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Archive 01/2008

AROS-Exec (Webseite)

Team AROS: Package manager bounty established
In the course of Team-AROS-Bounties you can now fund money for a package manager in order to persuade developers to implement such a program for AROS. You can get further information under the title link. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

FreeDB 13.6
FreeDB is a graphical user-interface for the CD database which is based on the Internet.

Alfonso Ranieri's programm for AmigaOS and MorphOS has been published in version 13.6. There are no information concerning changes. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

C-Compiler: vbcc 0.8j patch 2
For the C-Compiler vbcc written by Volker Barthelmann (compiler core) and Frank Wille (Amiga specific adaptions) there is a second patch. Up to now the amigalib functions DeleteExtIO() and DeleteStdIO() did not allow that the zero pointer passed.

The compiler supports AmigaOS 3/4, MorphOS, PowerUp and WarpOS and corresponds ISO-C according to ISO/IEC 9899:1989 as well as according to a subset of the newer standards ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99). (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Moo Bunny (Forum)

Team AROS: Disk-Validator-Bounty fulfilled, Live-USB-Bounty established
Tomasz 'error' Wiszkowski has fulfilled the bounty project 59 which is disk validator for AFFS media and a new bounty with 181 US-Dollar established:

Bounty number 68 is supposed to support the ceation of a live-USB-collection of AROS which will be hosted on Linux/x86 and is to support TCP/IP as well as broad picture screens. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Interview with Chris Hülsbeck
In an interview with Chris Hülsbeck spoke about his forthcoming concert as well as about a possible new CD. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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12.Jan.2008 (Webseite)

AMIX-Wiki moved
The AMIX-Wiki originally created by Andrew Whitlock has moved to a different server and will be now updated by Folkert de Gans. Additionally you can access it under the seperate domain AMIX-Wiki is about Commodore's Unix-Derivat for the Amiga.

The website includes FAQs to the installation (inclusive for the case that you have not a A3070 tape drive) as well as drivers for the hardware of later third party providers and precompiled software. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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AmigaOS 4: Origyn Web Browser 1.2
Jörg Strohmayer has published an update of the SDL-based browser "Origyn Web Browser". Changes in Version 1.2:
  • Updated to SVN revision 224
  • Now cleanly exit()s if running out of memory instead of crashing, most parts of OWB don't check if allocating memory succeeded
  • Reworked the memory allocator, should be nearly as fast as the original one

The program 7Zip is required to extract th archive. It is available on the website of Jörg Strohmayer as well.

Direct download:

OWB: OWB.7z (5,6 MB) (Readme)
7Zip: p7zip-4.16.lha (708 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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11.Jan.2008 (Webseite)

AmigaSYS: Translators wanted
During the last month it has been found out from which countries most of the visitors of the homepage of AmigaSYS come. You can read the order under the title link.

Long time before it has been decided to support the five most used languages in this preconfigured operating system environment. Therefore translators are wanted who will translate the texts of AmigaSYS from English to Polish and to Italian. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Elbox (ANF)

Elbox: New drivers for FastATA 1200 MK-III
Press release: ELBOX COMPUTER has released today the NEW drivers for FastATA 1200 MK-III controllers. New software is available free of charge for all registered users of FastATA 1200 MK-III controllers.

Das update includes:
  • ATA3.driver ver.8.8
  • ATA3Prefs ver.8.6
  • AllegroCDFS ver.3.5

  • ATA3.driver: support of PIO3, PIO4 and PIO5 modes under OS4 added
  • ATA3.driver: autobooting from CD enabled
  • ATA3Prefs: NOSPLIT mode as a default
  • ATA3Prefs: RESIDENT mode as a default

If you own an older FastATA controller (Lite, MK-I, GOLD or MK-II) and you are resident of the European Union, you can upgrade it now with the newest FastATA 1200 MK-III in the FastATA Trade-Up Program receiving 40 EUR mail-in rebate.

If you want to take advantage of the FastATA Trade-Up Program but you are not an EU resident, contact Elbox Sales Department for a customised offer.

FastATA MK-III controllers in the FastATA Trade-Up Upgrade Program are covered by the New Year FREE SHIPPING offer, which is valid till 14 January.

Info on the current software versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | FastATA section. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 09.01.2008 (part 2)
These are the latest Aminet uploads which have been added since our last message:
AiwaVCR.lha                  util/misc       2K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset for Aiwa VCR
aminetreadme.lha             util/misc      62K    OS4   Aminet .readme creator
BlackPantherCD.lha           util/misc       1K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset for BlackPantherCD
CPCodeset.lha                util/misc       1K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset for CP Amp
DagensTV.lha                 util/misc      33K    OS3   View TV-guide e-mail from
DigiConverter.lha            util/misc      16K    OS3   Handy dec/hex/bin/float/ASCII-converter
gfxroute.lha                 util/misc      37K    VAR   control fscreen and CGFX mem allocs
IFF-Arranger.lha             util/misc      28K    OS3   Modify, remove, add, create IFF chunks
iGame.lha                    util/misc      62K    OS3   WHDLoad frontend
IR-Analyser.lha              util/misc      38K    OS3   IR Analyser for use with Infrarexx
JoinSplitter.lha             util/misc      30K    OS3   The best join- and split-program! (v1.32
LiteOnCodeset.lha            util/misc       2K    OS3   InfraRexx Codeset for LiteOn DVDR
ndsTrimmer.lha               util/misc      10K    MOS   Can reduce the size of an NDS rom file.
PPC-Memtest.lha              util/misc      26K    VAR   PPC-Memory Test
SkanticCodeset.lha           util/misc       2K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset for Skantic DVD
snapvol.lha                  util/misc       4K    OS3   Snapshot Ram Disk icon
Snoopium_DE.lha              util/misc       3K    GEN   German catalog for Snoopium
UMaxCodeset.lha              util/misc       2K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset - UMax AC3 Decoder
YakumoDVD.lha                util/misc       2K    GEN   InfraRexx Codeset for Yakumo DVD
Snoopium.lha                 util/moni     125K    MOS   System monitoring tool for MorphOS
crmr.lha                     util/pack      14K    OS3   Patcher for CRM executables, with source
xfd_lzma.lha                 util/pack      15K    OS3   LZMA slave for xfdmaster.library
xfd_os4.lha                  util/pack      15K    OS4   xfdmaster.library glue code & dev files
ProcessTorrent.lha           util/rexx      21K    GEN   Get rid of most of CTorrent's limitation
rmh.lha                      util/rexx      95K    GEN   rmh.library - Rexx Must Have library
rxmui.lha                    util/rexx     932K    GEN   RxMUI - MUI GUIs in ARexx macros
YTVGuide.lha                 util/rexx       6K    GEN   Australian TV Guide program (REACTION)
BulgarijaMOS.lha             util/sys        1K    GEN   Bulgaria country for MorphOS and AmigaOS
clockita.lha                 util/time      75K    OS3   Italian clock with INVISIBILITY OPTION
AppManager-fr.lha            util/wb         3K    GEN   AppManager v51.2 french catalog
cmeditor.lha                 util/wb        53K    OS4   Edit OS4 context menus
Icon452p.lha                 util/wb        10K    OS3   Patch for the 45.1 icon.library (3.9 BB2
QDisk-src-v214.lha           util/wb       125K    GEN   SOURCES:Monitor Drive Space Usage From W
QLib-src-v200.lha            util/wb       128K    GEN   SOURCES: Show Ver of DTypes,Classes,Libs
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 09.01.2008 (part 1)
These are the latest Aminet uploads which have been added since our last message:
MUIbase-2.3.lha              biz/dbase     4.9M    VAR   Programmable relational database with GU
Fussball-EM-2008.lha         biz/misc       13K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet EM-2008 (german)
FussballBundesliga.lha       biz/misc       23K    GEN   TurboCalc Spreadsheet Football (german)
WookieChat2.8_AROS.lha       comm/irc      1.2M    ARO   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat2.8_MOS.lha        comm/irc      1.3M    MOS   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat2.8_OS3.lha        comm/irc      1.1M    OS3   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
WookieChat2.8_OS4.lha        comm/irc      1.6M    OS4   IRC client (Internet Relay Chat)
stricq.lha                   comm/misc     126K    OS3   Stricq, an ICQ client
stricq_cat.lha               comm/misc     133K    GEN   Catalogs for Stricq 0.1735
stricq_src.lha               comm/misc     202K    GEN   Stricq 0.1735 Sources
AmRSS-de.lha                 comm/tcp       23K    GEN   German locale for AmRSS
myinterfacesuck.lha          comm/tcp       47K    VAR   prevents buggy ethernet from locking up
naim-  comm/tcp      1.9M    OS3   AIM / ICQ / IRC Instant Messaging
pftp.lha                     comm/tcp      114K    OS4   Advanced FTP client
rc-ftpd_Swe.lha              comm/tcp        2K    GEN   Swedish translation for rc-ftpd 2.74
A71Mail.lha                  comm/www       69K    GEN   Email Form multilanguage written in php
amrssMUI4.lha                comm/www      754K    MOS   amrss - MorphOS RSS client
amrssMUI4Light.lha           comm/www      463K    MOS   amrss - MorphOS RSS client (Light Ed.)
getvideo.lha                 comm/www       12K    GEN   get FLV files from YouTube etc.
OpenURL-OS4.lha              comm/www      168K    OS4   OpenURL - Get that URL!
OpenURLMOS.lha               comm/www       83K    MOS   OpenURL - Get that URL!
OpenURLPrefs.lha             comm/www       24K    GEN   OpenURL Preferences Editor
PurpleCow.lzh                comm/www      275K    OS3   PurpleCow HTTP Daemon
strange68K.lha               comm/www      232K    OS3   strange' is strange
strangeMOS.lha               comm/www      663K    MOS   strange' is strange
empty_theme.lha              comm/yam       16K    GEN   Empty (imageless) theme for YAM 2.5+
YAM25-AmigaOS3.lha           comm/yam      1.5M    OS3   YAM 2.5 - A MUI Internet e-mail client
YAM25-AmigaOS4.lha           comm/yam      2.3M    OS4   YAM 2.5 - MUI Internet e-mail client
YAM25-MorphOS.lha            comm/yam      1.9M    MOS   YAM 2.5 - A MUI Internet e-mail client
CDL-90degrees.lha            demo/aga      295K    OS3   90 degrees - Candle Amiga Demo
CDL-Elvis.lha                demo/aga      486K    OS3   Elvis the Elvisp - Candle Amiga Demo
CDL-Kreijsi-big.lha          demo/aga      621K    OS3   Kreijsi Amiga Demo including picture
CDL-Marave_II.lha            demo/aga      283K    OS3   Marave II - Candle Amiga Demo
CDL-Noname.lha               demo/aga      244K    OS3   Noname - Candle Amiga Demo
CDL-Noname.lzh               demo/aga      244K    OS3   Noname - Candle Amiga Demo     demo/disk     531K    OS3   Synthmusic demo by Dissident, Disk 1     demo/disk     579K    OS3   Synthmusic demo by Dissident, Disk 2
BITS500-AMIGA-20070202.lha   demo/intro      4K    OS3   intro by the BITS
BITS501-AMIGA-20060419.lha   demo/intro     19K    OS3   intro by the BITS
TPI-Demo.gz                  demo/intro    102K    OS3   Demo Effects
JP17.lha                     demo/mag      3.4M    OS3   Jurassic Pack #17
AtlantisGL.lha               demo/misc      87K    OS4   Sharks, whales & dolphin demo (GL/3D)
CrazyToonMan.lha             demo/misc     241K    MOS   Crazy Toon Man demo
dr_fungi_os4.lha             demo/misc     1.9M    OS4   Dr. Fungi by Fit
Textures_1.lha               demo/misc     127K    MOS   Texture mapping with OpenGL                 demo/sound    221K    OS3   Hit Mouse 1-Music Disk w/ wierd chipmusi
HWA_AMOS1-3.lha              dev/amos        5K    OS3   Port Access Using AMOS1.3 Interpreter
Sumos.lha                    dev/asm         1K    OS3   a very short operating system : SUMOS
SUMOSPaint.lha               dev/asm         1K    OS3   100 bytes paint program for SUMOS
Codesets_inc.lha             dev/basic       3K    GEN   Codesets-Includes for HiSoft/MaxonBasic
HWA-ACE.lha                  dev/basic      20K    OS3   Port Access Using ACE Basic Compiler
VLab_inc.lha                 dev/basic       6K    GEN   VLab-Includes for HiSoft/MaxonBasic
AllocSysObject.lha           dev/c          34K    GEN   AllocSysObject() implementation (OS4Emu)
objc.lha                     dev/c         5.0M    MOS   Portable Object Compiler
sc-snprintf.lha              dev/c           4K    OS3   sc-snprintf - snprintf() for SAS/C
Annotate.lha                 dev/cross      89K    OS3   Comment/reformat DASMX 2650 cross-disasm
GEC-extra.lha                dev/e         484K    OS3   AmigaE compiler GEC with many more files
GEC.lha                      dev/e         185K    OS3   Small AmigaE modification
q-device_mos.lha             dev/e          79K    MOS   Q-Device for MorphOS, with source
less-mos.lha                 dev/gg        508K    MOS   A paginator similar to more or pg
nano-mos.lha                 dev/gg        1.8M    MOS   an enhanced clone of the Pico text edito
amigatalksrc.lha             dev/lang      1.4M    OS3   AmigaTalk Source code (Smalltalk GUI)
focal.lha                    dev/lang       96K    VAR   FOCAL is an interpretitive language
libspectrum.lha              dev/lib       312K    OS4   Spectrum file handling library
mapmasterdx.lha              dev/misc      389K    MOS   Map editor for 2D game creation
MCC_BetterString-11.14.lha   dev/mui       150K    VAR   BetterString custom class for MUI
MCC_HTMLview-13.4.lha        dev/mui       698K    VAR   HTMLview custom class for MUI, v13.4
MCC_NList-0.101.lha          dev/mui       979K    VAR   NList custom classes for MUI, V0.101
MCC_TextEditor-15.25.lha     dev/mui       449K    VAR   TextEditor custom class for MUI, V15.25
MCC_TheBar-21.5.lha          dev/mui       945K    VAR   TheBar.mcc - The MUI Toolbar custom clas
BackUp.lha                   disk/bakup     50K    OS3   A simple backup tool.. v1.50
CacheCDFS4220p.lha           disk/cdrom     10K    OS3   Patch for the 42.19 CacheCDFS (3.9)
e2fsck-1.39.lha              disk/misc     128K    MOS   The Ext2 File System repair tool
ext2fs_0.30.lha              disk/misc      88K    VAR   Second Extended FileSystem (EXT2) driver
fs1541.lha                   disk/misc      47K    OS4   FileSystem for CBM 1541 disks
AMIGA-Project4.lha           docs/hard     293K    VAR   Another simple WinUAE project for kids               docs/hard     313K    GEN   Convert A520 to S-VHS (Braz. Portuguese)
Neriki.txt                   docs/help       1K    GEN   Where to get drivers for Neriki Genlock
novahdguide.lha              docs/help     671K    VAR   configure large hard drive(s) in a flash
wing_commander_cd32_1.2.pdf  docs/help      70K    GEN   Wing Commander CD³² Guide
AmigaPower.lha               docs/hyper     66K    GEN   aMiGa=PoWeR French Amiga Magazine
SpanishCoins.lha             docs/hyper     29K    GEN   Cultural Guide about the spanish coins
dogma04.lha                  docs/mags     2.0M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (10.05.2003
dogma05.lha                  docs/mags     2.7M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (01.08.2003
dogma06.lha                  docs/mags     2.3M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (27.12.2003
dogma07.lha                  docs/mags     2.2M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (16.06.2004
dogma08.lha                  docs/mags     3.3M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (02.01.2005
dogma09.lha                  docs/mags     5.0M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (20.07.2005
dogma10.lha                  docs/mags     4.7M    GEN   Russian magazine, HTML vers. (10.01.2007
DEEP64.lha                   docs/misc       1K    GEN   IFF-DEEP 48/64 Bit extensions
IFF-metadata.lha             docs/misc       1K    GEN   IFF-EXIF/IPTC/XMP Extensions
Selling_The_Amiga.txt        docs/misc       6K    GEN   Is there a market for the Amiga?
YUVN-A.lha                   docs/misc       1K    GEN   IFF-YUVN alpha extensions
SuomiKeymap.lha              driver/input  163K    GEN   Finnish (and Swedish) keymap
SCSI4344p.lha                driver/media   13K    OS3   Patch for 43.43 scsi.device (3.9 BB2)
vbak2091.lha                 driver/media   21K    OS3   A2091 driver patch - V1.5 (19.12.2007)
anaiis.lha                   driver/other   53K    OS3   ANAIIS USB Stack Release 0.94
CgxBenchmark.lha             driver/video   26K    VAR   Simple CyberGrphX/Picasso96 benchmark
ID4-P96.lha                  driver/video    2K    GEN   P96 Settings (Ideal for emulators)
RTG403994p.lha               driver/video   10K    OS3   Patch for 40.3992 rtg.library (P96 2.1b)
Wazp3D.lha                   driver/video  213K    OS3   A CPU only Warp3D v4.2 implementation      game/actio    936K    ARO   Bugsquish (binary + source)    game/actio    1.5M    ARO   Circuslinux (binary + source)      game/actio    2.7M    ARO   Madbomber
Mattonite.lha                game/actio    1.3M    OS3   Arkanoid like game working in progress
OpenArena-1.32b-morphos.lha  game/actio    1.1M    MOS   OpenArena binary for MorphOS     game/actio    1.3M    ARO   Missile command clone
pfp-anst.lha                 game/actio    619K    OS4   Afternoon Stalker, Midn. Stalker clone
pfp-aop.lha                  game/actio    173K    OS4   'Ambassador of Pain', NCurses based
pfp-bins.lha                 game/actio    1.7M    OS4   'Bomber Instinct' a good Bomberman clone
pfp-blob.lha                 game/actio    8.0M    OS4   'Bloboats', SDL/GL game similiar to Xmot
pfp-myma.lha                 game/actio    1.5M    OS4   An EXCELLENT NCurses based Pac-Man clone
pfp-thew.lha                 game/actio    155K    OS4   An NCurses based snake game called 'Thew
pfp-tyrn.lha                 game/actio    6.1M    OS4   Reimplementation of DOS game Tyrian
Africa.lha                   game/board    207K    OS3   Conversion of 3W boardgame
pfp-lprs.lha                 game/board    534K    OS4   LPairs - A memory game
pfp-trws.lha                 game/board    740K    OS4   'Tower Wars' a SDL/GL puzzle game
Saga.lha                     game/board    350K    OS3   Conversion of TSR boardgame
Electrek_FINAL.adf           game/jump     880K    OS3   Original platform game with a twist
pfp-brsp.lha                 game/jump     583K    OS4   Burger Space - A Burger Time clone.
tuxnrun-mos.lha              game/jump     623K    MOS   Yet another Tux platform game
50Games.lha                  game/patch    109K    VAR   50 Great Games Launcher
pfp-porr.lha                 game/role     598K    OS4   An NCurses based game called 'PORROG'
SoulFu-1.5.2-mos.lha         game/role     7.2M    MOS   SoulFu port for MorphOS
ADescent.lha                 game/shoot    303K    OS3   ADescent 0.7, for when 0.8 doesn't work
pfp-cssm.lha                 game/shoot    504K    OS4   Cosmosmash - A clone of Astrosmash
pfp-sinf.lha                 game/shoot    168K    OS4   'Space Inflators' (Ncurses)
pfp-dwar.lha                 game/strat    294K    OS4   Drugwars clone called 'DWars' (NCurses)
wesnoth-devel.lha            game/strat    105M    OS4   Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
impossiblepuzzle-mos.lha     game/think     34K    MOS   Impossible Mission inspired puzzle
pfp-gred.lha                 game/think    165K    OS4   An NCurses based game called 'Greed'
pfp-tint.lha                 game/think    168K    OS4   Tetris clone called 'TINT' (NCurses)
puzzle_sex_OS4.lha           game/think    935K    OS3   Puzzle
StepFive.lha                 game/think    932K    OS3   StepFive: Tetris Enhanced AGA Final vers
Oslide.lha                   game/wb        31K    OS3   Clear all the tiles from the board!
Pyramid.lha                  game/wb        34K    OS3   Clear all the tiles from the board!
TilesSlide.lha               game/wb        47K    OS3   Align 3 tiles of the same colour.
atlantis_gl.lha              gfx/3d        170K    MOS   Sharks, whales & dolphin demo
dbwrender.lha                gfx/3d        159K    OS3   Early Amiga ray tracer
FlagSim1.lha                 gfx/3d        240K    MOS   Texture Mapping and Backface Culling
NetTV_GFX.lha                gfx/misc       43K    OS4   NetTV V_1.0 2007
SView-Info.lha               gfx/misc        1K    GEN   SView Version Information & Overview
SView5.lha                   gfx/misc      3.1M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
SvIV-PPC.lha                 gfx/misc      612K    PUP   Update for SViewIV/PPC V25.7 (PPC)
SvIVFix931.lha               gfx/misc      123K    VAR   *Fix* for SViewIV and Library 25.x
FlashPlayer.lha              gfx/show      317K    OS3   Flash (SWF) format file player v. 1.4
FlashPlayerSrc.lha           gfx/show      207K    GEN   Source Code for FlashPlayer v. 1.4
hammerview.lha               gfx/show      121K    OS3   hammer - HAM8 JPEG2000/Datatypes viewer
NetTV_GFX_1.5.lha            gfx/show       36K    OS4   WebTV player (mms:)
PicShow_Swe.lha              gfx/show        6K    GEN   Swedish translation for PicShow
tdmplayergui.lha             gfx/show      105K    MOS   GUI interface for MorphOS port of mplaye
ams.tgz                      misc/edu       11K    OS3   Annual Meteor Showers
AmiArcadia.lha               misc/emu      400K    OS3   Arcadia 2001/Interton VC 4000/TVGC emul.
amithlon-    misc/emu      172K    GEN   amithlon patches for linux-
AnIdeaOS4plusUAE.lha         misc/emu        9K    GEN   Full software compatibility for OS4/MOS
fceu_mos.lha                 misc/emu      515K    MOS   Nintendo NES / Famicom emulator
fuse.lha                     misc/emu      1.9M    OS4   Spectrum emulator with advanced features
megaload.lha                 misc/emu        4K    OS3   Amiga megadrive utility
smdplay.lha                  misc/emu        1K    OS3   Amiga megadrive utility
tap2mbhdd-mos.lha            misc/emu       21K    MOS   Spectrum TAP to MB HDD Converter
VICE-WarpOS-1.22.tar.gz      misc/emu      3.7M    WUP   Emulates c64,c128,pet,cbm2,plus4 + vic20
ZXLive.lha                   misc/emu      102K    OS3   ZX-Spectrum 48/128k/Pentagon128 Emulator
welsh_lang.lha               misc/misc      10K    GEN   Welsh/Cymraeg language support for OS4
W4R_bmad.lha                 mods/anakir     7K    GEN   Little Bit Mad - HC/Chip
W4R_gold.lha                 mods/anakir    32K    GEN   Goldfish - Jungle/Chip
agrEssOr-OUTRO.lha           mods/mpg      7.1M    GEN   ..:: tEKKNo tRANCe mUSIc ::..
Rockers.mp3                  mods/mpg      1.9M    GEN   PunkRock.mp3
faad2.lha                    mus/edit      1.9M    OS3   AAC/MP4 audio decoder.
lame_68k.lha                 mus/edit      230K    OS3   MP3 Audio encoder/decoder
MMS_Tracker.lha              mus/edit       87K    OS3   4 channel Soundtracker, OS3.1 compatible
ttaenc_68k.lha               mus/edit       42K    OS3   Lossless Audio (de)compressor
TheMPegEncGUI.lha            mus/misc      531K    OS3   GUI for various MP3 encoders
GrioPlay.lha                 mus/play      115K    OS3   Gadtools module player
hivelyplay.lha               mus/play      181K    VAR   Hively player lib and AmiNetRadio plugin
playOGG.lha                  mus/play      3.5M    OS3   multi format sound player.
tuneadplug_plug.lha          mus/play      621K    OS4   AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tunebs_plug.lha              mus/play      144K    OS4   Soundmon plugin for TuneNet
tunecube_plug.lha            mus/play      349K    OS4   GameCube plugin for TuneNet
tunegsf_plug.lha             mus/play      619K    OS4   GSF (Gameboy Advance) plugin for TuneNet
tunepsf2_plug.lha            mus/play      445K    OS4   PSF2/SPU (PlayStation) TuneNet plugin
tuneqsf_plug.lha             mus/play      335K    OS4   Capcom QSound (QSF) plugin for TuneNet
tunes98_plug.lha             mus/play      284K    OS4   S98 plugin for TuneNet
tunesc68_plug.lha            mus/play      633K    OS4   SC68 plugin for TuneNet
tunessf_plug.lha             mus/play      482K    OS4   Sega Saturn (SSF) plugin for TuneNet
xmp_68k.lha                  mus/play      214K    OS3   Play & convert various mod formats.
nICkONs-5.lha                pix/gicon     112K    GEN   Game Glowicons
AP40Covers.lha               pix/misc      201K    GEN   aMiGa=PoWeR n°40 Cover Recto
Inside_The_A500.png          pix/misc      193K    OS3   PNG 8 bits picture
AB_X-Mas_2007.lha            pix/picon     1.1M    GEN   Icons PowerIcons
AMF-ModelPNGIcons.lha        pix/picon     490K    GEN   PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
Drawer-Icons-Otti.lha        pix/picon     2.7M    GEN   Drawer/Disk Icons, PNG MOS Format (Otti)
cebograbs2.lha               pix/wb        2.7M    GEN   CebollinoWB screenshots part 2: cebopowe
topaz-8859-15.lha            text/bfont      9K    GEN   Topaz font for ISO 8859-15 character set
Annotate.lha                 text/edit      71K    OS3   Text Editor with advanced features
arexxblinkentools.lha        text/misc     675K    VAR   Blinkenlights toolkit
pcal.lha                     text/misc     551K    VAR   Generate PostScript or HTML calendars
wordwrap_os4.lha             text/misc      35K    OS4   Reformat ASCII texts to new width, V2.3
arcsing.lha                  util/arc       12K    OS3   Archives files individually
unrar_os4.lha                util/arc      171K    OS4   Unpacks RAR files
unrar_source_os4.lha         util/arc      154K    GEN   Unpacks RAR files
ltc.lha                      util/batch      9K    VAR   Locale phone code info for Installscript
Acuario.lha                  util/blank    2.9M    VAR   Acuario Screen Saver
BK_IntAckFix.lha             util/boot      16K    OS3   BlizKick module:fix interrupt acknowledg
BootGrio.lha                 util/boot      12K    OS3   Small gadtools boot manager
SpeedRamsey.lha              util/boot       1K    OS3   Set the skip mode bit in Rev. G Ramsey
PegasosMixer_DE.lha          util/cdity      1K    GEN   German catalog + fix for PegasosMixer
SmartCaps.lha                util/cdity     12K    VAR   Smarter German caps lock
AKCC.lha                     util/cli      167K    VAR   Advanced CLI-Commands for OS V33-50
AllocMem.lha                 util/cli       19K    OS4   A command to decrease the available RAM
GrioUtils.lha                util/cli       19K    OS3   Some usable CLI comands (with source)
mshn.lha                     util/cli        4K    GEN   allows to store messages in itself
IFF2rexx.lha                 util/conv       1K    GEN   Convert IFF data to rexx source
deslike-mos.lha              util/crypt      8K    MOS   DES-like encryption
Ling-de.lha                  util/crypt     27K    GEN   German locale for Ling
lingMUI4.lha                 util/crypt    209K    MOS   A robust accounts manager
NewFilemaster.lha            util/dir      427K    OS3   Multitasking directory utility
akGIF-dt.lha                 util/dtype     93K    VAR   akGIF-dt (GIF, 68000-060/MOS)
akJFIF-dt.lha                util/dtype    175K    VAR   akJFIF-dt (JPEG, 68000-060/MOS)
akPNG-dt.lha                 util/dtype    193K    VAR   akPNG-dt (PNG, 68000-060/MOS)
akTIFF-dt.lha                util/dtype    546K    VAR   akTIFF-dt (TIFF, 68000-060/MOS)
FontDTPrefs.lha              util/dtype     15K    GEN   Font DataType Class Preferences Editor
font_dt.lha                  util/dtype     45K    OS4   DataType for Amiga fonts
codesets-6.5.lha             util/libs     328K    VAR   handles codesets and char conversions
dtimage.lha                  util/libs      23K    VAR   Load LUT8,RGB24,RGBA32 pics via Datatype
IREdev.lha                   util/libs      87K    OS3   Interrupt related event lib/sound record
libexif.lha                  util/libs     1.2M    OS3   libexif - EXIF handling library
libiptcdata.lha              util/libs     605K    OS3   libiptcdata - IPTC handling library
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 09.01.2008
These are the latest uploads to AROS-Archives which have been added since our last message: Hier die seit unserer letzten Meldung neu hinzugekommenen Uploads bei AROS-Archives:                 dev/ide    1kb  Spanish catalog for Murks! IDE              dev/ide   47Mb  Murks! An Integrated Development Environ       dev/ide    0kb  Italian Catalog for Murks! IDE >= Versio        dev/ide    1kb  Murks polish catalog       dev/ide    0kb  Murks! IDE Spanish catalog
viceplus-aros64-snap-472.tar.gz  emu/com    7Mb  Emulator of c64dtv,c64,c128,pet,plus4,cb          emu/gam  354kb  Genesis Plus           emu/gam  264kb  Genesis Plus (AROS port sources)         gra/con  308kb  CLI converter for camera raw files (SSE2              gra/con  307kb  CLI converter for camera raw files
switchmuimaster.lha              uti/fil  207kb  A muimaster.library selector for applica                      uti/pri   53kb  Printer Preferences
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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10.Jan.2008 Uploads bis 09.01.2008
These are the latest uploads to which have been added since our last message:
jukebox.lha           aud/mis  124kb  Old jukebox style GUI for external mus/v
dg_midi_player.lha    aud/pla   66kb  Simple MIDI player
tuneadplug_plug.lha   aud/pla  620kb  AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
tunebs_plug.lha       aud/pla  143kb  Soundmon plugin for TuneNet
tunecube_plug.lha     aud/pla  349kb  GameCube plugin for TuneNet
tunepsf2_plug.lha     aud/pla  445kb  PSF2/SPU (PlayStation) TuneNet plugin
tuneqsf_plug.lha      aud/pla  335kb  Capcom QSound (QSF) plugin for TuneNet
tunesc68_plug.lha     aud/pla  632kb  SC68 plugin for TuneNet
tunessf_plug.lha      aud/pla  482kb  Sega Saturn (SSF) plugin for TuneNet
xmp.lha               aud/pla  830kb  Plays over 80 module formats! (Including
font_dt.lha           dat/mis   45kb  DataType for Amiga fonts
atlantisgl.lha        dem/mis   87kb  Sharks, whales & dolphin demo (GL/3D)
africa.lha            dem/sce    4Mb  Dr. Fungi goes Africa by Fit
dr_fungi.lha          dem/sce    1Mb  Dr. Fungi by Fit
micery.lha            dem/sce  202kb  Micery by Fit & Bandwagon
yellowrose.lha        dem/sce  134kb  Yellow Rose of Texas by Fit & Bandwagon
emperor.lha           dev/gui    1Mb  Object Oriented Programming Environment
amigatalksrc.lha      dev/lan    1Mb  AmigaTalk Source Code (Smalltalk GUI)
svgalib.lha           dev/lib    2Mb  Low-level graphics library
make-bin.lha          dev/uti  386kb  GNU make including parallel compile
fs1541.lha            dri/fil   47kb  FileSystem for CBM 1541 disks
tap2mbhdd.lha         emu/uti   20kb  Spectrum TAP to MB HDD Converter
pfp-blob.lha          gam/act    7Mb  'Bloboats' an SDL/GL action game similia
pfp-tyrn.lha          gam/act    6Mb  Open-source reimplementation of DOS game
xhyperoid.lha         gam/act  211kb  Asteroids clone
amichess.lha          gam/boa    2Mb  Chess based on GNUChess 5.05/06
pfp-lprs.lha          gam/boa  533kb  LPairs - A memory game
pfp-trws.lha          gam/puz  739kb  'Tower Wars' a tower defense SDL/GL puzz
wesnoth-devel.lha     gam/str  104Mb  Battle for Wesnoth (development version)
bfmapviewer.lha       gam/uti  450kb  BattleForce map viewer
amidisk_aiss.lha      gra/ais  265kb  AISS Button Images for AmiDisk 2.0
micollection2007.lha  gra/ico   18Mb  All Masonicon Sets of 2007
cgxbenchmark.lha      gra/mis   26kb  Simple CyberGrphX/Picasso96 benchmark
picturewidget.lha     gra/mis    1Mb  A "Widget" for Displaying Pictures
pm_wallpaper_01.lha   gra/mis  389kb  Christmas and new year backdrop
yammi.lha             gra/the  425kb  32-bit Images and Icons for YAM
owb.lha               net/bro   11Mb  OWB - The first (un)complete modern Web 
owb_gui.lha           net/bro   68kb  A simple GUI for OWB
owbpatchurl.lha       net/bro   25kb  URL toolbar patch for OWB
epistula_german.lha   net/cha    9kb  German catalog file for Epistula
wookiechat.lha        net/cha    1Mb  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
pftp.lha              net/ftp  113kb  Advanced FTP client (alpha preview versi
amrss.lha             net/mis  847kb  AmRSS for AmigaOS4
openurl.lha           net/mis  167kb  OpenURL - Get that URL!
ignition_68k.lha      off/spr  542kb  Spreadsheet program
unrar-bin.lha         uti/arc  171kb  Unpacks RAR files
unrar-src.lha         uti/arc  154kb  Unpacks RAR files, source archive
lmbench.lha           uti/ben    1Mb  Mostly complete port of the lmbench test
macdock.lha           uti/doc  505kb  MacOSX Toolbar Clone
findmore.lha          uti/fil   79kb  File searching tool
timetraveler.lha      uti/fil   78kb  Trashcan + recycled browser
xdelta3.lha           uti/fil   82kb  binary diff, differential compression to
clipselect.lha        uti/mis    1Mb  A Clipboard Manager with Graphical Previ
deslike.lha           uti/mis   23kb  DES-like encryption
microwindows.lha      uti/mis    8Mb  modern gfx windowing environments for sm
questionnr1.lha       uti/mis   80kb  This is a joke program for fun
ranger.lha            uti/mis  248kb  System diagnostic tool
yetanotherdesk.lha    uti/mis  312kb  Desktop for public screens
processtorrent.lha    uti/scr   20kb  Use CTorrent and get rid of most of it's
allocmem.lha          uti/she   18kb  A Shell command to reduce memory availab
whothehekissys.lha    uti/she   24kb  Boot volume finder
aminetreadme.lha      uti/tex   62kb  Aminet .readme creator
animapoint.lha        uti/wor   92kb  Animate your mouse pointer.
appmanager-fr.lha     uti/wor    3kb  AppManager v51.2 french catalog
appmanager.lha        uti/wor  406kb  Application.library exchange clone
assignview.lha        uti/wor   41kb  A simple tool to list all the 'Assign's 
cmeditor.lha          uti/wor   52kb  Context menus editor
fuelgauge.lha         uti/wor  101kb  Volume gauges underneath hard drive icon
multiclock.lha        uti/wor   65kb  Clock, with timer
pingboing.lha         uti/wor   15kb  Make your mouse pointer bounce
screenmonitor.lha     uti/wor   78kb  Public screen monitoring utility
screenthumbs.lha      uti/wor   62kb  BETA - Screen thumb nails
switcher3d.lha        uti/wor  100kb  Window and screen switcher
wbpreview.lha         uti/wor   63kb  Preview feature for Workbench
nettv_gfx.lha         vid/mis   36kb  View WebTV (mms:)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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