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Archive 05/2020


Quiz for AmigaOS 4/MorphOS: "Board Games" update for AskMeUp XXL
Jérôme 'Glames' Senay's Ask Me Up is a one to five player quiz game for AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and Windows featuring now 2176 questions in 15 categories. Today the "Board Games" add-on, which includes 63 new questions about board games ("Which avenue does not exist in Monopoly ?"), has been released and is freely downloadable from the website. Translations for English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish and Portuguese are available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4/AROS/MorphOS: Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake 2.5
Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener's Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake is a remake of the Bomberman version released for Windows in 1997. Therefore the files of the original version are required.

Changes in version 2.5:
  • Punch animation is now played no matter if there's a bomb to punch away or not. This was a minor difference to the original game. This behaviour has one benefit: you can easily check if you still got the puncher... Thanks to Valentin for reporting!
  • Team mode: original player colors are now being used during the first seconds of a match before they are being switched to white / red team colors. Before you had a hard time figuring out who you were...
  • Somewhat adjusted explosion segment offsets, those were a bit off. Well, they still are, but less than in the original and less than before. The thing is: unbelievable but true, they are totally off in the original: it's all shifted by some useless pixels to the right and some asset the segments often simply don't fit well.
  • Explosion-animations are now repeated once and played at twice the speed. Closer to the original
  • Detail: if you have the kicker you cannot stop kicked bombs with the 2nd button anymore if you also got the jelly!
  • New disease: swap player position with a random opponent. For whatever reasons I forgot about this one, saw it in a Youtube video of the original game now. :)
  • Disease timing modified to be more closely to the original. Especially the duration decrease when you pass a disease has been changed: before it was 1 sec., now the remaining disease time is cut in half for you. Thanks to Valentin for reporting!
  • Improved texture modes, depending on your hardware. In general this improves the playfield's and animations appearance. If possible the washed out bilinear filtering is avoid in favor or an filtered scale2x variant.
  • Some graphics, namely bricks, use purple as a transparency indicator. However, for some this color-key is slightly off, so that here and there a single purple pixel remains. Was very well visible for the lilys in that trampoline world. The purple-check is now somewhat fuzzy so that stuff like that is gone.
  • Windows users: the game will ask for UAC rights elevation to create a new set of patched decrunched assets.
  • Angel death animation: angel now flying upwards. :)
  • Death animations fade out on last frame, simply looks better than those original abrupt endings.
  • Extras explanation screen: extra-icons now without bilinear washed out filter look.
  • For upcoming updates the online update mechanism has changed. Before the game would only check for an update once per day. Now it does always on startup. The reason is that for an online session all players have to be on the same update level...
  • Teleporter sound effects added.
  • Trampoline sound effects added.
  • Many more generic extra-pickup voice-overs added.
  • Many more hurry voice-overs added.
  • Many more frag taunt voice-overs added.
  • Sound when punching a bomb.
  • Sound when picking up bomb.
  • Sound when a thrown bomb is bouncing around.
  • Generic disease voice-overs added.
  • Poops sounds added.
  • Even more sounds added. :P
  • New sound effects manager to gracefully handle this giant amount of sounds even on low end hardware.
  • Put original's dedicated tune in the waiting-for-net-players screen.
  • Optimization: extra color analyzation to avoid creation of sometimes rather useless secondary textures (useless in terms of: you won't spot the difference...) -> less VRAM used, faster texture generation step.
  • Optimization: if the hardware supports it, the game will now create and cache NPOT textures, which means less VRAM used and faster texture generation.
  • Optimization: tuned texture atlas generation parameters for the different atlas types (animation, world preview, playfield, extras). Makes quite a difference, until now all used the most effective but most costly variant best suited for the animations, which is overkill for the other variants.
  • Optimization: texture atlas creation moved to the initial startup phase.
  • Textures now with premultiplied alpha if the hardware supports it (should be pretty much all but Compositing). Above all this gets rid of those little filtering artefacts here and there.
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: TopTasks Screenbar plugin 1.4
TopTasks.sbar is a Screenbar plugin for MorphOS that shows the task currently eating the most CPU time.

When clicked it opens a window showing the top 10 tasks currently hogging all your precious CPU time. Furthermode it can display a history of the top tasks of the last 100 seconds.

  • Shows Niceness, Process ID (PID) and age of each task in the top tasklist
  • Now also shows running/sleeping, created/finished and average CPU load below the tasklist
  • Strings in top task list entries context menu items (priority, break, etc.) are now localized too
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amigakit: Buffered 4xIDE adapter for A600/1200
Amigakit now offers a buffered IDE adapter which can connect up to four devices to the internal port of an A600 or A1200. Users of an A1200 additionally can purchase a FastIDE adapter "to speed up IDE transfers" - no detailed information are available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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First release of AMOS Professional AGA
A half year ago it was announced that Frédéric Cordier is going to develop a special AGA version of AMOS Professional. Its source codes have been released years ago. Meanwhile the project is called "AMOS Professional AGA" and has a separate website. Additionally a first public version has been released.

On the official website you will not find an downloads. Instead you are linked to a Github-Repository. This website does not provide any source codes but all files of the binary distribution.

The archive includes a very detailed changelog and some example projects for AGA Amigas. Neither the version number of the development environment nor the integrated documenation have been updated.

Direct download: (3,7 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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David Brunet (ANF)

New articles on Obligement website
The articles below have been added to the website of the french AmigaOS and MorphOS magazine Obligement during the last two months. All translations are welcome. Please contact David 'Daff' Brunet for more information.
  • March/April 2020 news.
  • Old articles from Joystick 1 to 3:
    • Review: Tennis Cup
    • Interview: Jeff Minter
    • Review: Highway Patrol 2
    • Review: Khalaan
    • Interview: Philippe Ulrich
    • Review: Sir Fred: The Legend
    • Review: Wild Life
    • Review: Axel's Magic Hammer
    • Interview: Paul Cuisset
    • Review: Vaux
    • Review: Hell Raisers, etc.
  • Interview: Bill Borsari (AmiWest).
  • Interview: Ian Dunlop (Walker programmer).
  • Interview: Neill Glancy (Walker graphist).
  • Interview: Rainer Brenda (Commodore Germany).
  • Review: Amiga Forever 8 R2 et R3.
  • Hardware: HID2AMI.
  • Point of view: Commodore and the distribution of AmigaOS 3.1.
  • File: Classic Reflections - what ever happen to DKB?
  • File: Amiga Games List (update).
  • Tutorial: Create filetypes in Ambient.
  • DIY: Replacement of the CXA1145M by a CXA2075M on Amiga 1200.
  • Special quizz about Dungeon Master.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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