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Archive 05/2019

Martin Wolf (ANF)

"Officially licensed" Commodore jerseys on Amazon
On Amazon, "Score Draw" offers retro jerseys of German soccer clubs, among others also red and white jerseys with "Commodore" logo. In contrast to jerseys of other teams, these are not complete copies of the original jerseys: on the "official Commodore retro jerseys from 1986" (product description of the producer) the logo and the name of the corresponding club are missing - the FC Bayern M├╝nchen is not mentioned even in the article description.

Obviously the license for the brand of the Munich team would have been to expensive - since Score Draw does promoting his article as "officially licensed" it is probable that he reached an agreement with the owner of the Commodore brand rights. What the original Bayern jersey looked like you can see on the website of the Trikot-Museum. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Full version as download: Highway Patrol 2
The full version of the racing game Highway Patrol 2 is available in the download section of the Amiga Future as ADF, IPF or WHDLoad archive. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

PDF magazine: REV'n'GE 98 (Italian/English)
The PDF magazine REV'n'GE ("Retro Emulator Vision and Game") is available in Italian as well as in an English-language translation. REV'n'GE compares and reviews games on vintage computers.

Among others the latest issue includes articles about the Amiga games "Virtual GP" and "Wing Commander".

Download sites:
English (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Game: Reshoot R released
Press release: Bombs away for Reshoot R - Modern action for the retro platform Amiga

PŘrge/▄bersee, May 28th, 2019: The development studio spieleschreiber and the publisher APC&TCP today announce the availability of the retro action game Reshoot R.

After almost three years of development, Reshoot R finally lights up its laser cannons - as you'd expect, for original Amiga hardware. The horizontal scrolling shoot'em up, in the style of classics like "R-Type", throws the player into an exciting space battle. In five elaborately designed themed worlds, fighter pilots fight side-by-side with the courageous space heroine Aryn against the attacks of the evil Tars species.

The action remains faithful to arcade traditions to combine elaborate high-end visuals with high-speed, demanding challenges. Fast gameplay, breathless dynamics, and exciting tension peaks characterise the fight between the heroine and the ballet of attack waves. Extra weapons and power-ups support her in her fight for survival. If your battle is fought successfully, eternal glory awaits you in the automatically saved highscore list. In addition, there is a premiere for Amiga action games: Those pilots can enter their performance on an internet ranking website and so they can compare their skills against those of other gamers.

Reshoot R is initially available as three seperate releases: Download Edition, Pure Edition and Signature Edition. The Pure Edition includes the game on CD-ROM and a printed manual. The Signature Edition has the game on CD-ROM, with a printed manual including a making-of special and the soundtrack on a separate audio CD. The audio CD soundtrack is also available separately.

All Amiga products are now available in the online shop of APC&TCP. Any specialist dealers who want to offer Reshoot R directly to their customers may contact APC&TCP by e-mail for details.

About Reshoot R:
Reshoot R is a 2D horizontal shoot'em up in the style of those great arcade classics Silkworm, R-Type and Gradius.

  • Developed and programmed by industry veteran Richard L÷wenstein
  • Plays to the performance capabilities of the Amiga CD│▓, 1200 and 4000
  • Five themed arenas in elaborately designed retro design
  • Exciting attack waves and boss fights
  • Extra weapons and power-ups
  • Multi-level scrolling, up to 100 objects on screen
  • 50 Hertz refresh rate ensures constant high-speed
  • More than 400 colours on screen
  • Thrilling soundtrack and SFX play simultaneously
  • Locally stored highscore list and additional internet ranking option
  • Runs on standard hardware of the A1200, A4000 and CD│▓, no add-ons required
  • Tested on Amiga systems with 68020, 68030, 68040 and 68060 CPUs
System requirements:
  • Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 or Amiga CD│▓
  • Joystick or CD32 compatible controlpad
  • 2 MB chip memory, more memory supported
  • Runs on compatible Amiga emulators on Windows, Mac and Linux
More information is available at the title link.

About spieleschreiber:
spieleschreiber is a development studio specialising in retro computer games. The founder and core of the team from PŘrge in Upper Bavaria is games journalist Richard L÷wenstein. Richard L÷wenstein successfully developed computer games in the 1980s and wrote articles for the trade magazines Happy Computer, 64er and Amiga Joker.

Reshoot R was in development for three years and was developed in co-operation with the entire retro community. Design, coding, production: Richard L÷wenstein. Graphics: Kevin Saunders. Music and sound effects: Martin Ahman.

About APC&TCP:
APC&TCP has been active as a publisher for Amiga products for over 25 years. From APC&TCP come products like Amiga Future, Amiga Family, Flyin High, Marblelous, Pinball Brain Damage, CygnusED, Roadshow and much more. APC&TCP has tried for many years not only to publish high-end Amiga games like Reshoot R but also smaller projects like Trap Runner. APC&TCP is always looking out for interesting Amiga projects to publish. (snx)

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Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Version 8 of Hollywood plugin for Vim released
Tom Crecelius has updated the Hollywood plugin for the text editor Vim: Version 8.0 is available now supporting the latest Hollywood version. For users of AmigaOS it is interesting to know that the plugin also works with the MUI version of Vim funktioniert. As usual you can download it from the official Hollywood website under the title link. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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