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Archive 09/2016


Playable previews: Bridge Strike and Small Cars Drag Race
"Bridge Strike" (Youtube video) developed by the Tanks Furry authors is a vertically scrolling Shoot'em Up. The first demo version requires an Amiga with 68020-processor and one Megabyte RAM. It is a very early beta version, the authors recommend to start the game without startup-sequence. So far Bridge Strike was successfully tested on an Amiga 500 with Kickstart 1.3 and on an A600.

S.C.D.R. ("Small Cars Drag Race", Youtube video) simulates a drag racing, where two cars compete. The game was developed on an A500 with one Megabyte RAM.


Bride Strike: bscrunched (405 KB)
Download page for S.C.D.R. (click on "Pobierz") (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Once Upon a Byte and 8bitchip (ANF)

Video: Igor "Majsta" Majstorovic presents the Vampire 500
On September 10th at the "BalCCon" (Balkan Computer Congress), Igor "Majsta" Majstorovic - who is the developer of the FPGA-based accelerator board Vampire 500 - for the first time presented his board to the public. In a detailed presentation Majstorovic explained the history of the Vampire and the pitfalls, which he and the Apollo team had to avoid during the development. He also talked about the next generation of the Vampire, the Vampire 1200.

Hint of editorial staff: Majstorovic gave his presentation in his mother tongue Serbian. Forr the Youtube video there is an English-language subtitle which has to be manualy enabled in the "preferences" of the video. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Preview: Run'n Gun "Blazing Guns"
"Blazing Guns" (Youtube-Video) is a platform game, in which a Western hero first has to load six bullets in the revolver and then to chase enemies.

Currently the game has the following features:
  • runs with 50 frames per second
  • written in assembler
  • runs with 0.5 MB CHIP-Ram
  • runs from both floppy drive and hard drive
  • solution of 320x267 pixels with 32 colours
The following features will be added:
  • running on each OCS-Amiga with 0,5 MB RAM and without accelerator board (currently a 030 processor and a harddrive are recommended)
  • 15-20 enemies simultanously appearing on the screen
  • music and sound effects
  • Power-Ups
Direct download: guns.adf (880 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Full version for download: Fun racer Twin Turbos
The full version of the aracde racer Twin Turbos is available for free download. A disk image as well as a WHDLoad version are available. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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