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Archive 01/2008

28.Jan.2008 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: ffmpegGUI 1.1
ffmpegGUI is a grafical user interface for the Video-Converter ffmpeg (Screenshot). New in Version 1.1:
  • Added tab for support of video cropping, padding and pad color commands
  • Fixed start offset (-ss) command so it is correctly issued before the input file (-i) option
  • Added checkbox to turn on and off gadget help. Off by default
  • Adjusted "Output Format:" label spacing
  • Modified VCD, SVCD, DVD, predefined setups to use 2 channel (stereo) audio by default
  • Modified save and load settings to support the new commands
  • Modified load settings to support proper loading of old settings files
  • Moved predefined saved setups into a new directory under settings directory
  • Added routine to capture ffmpeg output. Thanks to "Ami603" for generic function
  • Added code to display formatted ffmpeg output in a list gadget displayed in a new tab (Not activiated yet due to issues with ffmpeg's output)
  • Added ability to identify if input file video is mpeg1 (mpeg1video)
  • Modified PAD gadgets to disallow setting which will cause ffmpeg to crash when video is mpeg1
  • Added 'k' to video and audio bitrate values to make compatable with new and old versions of ffmpeg

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27.Jan.2008 (Web page)

AROS: E-Mailer SimpleMail Light 0.32 (Beta)
Michael Grundits is releasing a first beta version of the mail client SimpleMail for AROS (screenshot). The archive only contains the main program, so a complete distribution of SimpleMail is additionally required. (cg) (Translation: cad)

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MorphZone (Forum)

MorphOS: Subversion 1.4.2 / 1.4.6
In his "Release Thread" under the title link, Christian 'tokai' Rosentreter discloses the availability of two MorphOS compilations of the version control program SVN.

The problems in the MorphOS edition of version 1.4.2 are ironed out, whereas the port of the current version 1.4.6 is still untested. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Amigaharry (ANF)

MorphOS: Gread 1.0i
Tom 'Amigaharry' Duin's textviewer Gread has been bugfixed, since the screen has not been unlocked before. Also an overwrite requester has been added. (snx)

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27.Jan.2008 (Web page)

IRC Client: WookieChat 2.9 beta 6
James "jahc" Carroll is making available a new beta version of his MUI-based IRC client WookieChat. Changes can be inferred from the changelog. (cg) (Translation: cad)

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Airsoft Softwair, Andreas Falkenhahn (ANF)

Hollywood 3: Evolution released
Press release: Airsoft Softwair are proud to annouce the immediate availability of Hollywood 3: Evolution. This is a major update which brings along many new features and general improvements over Hollywood 2.5. The most important new feature is that Hollywood can now compile native executables for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. Yes, that's right. You can now save your Hollywood projects as fully stand-alone programs for Windows and Mac OS!

This is made possible by the new HAL (Hollywood Abstraction Layer) introduced in Hollywood 3. And thanks to Hollywood's cross-compiler, you do not even need to have these operating systems running. You can cross-compile Mac OS and Windows binaries from every system that Hollywood runs on. This makes it possible to create full-blown Mac OS or Windows applications from your AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS, or WarpOS installation of Hollywood. The Mac OS and Windows applications created by Hollywood are completely stand-alone and do not need any additional libraries. They use the OS API directly, thus giving you the best speed possible without any overhead. They will work on any system that runs at least Windows 2000 or Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger).

Furthermore, the Mac OS and Windows versions use Hollywood's new ACL (Amiga Compatibility Layer). This means that they can handle many Amiga file formats like IFF ILBM, IFF ANIM, IFF 8SVX, IFF 16SV, Protracker modules and Amiga bitmap fonts. Thus, your scripts will run straight out of the box on Windows and Mac OS because Hollywood can open all these Amiga specific formats.

Besides these huge two new features Hollywood 3 has several other cool new features. Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in Hollywood 3:
  • Hollywood can compile Mac OS X programs now!
  • Hollywood can compile Windows programs now!
  • Switch between fullscreen and window via hotkey
  • Iconify Hollywood scripts to the Workbench
  • All Hollywood scripts are commodities now (controllable via Exchange)
  • Improved sound library
  • Cool new features in the DOS library
  • New animation library: animation.datatype no longer necessary
  • Direct access to the command line arguments
  • More flexible control over Hollywood's appearance
  • General code optimization and clean-up
  • Support for new sound streaming formats
  • Support for HAM6 and HAM8 animations
  • Eight new example scripts (over 50 in total)
  • Standard library set encompasses over 400 functions now!
  • Lots of other changes, optimizations and bug fixes

Hollywood 3: Evolution is Airsoft Softwair's ultimate Multimedia experience and a must-have for every Amiga user who wants to use the full power that is in his machine. Hollywood is available on a CD-ROM and as a download version. If you order the download version, you will have to download an ISO image which you need to burn on CD-R then. If you already own Hollywood, you can buy a discounted upgrade version.

Screenshots of Hollywood 3 in action (on Mac OS X and WinXP, among others) can be found on the Airsoft Softwair Homepage.

Hollywood is the ultimate bridge between all the different AmigaOS compatible platforms and the other two modern desktop systems, Windows and Mac OS! With Hollywood, you can save programs for all those platforms. You do not have to have AmigaOS4 or AROS, you can save programs for these platforms also from your AmigaOS3 installation! You do not need to have Mac OS X, you can still compile your programs for it using your AmigaOS or MorphOS installation. Only Hollywood makes it possible. If you want to learn more about Hollywood, please visit the Hollywood product information which also contains a full feature list of Hollywood.

All this makes Hollywood The Cross-Platform Multimedia Application Layer. Join the Multimedia revolution and get your personal copy of Hollywood 3: Evolution now! (cg) (Translation: cad)

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MorphOS: Youtube tool Tubexx 26-01-2008
Tubexx is a tool written in ARexx for, with whose help the video portal can be searched for specific videos. The results are displayed in a thumbnail browser, videos can be streamed or downloaded.

In the latest version, Tubexx was adapted to changes on the Youtube server, which inhibited the use of the tool in the last few days. In addition, Unicode is now supported, for which the rmh.library and the codesets.library are additionally required. (cg) (Translation: cad)

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David Brunet (ANF)

Voting: AmigaOS/MorphOS Games Award 2007
David Brunet writes: Each year you can vote for the best AmigaOS/MorphOS game of the previous twelve monthes. Now it's time for the AmigaOS/MorphOS Games Award 2007!

To vote for the best AmigaOS/68k, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS or AROS games, you can rate them at the title link. The results will be published in ten days. (snx)

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AROS-Exec (Forum)

AROS: MarranoFTP 0.65
Stefano Crosara has published an update of the FTP-client MarranoFTP for AROS/x86. Among other things the support of passive transfers was added.

Download: (38 KB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Elbox (ANF)

Elbox: Cocolino driver update for AmigaOS 4 users
Press release: ELBOX Computer has released today the new driver for the Cocolino PS/2 mouse interface. The new software is available free of charge for all registered users of the Cocolino interfaces.

The Cocolino archive includes:
  • Cocolino.driver ver. 1.2
  • CocolinoTest
  • FreeWheel ver. 2.2.1

Changes in Cocolino.driver ver. 1.2:
  • generating IDCMP messages for OS4 added
  • OS4 parameter added for switching from NewMouse to IDCMP format

About Cocolino:

The Cocolino PS/2 Mouse Interface is a microprocessor-based adapter for attaching PS/2 mice, trackballs, glidepoints and radio-controlled mice from the world of PC computers. Cocolino can work with all models of Amiga computers. It simply plugs into the Amiga's mouse port. The Cocolino PS/2 Mouse Interface is a full 'plug and play' device.

No software is required for standard use (mouse movements + two buttons support). The enclosed software allows using two wheels and 3rd, 4th and 5th buttons available in many PS/2 mice and trackballs.

The Cocolino interface starts working simultaneous with the computer's start so mice can be used in the early-startup-menu (unlike the mice connected through the serial port). Cocolino uses linear movement interpolation, which makes mouse movements perfectly smooth with any screen frame rates. (cg) (Translation: cg)

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