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Archive 11/2005

ANN (Webseite)

MorphOS: New Screenshots from KHTML-porting progress
Linked to the header are four actual screenshots from development progress of the KHTML-Port for MorphOS. Among other thinks now are several Codepages supported, e.g. Unicode.

Also on the AmiZaduszki Event in Krakow the KHTML.library was presented. (Pictures). (snx) (Translation: aj)

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AROS-Exec (website)

Team AROS: Bounty #33 completed (Backporting of MorphOS CLI commands)
Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin has completed Team AROS Bounty #33. It's aim has been the backporting of the improved CLI commands from MorphOS. The amount of the bounty, donated by Neil Cafferkey, has been 100 US-Dollar. (snx)

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Sven Dröge (ANF)

Stock excange software proBonds V2.20
Today the Version 2.2 of the Stock excange software proBonds was released. The author did't have a MorphOS or AmigaOS 4 System, so he ask special for Errormessages on this systems.

Major changes:
  • Windows by adding of information are reduced.
  • ISIN as Identificationsfeature for Objectes added
  • Several gui corrections added
  • Objecteditor & Exchangeindexeditor are not longer modally
  • Several items are corrected on the graphical user interface
  • Statistics are now shown graphical
  • Reimplementation of a simple printfunction
  • A lot of minor details are improved by the constructive help of the betatester. Many thanks of the author at this point.
For the next vision a improved depotmanager with better handling and more functions, e.g. funds,is planed. Also the implemtation of a graphical display for depots is a target. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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07.Nov.2005 (Webseite)

Zeta: yellowTab conside a PowerPC-support
Linked to the header yellowTab, developer of BeOS-follower Zeta, shows his plans for the future.

So makes the change of the compiler to GCC&nbsü:4 for the next release of the Operationsystem a PowerPC-Version possible - which is interessting for yellowTab and the Open source-port Haiku too. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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MorphZone (Download-area)

MorphOS: ezTCP 0.12 released
Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin released the Alphaversion 0.12 of the PPC-nativen TCP/IP-Stacks ezTCP. For compatible reasons is a excange of the miami.library included - further is for the next versions a implementation of the Miami-Panel-API intended.

  • IP-Fragmentationssourcecodes replaced with a new sourcecode of BSD-Version 4.4
  • Replacement of miami.library added - now is the compatibility to TCP/IP-Stack Miami official given, but not all functions are supported; please inform the author if programs are not working and the message "Function not implemented" is shown at Syslog
  • Graphical Syslog-viewer ezSysLog as replacement for the Syslog-CLI-window
  • Improved Startnet-Skript
Known Problems:
  • Crash from ezTCP, if it will be stop with running Syslog-viewer.
  • The Button "Log level" from Syslog-viewer is without no effected
The Alphaversion 0.12 needs incase of the major changes more tests. The implemention of DHCP is in according to a estimation of the author to 70% finished. The workprogress at the configurationeditor is started now.

In case of problems with ezTCP and third party programs inform the author or ask at the MorphZone Forum Thread. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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IOSPIRIT GmbH: PayPal now supported
Felix Schwarz writes:

"Our express shop does now also accept payments via PayPal.

With the addition of PayPal to the repertoire of possible methods of payment, we are realising a frequently expressed wish of our customers. Already previously our customers could choose between pre-payment via bank transfer and cash as well as a range of creditcards, namely Visa, Mastercard/Eurocard and American Express.

By supporting PayPal, new and interesting possibilities are created, especially for our international customers. Through PayPal, bank transfers and direct debits without high fees (or any at all) are now available in many countries.

You can learn more about PayPal at". (cg)

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07.Nov.2005 Uploads til 06.11.2005 uploads since our last report:
libablit.lha       dev/lib    2Mb  Alpha Channel Blit Library
nesdevtools.lha    emu/uti   74kb  NES Development Graphics Tools
romsearcher.lha    emu/uti  227kb  RomSearcher
warpview.lha       gra/vie   31kb  A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D
amipcb.lha         off/cad  572kb  PCB vectorial electronics program
rockbeat.lha       aud/tra    1Mb  Create drumming tracks and export them a
asp2php.lha        dev/web  264kb  asp to php converter
bmp2ico.lha        gra/con    5kb  bmp 2 ico converter
ringtonetools.lha  uti/mis  164kb  Helps in the creation of ringtones
miniamp.lha        aud/mis  855kb  A Small Graphical Interface for AmigaAmp
abc-shell.lha      dev/uti  530kb  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
xnet-rss.lha       net/new    1Mb  Native AOS4.0 RSS News Reader
coreutils-bin.lha  dev/uti    4Mb  GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha  dev/uti    8Mb  GNU core utilities (source)
ularn.lha          gam/adv  501kb  Ularn
universe-one.lha   dem/sce    5Mb  Universe, #One: Geometry (W3D demo).
scummvm.lha        gam/adv    3Mb  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
libusb.lzx         lib/mis   72kb  libusb port for OS4
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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Aminet-Uploads til 06.11.2005
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
xnet-rss.lha                 comm/news   1.3M  OS4  Native AOS4.0 RSS News Reader
facts.lha                    comm/tcp    199K  OS3  NTP clock time synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
asp2php-mos.lha              comm/www    125K  MOS  ASP to PHP converter.
asp2php.lha                  comm/www    265K  OS4  asp to php converter
bmp2ico.lha                  comm/www      6K  OS4  bmp 2 ico converter
beegeez.lha                  dev/basic     5K  GEN  Short examples of using some devices and
SFinfo.lha                   dev/basic    11K  OS3  sndfile.library dev kit for Blitz
libablit.lha                 dev/c       2.4M  OS4  Alpha Channel Blit Library
coreutils-bin.lha            dev/gg      4.6M  OS4  GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha            dev/gg      8.2M  OS4  GNU core utilities
France.lha                   docs/hyper   55M  GEN  La France par monts et par vaux : An "en
fourmaze_demo.lha            game/actio  301K  OS3  Pacman Clone
ularn.lha                    game/actio  501K  OS4  Ultra Larn, dungeon game in Hack or Mori
WoodenBars.lha               game/demo    52K  OS3  Simple bars game for all the PAL AMIGAs
scummvm-0.8.0.lha            game/misc   2.4M  MOS  Adventure game engine
scummvm.lha                  game/misc   3.3M  OS4  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
scummvm_tools-mos.lha        game/misc   616K  MOS  SCUMMVM tools for use with SCUMMVM games
WarpView.lha                 gfx/show     31K  OS4  A fast Image Viewer using Warp3D
551conv_asm.lha              misc/emu     10K  GEN  Source code for 551conv
NESDevTools_AOS4.lha         misc/emu     74K  OS4  NES Development Graphics Tools               misc/emu    506K       PalmUAE
RomSearcher_AOS4.lha         misc/emu    227K  OS4  RomSearcher
amipcb_1.11.lha              misc/sci    573K  OS4  PCB vectorial electronics program
digifilter-1.0.lha           misc/sci     53K  MOS  Digital FIR filter design software
rockbeat.lha                 mus/edit    1.6M  OS4  Create drumming tracks and export them a
ringtonetools.lha            mus/misc    135K  OS3  Convert and create ringtones/logos for m  mus/play    2.0M  GEN  Source code for Eagleplayer 2.04 as foun
Eagleplayer_2.03.lha         mus/play    2.1M  OS3  Eagleplayer V2.03ß1
Eagleplayer_key.lha          mus/play      0K  GEN  Eagleplayer-keyfile for non-commercial u
wb.jpg                       pix/wb        5K  GEN  Helgis' WB!
wb2.jpg                      pix/wb      181K  GEN  Modified Helgis' Zami Theme BeOS Style!
MemTrailer.lha               util/boot    16K  OS3  allocates 16-96 bytes for mem-protection
abc-shell.lha                util/misc   531K  OS4  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
ringtonetools.lha            util/misc   165K  OS4  Helps in the creation of ringtones
NewWait4Port.lha             util/rexx    12K  VAR  Replacement for WaitForPort command
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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06.Nov.2005 (Web page)

AmigaOS 4: Support for sound card Terratec Phase 22
As Davy Wentzler announces, the Envy24HT-5.5-AHI-driver now supports the sound card Terratec Phase 22, too.

The card possesses both analog and digital stereo inputs and outputs, as well as MIDI-in and -out. The new driver version should be available in OS4Depot before long. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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06.Nov.2005 (Web page)

Browser: Status update for Paihia development
Under the title link, a status update for the development status of Paihia was published, a browser planned for all Amiga systems.

Reportedly, the CSS engine is currently as good as done and is checked using the W3C test suite. The language parts of EcmaScript are also complete, whereas the object library is not, yet. The Document Object Model in Version Level 3, on the other hand, is implemented only to 20%.

Reportedly, all this and the source code of the Paihia Web-Engine requires less than 700 KB uncompressed, and is compiled by Visual Studio to a binary file that is only around 300 KB in size.

Grande Paihia should become a modern, small, fast and portable web browser, which fully supports XML, HTML 4, CSS 2.1, DOM Level 3 and EcmaScript 3. The browser, according to the author, is written from scratch and is based on no existing web software. (snx) (Translation: cad)

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ANN (Web page)

MorphOS: Descent:Freespace 2 ported (SDL version)
Michal 'kiero' Wozniak has adapted Descent:Freespace 2 to MorphOS. The port is based on the SDL version by Taylor Richards.

System requirements:
  • MorphOS 1.4.x
  • 3D drivers
  • powersdl.library
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Radeon graphics card (recommended)
  • Original version of Descent:Freespace 2 (3 CD's)
  • Small graphical errors can appear (especially in fog)
  • No network support
  • Mods were not tested
  • Some keyboard commands possibly do not work correctly; should you come across such keys or key combinations, you can allocate the affected commands to other inputs via the settings (F2)

For installation with the accompanying script, you need the original version of the game with 3 CD's. For this, copy the files from the MorphOS archive into the directory in which the game should be installed. Afterwards, start the installation script.

Download: Freespace2.lha (1.7 MB) (snx) (Translation: cad)

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Michael Suther, Webmaster (ANF) Amiga link list
Some time ago set up a top list for Amiga sites with legal and serious content. Everybody running an Amiga website may register - no matter whether it's a fan site, a retailer site, a developers site or a forum. (snx) (Translation: wk)

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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: RockBEAT 1.2.1
RockBEAT is a simple software drum machine for AmigaOS 4 by James Carroll. It is a tool for musicians that allows you to create drumming tracks.

It can create multiple tracks, each one being 4x 4/4 measures with 16th notes. You can save individual tracks as WAV files, or the whole thing as one big song. You can drop in your own 16 Bit 44100 Hz PCM WAV samples in the drumsamples folder if you like.

Version 1.2.1 fixes an important bug. The WAV files that were generated by RockBEAT had an incorrect header value.

The demo is restricted to 10 minutes. If you like it, you can purchase a keyfile from the author for 15 US-Dollar. (snx)

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Grzegorz Kraszewski (e-mail)

MorphOS: DigiFilter 1.0
Grzegorz 'Krashan' Kraszewski has released DigiFilter 1.0 today - a tool for designing digital FIR filters ("finite impulse response").

Unlike other applications limited to typical lowpass, highpass, bandpass and bandstop frequency responses, or limited set of frequency points, DigiFilter features graphical frequency response editor.

The program uses windowing design technique with rectangle, triangle, Blackman and Kaiser windows up to 2048 taps.

Designed responses may be stored to file and loaded later. Set of tap multipliers for a designed filter may be saved to a text file as a set of floating point numbers.

Download: digifilter-1.0.lha (53 KB) (snx)

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05.Nov.2005 (website)

WinUAE: Games frontend Lemonade 0.9.8 public beta
Lemon Amiga has released a public beta of Lemonade, a new Windows based frontend for WinUAE. Lemonade allows both newcomers and veterans of Amiga emulation to play games more comfortable than ever before - no more setting up configurations, each game is pre-configured.

Lemonade's main features include:
  • Games Encyclopedia - Play games at the click of a button, save high scores, view game notes and cheats and more.
  • Games Scanner - Scans your Amiga collection for any recognised game files and automatically add them to the encyclopedia.
  • Easy to setup and use - Everything is designed to be as comfortable to use as possible.
  • Pre-written configurations for Amiga 500, 600, 1200 and CD32 models.
  • Custom configuration manager - Import your own WinUAE configurations.
  • Emulator Quickstart - Start anything in WinUAE in seconds.

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