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Archive 07/2002

Carsten Schröder (ANF)

Magazine: AMIGA aktuell 07/2002 published
Carsten Schröder writes:
The July issue of AMIGA aktuell has just been published and can be read online on our web site (please note: New domain!) as well as downloaded in HTML or AmigaGuide format. It contains a.o.
  • a hands-on experience report about the new USB controller "Highway",
  • the third part of our "Ghostscript" workshop,
  • a workshop about the usage of the Workbench addon "ToolsMenu",
  • a report from the June party of Amiga-Freunde Pfalz,
  • miscellaneous comments and assessments about the Amiga situation,
  • a.m.m.

The graphics reside in the separate file "Aakt0702GFX.lha" and belong in the same directory as the guide version resp. the "img" directory within the HTML version.

Download: (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 14. Jul. 2002, 22:34] [Comments: 1 - 07. Apr. 2008, 03:14]
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Andreas Falkenhahn (E-Mail)

Tool: Rainboot4 in development
Rainboot4 is currently in development.

In prior versions Rainboot was only a program to show stunning demos during the Amiga's boot process. But with Version 4 it made its step to become a complete multimedia authoring system, which means that it has now a programming script language, which allows the programmer to create applications in a very easy way.

The programmer can use many of Rainboot4's functions which save him a lot of time. For example, you do not have to care if your application runs on Picasso96, Cgfx, AGA or ECS. That's Rainboot4's thing now! It does everything for you and it does it system friendly. Here's a short overview what's currently possible:
  • 100% system-friendly. Runs on all Amiga systems.
  • Application can be displayed in window on Workbench or own screen.
  • Transparent windows on Workbench (see screen shot).
  • Transition effects.
  • Functions to scroll graphics smoothly.
  • Transparent Graphics.
  • compiler and linker for creating executables.
  • Easy monitoring of user input (keyboard, mouse).
  • DOS functions.
  • String functions.
  • Math funktions.
  • Variables and arrays.
  • Applications run independent of the current screenmode.
  • Compatible with older Rainboot versions.
  • Different fonts can be used.
  • Supports anim brushes.
  • Supports sound modules and samples.
  • Conditions (if, else, elseif, endif).
  • Loops (for, next, while, wend).
  • System functions.
  • Can still be used during booting.
  • MorphOS and AmigaOS4 versions planned.
  • and much more.
The interesting thing is, that Rainboot4 does all the work for you. For example, the following script opens a window with the file mypic.iff as the background and writes "Hello World" centered in this window:


%PrintStr("Hello World")

This simplicity is used by all functions of Rainboot4. And it's fully system friendly. All operations are executed through the operating system or the RTG system respectively.

It was never easier to code intuitive programs with such little effort but maximum effectivity and user friendlyness.

Screen shots of Rainboot4 are available on the Airsoft Softwair home page: (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Dennis Lohr (ANF)

Music: New track on Psyria home page
After nearly 3 months it's happened again. Today the Psyria home page has been updated. This is also connected with the fact that the site was celebrating its 10,000th visitor recently. Again, thanks to all for the support.

As of now "Take the Power" is available in the download section. The track has been produced in collaboration with Yel.C..

Download: (6,9M) (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Amiga Future

freeCD: The Elite Experience
Patrick Henz has released the freeCD "The Elite Experience". This CD-ROM contains three original Elite games (Elite, Frontier, First Encounters) as well as Elite - The New Kind.

In addition to these there are further Elite fan games, pictures, paper models of the space ships, manuals, tools and stories.

The CD-ROM contains files and programs for Amiga, Amiga CD??, Apple II, Atari ST, C64. Gameboy, Linux, Nintendo Entertainment System, OS/2 and Windows.

It is available through the title link and from dealers. (sd) (Translation: cb)

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AROS: accessible again (update)
The AROS web site is again accessible through is accessible again because Peter Bortas and Aaron Digulla have managed to transfer the rights to from Bortas to Digulla. Here the original text from the AROS-Announce mailing list:

"After only five years of struggling with Network Solutions, Peter Bortas and I finally managed to have the domain transferred from him to me. Now ain't that something! :-)

That also means that is working again and that it won't be down again because the nameservers are now under my control!"

Addendum 14th July 2002:
Added information and original text about transfer of domain rights. (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Amiga Society

Amiga Society: Little Book - a.o. Dragons Lair, Flight Simulator II
From the Amiga Society web site:
The mail has arrived. Connected with that a whole bunch of "new" old games, which will bei entered into the Little Book immediately. Present are a.o. RVF Honda, Super Hang on, Dragons Lair and, not to be forgotten, the famous Flight Simulator II.

With that the weekend is saved. The first part of Ians update has also arrived and will presumably be uploaded tomorrow. Well, how shall we continue - the way it looks like, you're mostly interested in new hard and software.

Thus we are set a bit out of place. As a rule I prefer the classics....

This is originates from the fact that we are working nearly exclusively as a pair on this thing, and obtaining old, partially dead computers *screwsolderrun* is much less expensive than purchasing new stuff.

Though I will - if it becomes available - have an AmigaOne standing here, an adequate broadness isn't feasible on a shoestring budget."

All in all, the following information has been added to the "Little Book of Amiga Software":

13th July 2002
  • Extended: Amiga games list
  • Extended: Body Blows
  • New Entry: Super Hang On
  • New Entry: RVF Honda
  • New Entry: Shadow of the Beast
  • New Entry: TV Sports Football
  • New Entry: Dragons Lair
  • New Entry: Goldrunner II
  • New Entry: Atomino
  • New Entry: LOOPZ
  • New Entry: Flight Simulator II
  • New Entry: Super Tennis Champs
13th July 2002
  • Extended: Desert Strike
(sd) (Translation: cb)

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Gregory Donner-Homepage

History: Workbench Nostalgia - Updates for WB 2.x
Gregory Donner updated his "Workbench Nostalgia" page on 12th July 2002. This site contains information about the various Amiga Workbench versions. He corrected or moved notes in the Workbench 2.0, Workbench 2.04 and the ßeta 0.x pages.

These notes have been contributed by Rodney Hester. (sd) (Translation: cb)

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AWeb Open Source

AWeb: List of persons involved
A list of the people involved in the project was published on the AWeb Open Source web site on 8th July 2002. This list was last updated today. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 14. Jul. 2002, 19:27] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future

A.D.A.: Demos - Muscles, Kah835GB, Dose, Fetish
On 26th May 2002, four demos and two videos were added to the Amiga Demoscene Archive (A.D.A.). The additions are: All demos are available for download for the Amiga and are presented with pictures on their pages. There are also video versions of the first two demos available.

Furthermore, videos for the following Mawi PPC demos have been published: Within ca. 7 months, A.D.A. has had more than 10,000 hits (ca. 14,400 page views): "And we reached more than 10000 hits (about 14400 page views) in about 7 months online. Thanks a lot and keep checking back for more demos and to add comments and votes on all the demos." (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Amiga Future

ExoticA: Extensive update of many areas
On 14th July 2002 many areas of the ExoticA web site were updated. This site deals a.o. with the Amiga's musical abilities and history.

Among other things, the "Demo Scene Reference Manual", "Tracker History" and "High Voltage SID Collection" have been updated.

Additionally, BuZz writes briefly about the "eXtreme Computing 2002" and the "Back In Time Live 3" meeting in the news.

All changes in detail can be read in the news text on ExoticA. (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Amiga Future

The 600 Coverscans removed
From "The Legacy" web site:
"600 coverscans, mostly of Amiga games, have been removed. Now, it is a little bit empty here- if you find replacements for them, scan 'em and mail 'em us!."

"The Legacy" web site offers, in the form of a museum, information about computer games in German and English. (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Amiga Future

MorphOS: ttflib V0.8.5
On 14th July 2002, Sigbjørn Skjæret released Version 0.8.5 of the ttf library for MorphOS for displaying TrueType fonts.

In this version the libcode has been improved which makes the library significantly faster than its predecessor.

Download: ttflib_mos.lha (sd)

[News message: 14. Jul. 2002, 17:07] [Comments: 0]
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Ruben Monteiro (Amiga Open-ML)

AmigaDE: 3D - TinyGL V0.2
On 12th July 2002, version 0.2 of TinyGL for AmigaDE has been released. TinyGL supplies a subset of the OpenGL API for developing 3D-Software for AmigaDE. Compared to the previous version, the following changes have been incorporated:
  • Bugfix: Some errors have been corrected.
  • New: Some code examples have been added.
  • New: Some GLUT/GLU functions have been added:
    • GLUT: glutMouseFunc, glutMotionFunc, glutPassiveMotionFunc, glutEntryFunc, glutShowWindow, glutHideWindow, glutPositionWindow, glutReshapeWindow.
    • GLU: gluCylinder, gluDisk, gluSphere.
    • GL: glGetString
People who'd like to support this project may submit bug reports and feature requests through the title link.

Download: (113K), Changelog (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Magazine: ARM #3
Spanish Amiga magazine ARM's third issue will be out in a couple of days. The contents, images, news and further information about the magazine are accessible through the title link. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 14. Jul. 2002, 15:11] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Info @

Event: O.A.S.E. 2002 in Graz - 14th & 15th September
Amiga Info write:
The O.A.S.E. - The Open Amiga Southeast Europe Show will take place on Sa. & Su., 14th & 15th September at the Hotel Europa in Graz, near the main station.

A presentation of the AmigaOne is scheduled, and (!if possible!), also of AmigaOS4.

Furthermore we will be showing Amigas with PCI solutions and USB, as well as Amithlon 2.0. And we will have Designer cases for the new Amiga generation on show.

Admission is free. Arrival by car, train or plane (Ryanair from London (STN) - Graz @ ca. 35.-).

O.A.S.E. Open Amiga Southeast Show
14th & 15th September 2002
VX/FX: +43-316-913-048
Mobil: +43-699-1209-0397 (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Rupert Hausberger (ANF)

Benchmark tool: AmigaMARK LPA 2002
First beta screenshots of a new Amiga Benchmark tool. With this program you can exactly analyse the performance of CPU, memory and drive. For the time being 16 CPU, 24 memory and 15 drive tests have been implemented. 2D and 3D Benchmarks will follow later in a separate tool. The first public beta will be released for 68k and MorphOS and needs the help of beta testers who may register at a given time...

Minimum system configuration:
  • AmigaOS: > 3.1
  • HDD: ~10 MB
Rupert Hausberger (naTmeg)
EFNET/IRCNET: naTmeg / AmiComSys: naTmeg (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Thorsten Mampel, 1. chairman ACH (ANF)

15th birthday of the Amiga club Hamburg
The Amiga club Hamburg celebrates in August 2002 its 15th birthday. We want to celebrate this day accordingly. Therefore there'll be a party taking place on Saturday, August, 31th 2002 in the Volkshaus Berne/Hamburg where also our club room lies. For the celebration we have rent a big room in the Volkshaus.

The following events are planned for the party:
  • Cold buffet
  • Show program
  • Music and dance
  • Exhibition showing the club and Amiga history
  • Video presentation
  • Draw with interesting prices

You may enter for free but we have to take a price for the cold buffet and the drinks 10,- Euro all inclusive. For an exact planning is a registration needed.

Every Amiga fan and those who want to become one (or were ones) are very welcome.

As you can see above we are planning a draw. Details about the prices and the awaited guests as well as all further information will be published on our homepage (title link).

Please send registrations and questions to (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Several software updates (13.07.2002)
Andreas Kleinert has released version 45.3 of the akPNG datatype for 68k computers.
Download: akPNG-dt.lha

At SixK you can find the following new ports:
Little endian version of Mame 0.60
P96 colour problem resolved in few SDL binaries.

Amiga Online Games (AOG) has added some addons to the online games database that solve problems with several games.

(ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 13. Jul. 2002, 18:25] [Comments: 0]
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Webinterface for mailinglists on
We offer free mailinglists as part of our service. By subscribing to a mailinglist you can discuss with other users, exchange the latest tips or just receive the latest news.

Starting with today, we also provide you with a webinterface that allows you to view all mails in a mailinglist that have been submitted until now. You reach the webinterface by clicking on a list's name in the mailinglist-overview (see "Service" on the left bar). (ps)

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Alexander Fritsch, selco (ANF)

Sowjet speech encryption machine for telephone and radio
Right before the summer break a software premiere: the simulation of the Sowjet speech encryption machine "Elbrus". This is a military encryption device for telephone and radio that had been used at the USSR army and the NVA of the GDR. The signal is analogue encoded using a digital code i.e. you get an encrypted audio signal that can be broadcasted directly (without modem) analogue via telephone or radio. With the program you can en-/decode own audio files (or an audio stream of the AHI device). The program should be unique in the Web and is for now exclusively available for the Amiga (68k and PPC). A detailed description and a sound example can be found following the title link. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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AMIGAplus Redaktion (ANF)

AMIGAplus: New editing address
During the next days we will move to a new office. From 22nd July 2002 please still only use the following address:

Dürener Straße 387
50935 Köln (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 22:18] [Comments: 0]
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Olaf Winkler (E-Mail)

VIVA-Text: Amigas classical games on Gameboy Advance
About ten years ago the successful story of "Pinball Fantasies" started on the Amiga. Now the flipper simulation is supposed to capture the Gameboy Advance. There are eight different tables to chose which have been originally taken from the games "Pinball Fantasies" and "Pinball Dreams". Diverse ramps, traps and hills are supposed to make a new highscore more difficult. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 14:57] [Comments: 1 - 13. Jul. 2002, 15:24]
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Elbox: New driver for Mroocheck version 2.0
ELBOX Computer has published version 2.0 of the driver "Mroocheck" (Punchinello MK II, Topolino MK II) for the PC-mouse-adapter. The new driver enables you to calibrate the A/D-converter-parameter on the Amiga in a undependable way for each direction of movement of the mouse wheel. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 14:20] [Comments: 0]
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Soundtracker: Crap Track version 1.1
The soundtracker "Crap Track" has been published in version 1.1 as the last update inclusive sourcecode.

Download: craptrack_v1_1.lha - craptrack_v1_1_src.lha (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 14:20] [Comments: 0]
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Kilian Servais (ANF)

Commemorative edition 100 of disk magazine NoCover published
Today commemorative edition 100 has been published of freeware disk magazine NoCover which of course also contains the current issue of the "Amiga Aktuell". With it NC might belong to one of the longest existing magazines at all. Currently writers are searched who activly participate in NC so the magazine may keep on existing. You can get the NC either via email, over APC&TCP or from the Aminet. Of course you can order a free email subscription at each time. Simply write an email to (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 14:20] [Comments: 0]
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New photos of AmigaMania13 June French Meeting
Stephane Marrec wrote on ANN:
Here are more photos of the meeting ArtBastringue/AmigaMania in Toulouse (FRANCE) June 22-23 2002.
  • - Photos of an "AmigaOne SE" running LinuxPPC,
  • - Photos of the new "AmigaOne XE" showed by Alan Redhouse (Eyetech) during the conférence
  • - Photos of "cristO classic" high end tower case from Naya Design.
  • - Various photos of well known French Amiga users (Professionals and normal users)
  • - and more... :)
Gallery 1 AmigaMania13_1
Gallery 2 AmigaMania13_2

Unfortunely no comment for each photos is available.

You can find the other photos about that meeting, at the French Amiga Association "AFLE" web site: AmigaMania13 AFLE. Other infos about organization and program of that weekend: AmigaMania13 info. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 14:20] [Comments: 1 - 13. Jul. 2002, 00:36]
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Richard Kapp (ANF)

GFX-BASE: New version of AmiStart published / Results of opinion poll
There is a new version of AmiStart of Darius Brewka. The new version offers an improved and extended GUI, antialiased Truetype-font support and much more. The new AmiStart version will be published on Aminet in some days. But GFX-Base offers already now the full archive for download and besides this you can look at some new screenshots and get information about further details of the program. Additionally you can read the interview with Darius Brewka and the question&answers of AmiStart.

Download: AmiStart.lha 342 KB

Furthermore the results of the GFX-Base opinion poll 'Should there be AmigaOS4.0 for Pegasos or do you think MorphOS would be the right way?' are online and can be viewed in the vote-area. 426 users participated in it. (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 13:07] [Comments: 0]
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BruZard (ANF)

BruZard: The end
BruZard wrote:
Because of professional reasons I give up all activities on the Amiga. This year I will still manage the AMIGAplus forum but I have been already looking for an user who will do it afterwards. Furthermore the projects "AmiBlitz" and "Stahl2003" are involved. The last mentioned one was a game project for AmigaPPC but it will be published only on Windows PCs because of the negative Amiga market.

Thank you for having 12 years fun with the Amiga and I wish all Amiga users a good prospect in which I cannot believe no more. I regret the farewell but I do not want to waste my time with an antiquated system which has no future. Cya Folks, may the Force be with you! (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 12. Jul. 2002, 12:55] [Comments: 0]
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