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Archive 11/2005

Heinz-Raphael Reinke (ANF)

AmiDevCpp: Version 0.5 released / AROS now target platform as well
AmiDevCpp, the integrated Amiga development environment for Windows, is available in version 0.5, and now includes, in addition to the m68k-amigaOS cross-compiler, an i686-aros cross-compiler as well.

With this, it is (at least theoretically) possible to compile a project created with AmiDevCpp for AmigaOS (m68k) as well as for AROS (x86) with few mouse clicks.

For downloading and installing, an Internet installer created specially for this is recommended.

Download: InetInstallerAmiDevCpp.exe (61 KB) (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Markus Pohlmann (ANF)

Arcade game: BatDefense 0.4.3
There is a new version of the arcade game BatDefense (screenshot). Changes to the previous versions:
  • One of the sound routines was deactivated
  • Bugfix for CGFX systems: BatDefense runs now on CGFX- just like on Picasso96 systems
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (Webseite)

SystemPatch 2.95 (Update)
SystemPatch written by Sante Nocciolino changes diverse operating system routins to increase the performance of systems with newer 68k processors. The highest increase of peformance is gained at 68060 systems but you can use it for all Amigas with at least a 68020. Changes in version 2.94:
  • SystemPatch now detects rtg systems and doesn't install layers and graphics patches
  • added patches to utility.library
  • added dos.library patches: Read(), Write(), DoPkt()
  • added QUICKWAITBLIT option: Waitblit() returns immediately
  • added DynamicDMA in auto interrupt vector 3
  • added gfx patches: InitGels(), ClearRectRegion(), AreaDraw(), InitBitMap(), InitView(), InitVPort()
  • added exec patches: CopyMem(), CopyMemQuick(), FindName(), FindPort(), FindTask(), FindResident(), FindSemaphore(), AllocSignal(), FreeSignal()
  • CopyMem() and CopyMemQuick() patch code depends on your CPU
  • added interrupts patches: IVPORTS, IVSOFTINT
  • bug fix for ClearRegion(), DisposeRegion()
  • little speedup to auto interrupt routines
  • Extent patches are not installed by default because buggy: you can use +Extent to override
  • MMU option not supported in this version
  • other things I forgot

Download: SystemPatch2.lha (47 KB)

Update: (13:00, 20.11.05, snx)
Yestserday version 2.95a was published. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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18.Nov.2005 (Webseite)

Cross-Compiler for AROS as destination platform
Jocke 'Zerohero' Birging has added a short documentation to his Cross-Compiler site as well as the i686-Linux binaries for AROS as destination platform. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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Bernd Roesch (Kommentare)

AROS: AfA OS (AROS für AmigaOS) initiated (Update)
AfA OS (AROS for AmigaOS) from Bernd Roesch enables AmigaOS users to use the extended functions of the operating system AROS (Amiga Research OS), as well as the compilation of the AROS source code without further adaptations.

AfA runs hosted under AmigaOS and is extending it currently with antialiasing for true type fonts, alpha channel support for datatypes as well as further AROS functions for developers.

Download: (524 KB)

Update: (18:55, 17.11.2005, snx)
In the meantime an own Forum for AfA OS has been set up, too. (snx) (Translation: iw)

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Amiga Future / MorphZone

MorphOS: Software-News until 16.11.2005

E-UAE 0.8.28-2

Yesterday Fabien Coeurjoly provided the latest version 0.8.28 of the Amiga emulator E-UAE. However there is no information concerning the changes in the archives.

Download: e-uae-0.8.28-2.lha (2,3 MB)

Tuxracer 0.61

The French developer 'SixK' yesterday once again compiled his porting of the game Tuxracer, where you have to steer the Linux penguin down a snow covered hill (Screenshot),in the latest version 0.61 for MorphOS. We have no information concerning the changes.

Download: tuxracer-0.61-mos.lha (8,3 MB)

Scumm VM Bubbles V2

Oliver 'Bladerunner' Hummel has extended his pictographs for the game engine ScummVM among other things with icons for Heirs of the Earth and Gobliiins.

Download-Seite (snx) (Translation: iw)

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amidevcpp (ANF)

AmiDevCpp: Ability to upload own DevPaks and example projects
AmiDevCpp is a free development environment Dev-C++, which has the original compiler replaced with an AmigaOS cross compiler. Thus, it is possible to develop and compile programs for Amiga (m68k) while using Windows.

At the title link the ability to upload your own DevPaks is now available. With DevPaks new includes, linkerlibs and source code examples may be installed or deinstalled comfortably. A detailed manual how to create own DevPaks is avaialble here.

There is also the option to upload small example projects (max 1000kB) which may help beginners to a better start into programming. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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