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Archive 02/2009


MorphOS: Port of Origyn Web Browser
Fabien "Fab" Coeurjoly has ported the Origyn Web Browser to MorphOS (screenshot). The most important features of the MorphOS-version:
  • Based on GaleKid 1.0 OWB Branch (December 2008)
  • Javascript, CSS, DOM, SVG, Unicode, SSL, ...
  • Antialiased fonts and kerning, font families and support for international charsets
  • MUI Interface
  • Cairo technology !!1
  • Multiple tabs and windows
  • Download manager
  • Bookmarks (including import for IBrowse bookmarks)
  • Fastlinks
  • Context menus
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Rexx port (openurl support)

Coeurjoly recommends MorphOS 2 but the browser works under MorphOS 1.4.x as well - this requires a new (2007) MUI-version. OWB requires at least 35 MB RAM. Efika-owners who would like to have version without SVG-support (which saves much memory) please contact the author.

Starting OWB for the first time it tries to set the index which can take some minutes.

You can get further information about the MorphOS-version of the Origyn Web Browser in the News on (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Guido Mersmann (ANF)

Installer 1.19, Meridian 3.10, MMKeyboard 4.10, IRComRemote 3.10
Guido "Geit" Mersmann has published updates of several tools:

MMKeyboard 4.10, Meridian 3.10, IRComRemote 3.10

The multimedia-keyboard-driver MMKeyboard (AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, UAE, Amithlon), the mouse-gestures-commodity Meridian (AmigaOS 3/4 und MorphOS) as well as the infrared driver package IRCom/IRComRemote (AmigaOS 3 and MorphOS) are now optimized and improved and support now the title line plugins of MorphOS 2.x (screenshot). So an optional popup is available on each screen. MorphOS 1.4.x is supported.

Installer 1.19

Installer is a replacement for the original installation utility provided by AmigaOS (screenshot). Please note that this is the first official release of the new installer. It was tested with hundreds of scripts under MorphOS but should work under AmigaOS 3 as well.

The author has supposed that the AmigaOS 4-version does not work correctly because of a MUI-problem. He cannot find the problem and because he has not got OS4-hardware he will stop searching it. Under AmigaOS 4 the AmigaOS 3-version can be installed - if should work this you can try the PPC-version.

If there should be any problems with the installer scripts then please contact Mersmann with a Mail with screenshot. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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