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Archive 05/2019

16.May 2019
Amiga Future (website)

Hyperion Entertainment acquired ReAction GUI toolkit
Press release:

Full acquisition of ReAction GUI toolkit

Brussels, May 14, 2019

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA is pleased to announce that it has acquired full ownership of ReAction.

ReAction is the official AmigaOS GUI system since it was incorporated into AmigaOS 3.5 in 1999. With the release of AmigaOS 4 and newer it has been improved, bug-fixed and a more consistent and uniform look was created as is apparent from the various applications that make use of it. Hyperion Entertainment and the AmigaOS development team would like to thank the original developers for creating ReAction and providing the opportunity to roll out ReAction on all versions of AmigaOS.

Stay tuned for more news regarding ReAction in the near future! (snx) (Translation: dr)

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15.May 2019
Amiga Future (Webseite)

Accelerator board: F˙ria firmware 12.7
The firmware of the Amiga-600 accelerator board F˙ria of the Slovakian developer Boris 'Boboo' Krizma ( reported) has been updated. It is available for 2K and 4K memory chips. An ISP cable as well as the Xilinx software is required for updating the firmware on the 68EC020 board.

Furia_EC020.jed (2K version, 123 KB)
Furia_EC020.jed (4K version, 123 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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14.May 2019

Game Construction Kit: RedPill 0.6.14 (alpha)
RedPill is a Game Construction Kit written in AmiBlitz2, which can help developing games of diverse genres - published videos show versions of Pacman and Mirror. RedPill is compatible to AGA and ECS, the "player" requires 1 MB Chip as well as some Fast RAM.

Changes in version 0.6.14:
  • Use the Editor tooltip to choose your IFF paint program, then in tiles and spritesheet screen you can quickly edit your images
  • Added action trigger New Question to start a new question
  • Added action trigger Add Answer to add a new answer to the started question
  • Added action trigger Ask Question , that will set up a variable with the value from answer
  • Now it is easier to set up the text to use in Show Text/Dialog
  • Text and Dialogs now stop the other triggers from being processed
  • In Level Objects screen you can use 1 and 2 to quickly move between levels
  • Added extra check to HUD code
  • Added extra checks to LoadSound
  • On load level added extra frame to avoid corrupted graphics
  • Fixed Color 0 being overwritten with certain settings
  • Disabled Blitz2 bitmap out bounds check
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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