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Archive 11/2004

Cloanto (ANF)

Cloanto: Help Wanted for Amiga Video Transcripts
Given limited resources for this project, Cloanto (AmigaForever, Personal Paint) are looking for the help of passionate Amiga friends to create a first set of text transcripts of certain Amiga videos of historical interest. (cg)

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07.Nov.2004 (website)

Test: Use of Solid-State Disks in Pegasos?
Ironfist of tested whether solid-state disks (SSD) may be used as replacement hard-drives in a Pegasos without additional components, to do this he made use of an M-Systems 256 MB iDOC (Disk-on-Chip).

The short answer reads rather like a reply to a question to Radio Eriwan: in principal, yes. MorphOS supports the hard-drive device without limitations (screenshot), but the open firmware doesn't, so currently one can't boot from an SSD hard-drive. (snx) (Translation: dm)

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Software news in short

ContactManager 30.6

ContactManager is a central book-mark management.

Link: Homepage


A MUI class for sending e-mails.

Link: Homepage

RxMUI 41.0

"RxMUI" let create you complex graphical user interfaces with the help of ARexx.

Link: Homepage

Game: HangMan V0.99 (German)

Amiga Arena makes available a German version of "HangMan" made by Amipuzas.

Link: Amiga Arena

Datatype: IcoDT update

IcoDT is a datatype for *.ICO-files. Version 43.8 now also supports 32Bit-icons.

Direct download: IcoDT.lha (14 KB) (Readme)


"SaveRamDisk" is a little tool made by Martin "Mason" Merz which saves the position of your RamDisk-icon.

Link: Homepage

Scene-Demo: "IKAnim 4k" (Loonies) final version

The demo group "Loonies" published the final version of its 4k-Intro "IKAnim". The animation of the characters was improved, there is a Hires version for very fast computers and the timing and the compatibility were improved.

Link: Homepage (cg) (Translation: dr)

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ANN (website), (website)

AWeb: New beta versions for OS4 and MorphOS (Update)
AWeb APL Lite is now available in a new beta version for AmigaOS4. Compared with the previous version now the SSL support should work. Besides this the stack in the AWeb-icon has been encreased to 200kb because of some reported problems.

In order to use AmiSSL V1 you need the 68k installation archive as well as PPC files (AmiSSLGlue).

aweb3.5.02bos4_20041031.lha (2.6 MB)
AmiSSLInstall.lha (597 KB)
AmiSSLGlue.lha (51 KB)

Update, 05.11.04 (cr)

Meanwhile Nicolas DET has published a current AWeb 3.5.02 beta version for MorphOS.

AWeb_MorphOS.lha (1.9 MB) (snx) (Translation: dr)

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05.Nov.2004 (website)

Aminet: US-Mirror soon online again
According to Mark Bober from Washington University staff, backups of the Aminet archive are currently being used to restore the main mirror at The process should be finished in the next few days.

Due to the fall out of, the Aminet network did not accept uploads since September. As soon as the archive on is completely restored, Aminet should be working properly again. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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MorphOS: Beats of Rage
Michal 'kiero' Wozniak has ported the Beat'em Up Beats of Rage to MorphOS. The port is incomplete (no sound support) and will be not developed further. The MorphOS version requires the files of the PC-version.

Direct download: bor.lha (160 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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