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Archive 11/2007


Music and media festival: pong de
From 3rd until 24th November 2007 the project "pong de." presents in an interactive exhibition program in "Kunstforum Köln" performances, experimental music and multimedia art. Eighteen international active artists show their newest works. For further information please have a look under the title link. (nba) (Translation: dr)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

GUI-Toolkit RxMUI 42.4, RSS-Client amrss MUI4 Light 5.50
Alfonso Ranieri has updated his programs RxMUI and amrss. With the first mentioned one you can program complex graphical user-interfaces. New in version 42.4 is the ButtonControlChar attribute for the classes Popstring and Popobject as well as PPMode for PopPen and PAMode for PenAdjust.

In the MorphOS-version MUI4 Light 5.50 of the RSS-client amrss the HTMLview support was deleted because currently it does not work under MUI4. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Timo Kloss (ANF)

MIDI-Sequencer: Horny 1.3
Press release: Horny is a midi sequencer in the style of e.g. "Logic®" or "Cubase®". Its focus is on easy and uncomplicated usage. Up to now Horny is a pure midi program and does not support audio.

From now on the program does only cost 29 Euro. A keyfile for the software sampler Phonolith (OS4) is still always inclusive!

New in version 1.3:
  • optionally starts Phonolith and opens there the corresponding project (only OS4)
  • AmiUpdate support (only OS4)
  • application.library support (only OS4)
  • with ALT mouse wheel axis can be changed (only OS4)
  • Maus wheel now works in editor window (OS3/newmouse)
  • Latency compensation for each MIDI-port

Comment to the future of Horny:

The begin of the development of Horny was started to a time when I had not the knowledge of good programming. Therefore it is not possible to implement new features and even to fix bugs it is rather complicated.

This update 1.3 probably will be the last one with new features. At most you can expect minor bug fixes. Before I started programming Phonolith I started writing a new implementation of Horny for OS4. Probably I will continue developing it after Phonolith 1.0. But this will take a while.

Features in version 1.3:

  • Up to 16 midi ports usable with CAMD (Lite: 1 port)
  • Up to 128 tracks (Lite: 16 tracks)
  • Signature and tempo changes inside songs possible
  • Midi mixer: VU meter, volume, pan, 6 more (Lite: 3) chooseable controller
  • Automation of all mixer parameters direct in tracks
  • SysEx manager with as many sort groups as you like
  • Controller transformer e.g. for controlling volume with modulation wheel
  • eXtream Sync support for synchronizing with AudioEvolution 4 and other software
  • Latency compensation for every midi port

  • Piano Editor: Quantizing (with triplet support), velocity compessor,...
  • Controller Editor: Compressor, reducing, smoothing,...
  • Multiple undo/redo in piano/controller editor
  • Position marker in arranger window
  • Complete overview of projects in arranger window
  • Sound selection with names (not only GeneralMidi, but able to extend for any synthesizers)
  • Midi controllers are named for any supported synthesizers as well

  • SMF import and export
  • Horny file format is up- and downwards compatible
  • Autoload project for your own templates
  • SysEx files import and export in SysEx Manager

User Interface:
  • ReAction GUI at setting windows
  • On Workbench or own screen
  • Arranger window can be used as background (backdrop)
  • locale.library support: Up to now german and english
  • Some GUI elements are 24 bit graphics (PNG files)
  • Mouse wheel support for scrolling in editors (OS4 and NewMouse)
  • application.library support with docky icon (OS4)
  • AmiUpdate support (OS4)
  • Starts Phonolith and opens project for song automaticly (OS4)
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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IRC-Client: WookieChat 2.7 beta 20
James 'jahc' Carroll has published a new beta version of his MUI-based IRC-client WookieChat. Have a look at the last changes in the Changelog. WookieChat is available for all Amiga systems. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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02.Nov.2007 (Webseite)

WinUAE: Specially optimized versions of HSMathLibs
The HSMathLibs replace or patch several mathematical libraries of the operating system with specially optimized versions for certain processors. For the first time there is a version for WinUAE. The HSMathLibs-archive is shareware. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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David Brunet (ANF)

New articles on Obligement website
In the last two months the website of the French AmigaOS and MorphOS magazine Obligement the following articles were added:
  • Amiga and MorphOS news of september/october 2007
  • Interview with Wolfgang Hosemann et Niels Schapke (Insane Software)
  • Review of IBrowse 2.4
  • Review of Lords Of The Realm
  • Review of Turbo Jam
  • Review of Arkanoid
  • Review of Battle Chess
  • Review of Obliterator
  • Review of Marble Madness
  • Review of Mouse Trap
  • Hardware : d'Amiga Developer Workstation
  • File : History Of The Amiga - year 2001
  • File : the emoticons (update)
  • File : Anti Gravity's try to buy the Amiga in 1999/2000
  • Tutorial : retrieve a not available web page
  • Tutorial : speed up a hard drive
  • Tutorial : code a Lego Game in E language
  • Tutorial : installation and utilisation of SFS on AmigaOS 4
  • Tutorial : FxPaint - draw a starry sky
  • Quizz of september/october 2007
  • Special quizz about adventure games
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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Mario Heide (ANF)

Podcast: Interview with Aaron Digulla (AROS)
After the first issue in June 2007 the podcast for alternative computer systems (pofacs) comes back with the 12th issue.

In the current issue Aaron Digulla who is the initiator of the free source-code operating system AROS talks about its development and future. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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02.Nov.2007 (Webseite)

WinUAE: Updates for AmiKit 1.3.x installations
Older installations of AmiKit which is a full distribution for WinUAE users can be updated to version 1.4.0 with two update packages. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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Ralf Steines (ANF)

Back to the Roots: Fred Fish memorial archive
Press release: Hello and welcome to the first small update of the Back to the Roots archive since our main archive down time. Now after successfully moving the project to a new server we have enough resources again to continue growing our service. To increase our update frequency (in preference to the rare monster updates we did before) we decided to offer smaller topic wise updates from now on, and group them to the huge updates you are used to from the past.

We want to send a big thank you to more than 200 people who donated to our server hardware money collection. We will in turn try to give each free byte some honourful content. Big thanks also goes to the patience of all contributors, not to pull their money back during our rest!

First of all we started a new subproject, dedicated to one of the most famous Amiga activists ever:

The Fred Fish memorial archive is our tribute to Fred where we try to document his entire life work project wise, offering his work (licensed by himself) and his cooperative projects (so far co-licensed by Danny Amor, Leslie Dietz, Eric Schwartz, Mark Stanley) for free download. The first 8 CDs are already online since a while, many further ones will follow.

As a second part of our tribute we host the homepage of Fred and his wife Michelle (and their dogs), documenting the last adventureful years of Fred's life cruising the ocean in a boat called "DiveAdx", going swimming, diving and deep sea fishing. Just pure Fish.

More to come soon.... (cg)

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