amiga (Webseite)

A4000 motherboard suitable for ATX cases: A4000TX
Two years ago the Finnih developer 'hese7' offered his A4000 motherboard clone A4000+ Alice and promised an ATX-compatible version. The aim of the developer was to create a version of the A4000cr motherboard including the daughterboard which is compatible to ATX cases and power supplies and additionally supports fullsize Zorro cards.

Meanwhile the clone has been finished. On Amibay you can purchase empty boards in a collective order. The latest Revision 1.1 offers the following features:
  • ATX form factor (actually a hybrid ATX/EATX form factor)
  • uses standard ATX power supply
  • 68030 processor and 68882-FPU
  • CPU slot connector for accelerator cards
  • four full-length Zorro III slots
  • three (inactive) ISA slots
  • 3.5" IDE port
  • extended video slot
  • onboard Fast RAM support up to 112MB (Meutoxo)
  • Kickstart ROM support up to 4MB (Romy)
  • Amiga mouse and joystick ports
  • PC PS/2 keyboard and PC PS/2 mouse support
  • support for native Amiga and PC floppy drives
  • 24-pin breakout header with full RGB port support (for external scandoublers, genlocks, SCART cables, etc..)
  • power connectors for two case fans
  • serial and parallel ports, 3.5mm stereo jack
  • on-board RTC with battery
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Scene World Magazine (ANF)

Scene World: Video interview with Holger "Harvey Dent" We▀ling (e.g. Data Becke
Holger "Harvey Dent" We▀ling has written books and software for the Amiga which have been published e.g. at Data Becker. In this video interview with Scene World he has talked about Amiga publishing houses in the 90s as well as his current books for the C64 Mini and the C64 Maxi. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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