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Archive 02/2009

Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Several ports
Matthias Münch has compiled the following programs for AmigaOS 4 and published them under the title link:
  • egg2mirc 0.06
  • IRCStats 1.0
  • irssi2mirc 1.0
  • jpeg 6b
  • log2mirc 0.01
  • Normalize 0.7.7
  • OpenJPEG 1.3
  • shorten 3.6.1
  • vobTools 1.5
  • xchat2mirc 1.0
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: New ISO-file for the Efika-board
Michal Schulz has published a new ISO-file for the Efika-board. This update solves problems with the MMU-routines and it should be now possible to start AROS from an USB-stick.

Torrent: aros-efika-20090211.torrent (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

APC&TCP: Testers wanted for Digibooster Professional 3
Press release APC&TCP, responsible for the sales and the development of the music software DigiboosterPro, announce that from now on alpha testers are wanted to reaching as soon as possible beta status.

Appropriate users would:
  • Send back mistakes, problems, bugs and other non-system conforming events - if possible just in time
  • Speak English
  • Have some basic knowledge about the usage of:
    • Tracker programs (Digibooster 1.x, DBPro 2.x, Protracker, ...)
    • Monitor programs (Scout, Sashimi, Snoopdos) (optional)
  • Own one or several of the following Amiga systems:
    • Amiga Classic 68k (AmigaOS 3.x)
    • Amiga Classic PPC (AmigaOS 4.0)
    • AmigaOne (AmigaOS 4.x)
    • Sam440EP/Flex (AmigaOS 4.x)
    • Pegasos 1/2 (MorphOS 1.x / 2.x / AmigaOS 4.1)
    • Efika (MorphOS 2.x)
    • AmigaOS Emulation (Amithlon / WinUAE)
If you are an interested user, please send an e-mail with the subject "DBPro3 beta", including your system configuration, to:

Please also have a look at the support forum of DigiBoosterPro. Here you can talk directly to the developer. (snx)

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Mazze43 (ANF)

Disc-Magazine: Toga
Mazze43 wrote: "Hello Amiga fellows! Recently I was looking for disc magazines to complete my collection. Under the title link I have found a site which publishes five discs each month. It is called Toga. Some of you should know this name.

Issues from before 2007 are available on the server of Back to the Roots. I do not have an idea if the magazine is well-known." (snx) (Translation: dr)

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AmigaOS 4: Battle for Wesnoth 1.4.7
The AmigaOS 4-port of the turn based strategy game Battle for Wesnoth is now available in the latest version 1.4.7. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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AmigaOS 4: Web-Browser OWB 3.6
Jörg Strohmayer has published an update of his port of the Origyn Web Browser. The changes in version 3.6 are listed in the Changelog.

Direct download: OWB.lha (11,9 MB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Installer 1.25
The Installer written by Guido 'geit' Mersmann is a replacement for the installation program provided by Commodore. This update includes several bug fixes.

Download: Installer.lha (530 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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10.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

Information about new memory system in MorphOS 2.x
In an article on the website of the MorphOS-team, Harry "Piru" Sintonen who implemented the new system explained the differences between the old and the new memory system as well as the goals and functions of the new system. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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09.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

Workbench-Distribution: AmigaSYS 4 Update R1
AmigaSYS is a preinstalled Workbench with many extensions which are mainly important for users of emulators. Additionally a file with the Kickstart-ROM as well as at least one Workbench-disk of version 3.x are required.

The update R1 includes updated versions of several components as well as minor improvements and bug fixes. You can find a detailed list of changes on the website of the project. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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09.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: RPG-Remake Lord of the Rings
Lord of the Rings ("LotR") is a roleplay developed by Interplay which was published in 1991 for Amiga and MS-DOS. Johan "Spot" Samuelsson now has ported the Open Source reimplementation of the LotR-Engine to AmigaOS 4 (screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Additionally to the engine the data of the commercial original are required. The MIDI-soundtrack still does not work under AmigaOS 4 but beside LotR can be fully played. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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09.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

Instant Messenger: Jabberwocky 1.8b7 (Beta)
Jabberwocky is a MUI-based Instant-Messaging-Client which can access different Messenging-Networks (e.g. AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo) with so called server moduls. Jabberwocky is available for AmigaOS 3 and 4 and the MorphOS-version will follow soon.

Changes since the last beta version:
  • Added NFloattext.mcc to the reuirements listed in the Jabberwocky guide.
  • Added alternative check for TextInput.mcc if vapor_toolkit.library is missing. Textinput.mcc crashes if checked by MUI without the vapor_toolkit.library installed and available.
  • Added a check for the presence of NFloattext.mcc so Jabberwocky won't crash if it's missing.
  • Updated OS4 makefiles and Jabberwocky include files to compile with new OS4 SDK (Now defaults to linking with newlib.library instead of clib2).
  • Corrected the asynchronous command execution for OS4 to prevent unwanted closing of error output filehandle. (Doesn't apply to OS3 or MOS)
  • Improved sourcecode by eliminating some unused variables, adding function prototypes, correcting some character declarations, making type casting corrections & added some missing default function return values.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Amiga Future: Gallery update
Press release: The Amiga Future gallery has been expanded considerably during the past months. Especially the past few days we have added sub sections to "Amiga Messen / Shows" and filled them up with entries like Breakpoint and Evoke. By now, we have photos from more than 20 events online.

But we need more images to complete the gallery. Do you have taken any photos on an event? Then please mail us. We'll put them online for you. Do you have photos of the old big Amiga fairs? Then please email us.

In our screenshot area we have more than 3000 game screenshots online. Now we want to put as many screenshots of applications online. Who wants to help us?

By the way, subscribers of the Amiga Future are able to download covers in colour for the included CD in the magazine to print them out. (cg)

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09.Feb.2009 (Webseite)

MorphOS: XMLViewer 0.12
Michal 'rzookol' Zukowski's XMLViewer is a little MUI-program based on the expat.library for viewing XML-files for MorphOS 2.x (screenshot). Perhaps the program also works under MorphOS 1.4 (an installed aboutbox.mcc is required) but it was not tested.

The last changes:
  • v0.12: Cliboard support: Context menu with Cut Copy Paste was added. Paste command is not implemented yet.
  • v0.11: Searching
  • v0.10: XML header support
  • v0.10: Save support

Download: xmlviewer.lha (88 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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