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Archive 06/2002

Dirk Baeyens (E-Mail)

Amiga: 50$ voucher for complete system, motherboard or OS4.0
Gary Peake of Amiga Inc. writes in the Amiga Open mailing list that the 50$ voucher can be used on a complete AmigaOne system, and AmigaOne motherboard, both including AmigaOS 4.0, or just for AmigaOS 4.0.

Gary Peake: "The voucher is good for any of: complete system, motherboards and OS4.0 or just OS4.0". (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 20:53] [Comments: 3 - 07. Apr. 2008, 03:16]
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Magazine: Amiga Information Online (AIO) #60
Issue #60 of Amiga online magazine "Amiga Information Online (AIO)" has been published.

This issue contains a.o. an article about the game Puzzle Bobs, a compact comparison of paint programs and an exclusive article about Port Access. The complete table of contents can be gathered from the Readme.

AIO utilises its own display program, and can be used from AmigaOS 3.0.

Download: docs/mags/AIOV60.lha (467K), Readme (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Czech Amiga News

USB: USB board "Thylacine" for Zorro-2 in production
According to an announcement on Czech Amiga News from 26th June 2002, "Thylacine" is in production. This is a USB board for the Zorro-II slot which will be available from 22nd July 2002. This board is being manufactured in Australia.

The title link provides access to a.o. information about supported devices as well as a forum. (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

Database: SN-MünzArchiv V1.01
Steffen Nitz has released version 1.01 of his coin management software "SN-MünzArchiv" on Aminet. This program is suitable for all popular coins (e.g. Euro, DM, GDR, investment ounces etc.). He writes about this:

On the Ami-Force page of CJ-Stroker a survey has now gone online to find out which collectors databases you'd like to have. Please participate lively - even those not interested at all, so I can get a relatively correct impression.

Planned features for version 1.1:
  • A sales window, to get an overview of which coins have been sold (with statistics).
  • Introduction of a year number statistic.
The following changes have been incorporated into the current version:

Version 1.0
  • Instructions are now available.
  • A parts list window for each quality type has been added.
  • It is now possible to search for entries.
  • A new statistics type (enumeration) has been added.
  • In list processing the lists can now be sorted and entries deleted.
  • On startup via CLI a data record can be passed which is then loaded automatically. Thus it is possible to start the program by double-clicking a data record. It is also possible to enter a data record in the settings which is to be loaded upon startup of SN-MünzArchiv.
  • Entries can be exported and appended.
  • Lists can be printed.
  • Upon saving of a database, a backup (.bak) is now created.
Version 1.01
  • It is again possible to enter records into the lists without having to press the sort button.
It may not have escaped your attention that some features had already been in V0.8. I had made the mistake of doing 2-3 uploads with this version number which is why I list all changes from after the first upload.

Download: biz/dbase/SN-MuenzArchiv.lha (187K), Readme (sd) (Translation: cb)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Samba Partie Pro., Tip for RPG "Blade"
The full version of "Samba Partie Pro. AGA/ECS" and a tip for the action role playing game "Blade" have been published on Amiga Arena.

Full version: "Samba Partie Pro. AGA/ECS"
To "celebrate the occasion" the ECS and AGA version of the second part of soccer manager "Samba Partie" by "Sayonara Software" is available for download.

Special thanks go to Stefan I. for supplying the AGA version, and Sylvester B. for the ECS version.

Tip: "Blade"
The HD version of action RPG game "Blade" by Mark Sheeky has been successfully tested with the tool "NoAGA" on an Amiga 4000/60 with AmigaOS3.9.

After the game's German version has been offered exclusively for download on "Amiga Arena", time and again users had problems playing "Blade" from HD. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 17:55] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Society

Little Book of Amiga Software: Heart of China, Die Siedler, ...
Since 25th June 2002, the "Little Book of Amiga Software", containing information about Amiga software in German, has been updated repeatedly:

25th June 2002:
  • New entry: Heart of China
  • New entry: Menace
  • Updated: A-Train
  • Updated: B-17 Flying Fortress
  • Updated: Backstage
  • Updated: Battle Command
  • Updated: Battle Isle
  • Updated: Battle Isle Data Disk I
26th June 2002:
  • New entry: Human Race Jurassic
  • Updated: K240
  • Updated: World Cup USA 94
  • Updated: Battle Isle Data Disk II
  • Updated: Battle Squadron
  • Updated: Beam
  • Updated: Beneath a steel Sky
27th June 2002:
  • Updated: Zool
  • Updated: Zeewolf
  • Updated: X-Out
28th June 2002:
  • Updated: Anwendungsliste (Applications list)
  • Updated: Xenon 2
  • Updated: Wolf Pack
  • Updated: WipeOut 2097
  • Updated: Winzer
  • Updated: The Adventures of Willy Beamish
  • Updated: White Death
29th June 2002:
  • New entry: Die Siedler (The Settlers)
  • New entry: Afrikakorps
  • New entry: Quintette
  • Updated: Amiga Spieleliste (Amiga games list)
30th June 2002:
  • Updated: Spieleliste (Games list)
(sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 17:54] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future

Sound: AC97Mixer V2.0 for SB 128 sound card (Amithlon)
On 29th June 2002, Frank Fenn has released version 2.0 of "AC97Mixer" for Amithlon. This version adds support for the EMU10K (SB Live). Thus "AC97Mixer" now supports the SB128 and SB Live sound cards as well as VIA onboard sound.

Download: ac97mixer.lha (28K) (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 16:18] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future

MUI: NList V0.91, NListtree V18.13
On 30th June 2002, Sebastian Bauer has released version 0.91 of the "NList" MUI custom class and version 18.13 of the "NListtree" class. These versions contain mainly bug fixes. No new features have been added.

Download: (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 16:17] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future

Datatype: aiff V41.5 by Stephan Rupprecht
On 30th June 2002, Stephan Rupprecht has released version 41.5 of his AIFF sound Datatype. In this version decoders for MACE3, MACE6, ULAW, ALAW and IMA4 have been implemented. Also included is a version for WarpOS.

This Datatype requires util/dtype/soundDT41.lha.

Download: aiffdt41.lha (19K), Readme (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 16:17] [Comments: 0]
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AmigaOne: Screen shots of Linux software
Ole-Gil Hvitmyren has published screen shots of Linux software running on the AmigaOne on his home page. Amongst these are RC5/OGR benchmark, Open Office, Mozilla and UAE 0.8.21.

The distribution used is Debian GNU/Linux. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 12:09] [Comments: 0]
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A.D.A.: Alpha Omega, Makaveli, Iraq-demo
On 30th June 2002, three productions have been added to the Amiga Demoscene Archive (A.D.A.). The additions are: The demos for the Amiga are available for download and are presented with pictures on their page. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 12:06] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Interactive Guide

History: Amiga Interactive Guide expanded by 20 MB
On 26th June 2002, Gareth Knight has updated the "Amiga Interactive Guide". This is a web site with lots of information about the Amiga's history. 20 MB of new data have been added since March 2002, amongst them:
  • Sendo Z100 in the AmigaDE area.
  • New pages about the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1, Ami2D and the AmigaOS 4.0 screen shots.
  • Information about Scala Workstation 500 and Scala Infochannel.
  • Information about Amiga based arcade machines.
  • Further adverts - among others the current ones of the Tao Group.
  • The "Famous Amiga Uses" list has been combined with the one by Pär Boberg.
Apart from these there have been lots of further updates. Information about these and the links to the updated and new pages are accessible through What's New?. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 11:33] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Flame

Amiga Flame: Your Guide to AmigaOne
Above article which in short decribes the AmigaOne as well as the announced software titles Sudden Strike, Bloodline, Realsoft 3D Version 4 and Audio Evolution 4 has been published on Amiga Flame. (sd) (Translation: cb)

[News message: 30. Jun. 2002, 10:31] [Comments: 1 - 02. Jul. 2002, 08:14]
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New software ports by Diego CR
Diego CR has released new and updated software ports for the Amiga:
  • java2html v1.7
  • xmlclitools v1.25
  • cave v1.0
  • abcm2ps v3.0.16
  • gnuyahoo v0.3.pre0
  • speex v0.4.0
  • muhstik v3.12.1
  • Anubis v3.2.1
(ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 22:10] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Future

Source code of the render.library released
Tim S. Müller has released the source code of the render.library version 31.0. Changes since version 30.0:
  • Simplified the over-complex quantization algorithm. The new algorithm leads to similar results, with much better performance.
  • Semaphores are (finally!) correctly initialized to zero.
  • Minor cleanup.
Download: renderlib_src.lha - readme - history

What kind of library is the render.library?
  • render.library is an Amiga shared library that serves an image processing kernel.
  • render.library is an interface between planar, truecolor and chunky graphics, plus it supports all Amiga specific pixel and color schemes.
  • render.library provides palette management, histograms, alpha channel processing, color reduction, rendering, dithering, scaling, texture mapping, and lots of conversion functions.
  • render.library is built on a distinct architecture of functional classes, which allows e.g. texture mapping and rendering in a single pass, without the need to allocate intermediate buffers.
  • render.library is fast.
  • render.library comes with autodocs and tutorials, and is freeware for freeware and shareware applications.
(ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 21:56] [Comments: 0]
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Jürgen Lange (ANF)

Amithlon: release date of v2.0 postponed
The release date of the already by some Amiga dealers announced Amithlon v2.0 will probably be postponed. Bernd Meyer wrote on the Amithlon ml that the unfortunate connection with Haage & Partner in the past had made him once more trouble on the way to the release of Amithlon. That's why Bernd doesn't believe that the originally planned released date can be kept up. But he hopes that the delay won't take too long.

The original posting by Bernd Meyer (in English) can be found here. (ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 21:41] [Comments: 0]
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Andreas R. Kleinert (E-Mail)

akJFIF/PNG/TIFF 45.1 now freeware and Amithlon-optimized
Starting with V45.1 (29.6.02), the datatypes akJFIF/PNG/TIFF are Freeware. The keyfile code and some other legacy stuff has been removed. This also may speed things up, since there are less special cases to be covered.

Furthermore, a couple of different optimizations in the 68k code have been made, some bugs were fixed and some amithlon/uae- specific optimizations have been made.

Download links: These datatypes now are specifically targeted to high-end 68k machines and their emulated counterparts. (ps)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 18:38] [Comments: 1 - 30. Jun. 2002, 03:48]
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Amiga Future

Assembler: ColdFire assembler version 2.02
The ColdFire assembler has been released in version 2.02.

New in this version:
  • Fixed bug with addi and subi undefined size code generation. These opcodes now support optimisation.
Download: cfasm.lha (ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 13:22] [Comments: 0]
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PageStream / Grasshopper LLC

DTP: PageStream version for Amiga
Of the known DTP program PageStream has the Amiga version been released by Grasshopper LLC. The program is distributed by H&P, details can be found here (though not for the current version).

PageStream is a proven desktop publishing program. It suits for all publishing tasks beginning with a simple paper via coloured advertisments to a technical book. With PageStream you can create letters, do coloured school exercises, presentations, visiting-cards and much more. Thousands of people use PageStream for years now to do their work. (ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 13:11] [Comments: 0]
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CUCUG: Status Register 06/2002
The Status Register is the monthly newsletter of the Champaign-Urbana Computer User Group. Dealt are current and important information regarding Amiga, Macintosh and PC as well as the computer industry. (ps)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 12:52] [Comments: 0]
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Darry Dooman (email)

Mail program: YAM developers version 2.4 (update)
Since June, 18th 2002 exists the new developers version 2.4 of the mailing program YAM that is meanwhile open source. This version is one in development that may still contain bugs. According to Darry this version runs without any problems for him so far.

The changes that have taken place meanwhile can be taken from this list. Further information can be found on the Yamos SourgeForge site.

Download: YAM24Dev.lzx

The YAM developer team strictly points out that this is a developers' version for which no guarantee, support or answers via email can be given. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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29.Jun.2002 (ANF)

Emulator: MAME v0.60 for 68k
Next to the port of Freecraft (see Amiga-News dated June, 28th 2002) has SixK released MAME v0.60 in a 68k version on his homepage, too. This version is first in line thought for Amithlon users as a real 68k Amiga would be to slow for a 68k MAME. (ps) (Translation: wk)

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Carsten Schröder (ANF)

AMIGA aktuell: important addresses changes
The website of "AMIGA aktuell" is from now on accessable via the URL In a few days will the domain be switched off. The email addresses [...] won't be valid then anymore, either: the "AMIGA aktuell" editor stuff is from now on reachable under Please change your bookmarks. (ps) (Translation: wk)

[News message: 29. Jun. 2002, 11:29] [Comments: 0]
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Andreas R. Kleinert (E-Mail)

AK-Datatype: akJFIF for Amithlon
Andreas R. Kleinert writes:
Out of curiosity, I've removed PPC support from akJFIF datatype and instead did some uae/amithlon-specific optimizations (no native x86 code yet, though).

Download für V44.140: akJFIF-dt.LHA

Other datatypes/programs may follow. PPC support is gone for now, since I don't own any PPC card anymore and did not get any Pegasos developer board, either. (ps)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 20:35] [Comments: 0]
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Commodore Billboard (ANF)

Commodore 64 radio commercials
The Commodore Billboard has been updated. This time with 4 English and 4 French radio commercials. All in high quality 192 Kbps mp3. These are all "donut" versions meaning that the radio station would get a soundtrack and then add speak themselves. Found on a tape at a Canadian radio station in Vancouver. The update also includes several C64, Vic20, PET, Amiga etc. adverts and brochures. Also tons of stuff in the miscellaneous section...pins, posters, mousepads, telephones and much more. (ps)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 20:31] [Comments: 0]
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Anton Preinsack (ANF)

Focus reported about Commodore One (only in German)
On the news magazine "Focus" on issue of 17th June an interview with Jeri Ellsworth who is the inventor of the "Commodore One" has been published. The imitation of the legendary "Commodore 64" is supposed to be published this Christmas and will delivered by Individual Computers with a price of EUR 200,- in Germany.

You can read a part of the interview here. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 20:30] [Comments: 1 - 29. Jun. 2002, 00:07]
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Aminet CD #49 published
Today the new Aminet CD #49 has been published. It contains 1201 MB of several Amiga software and the highlight Diamond Caves II which is a game by Peter Elzner. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 13:59] [Comments: 0]
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Amiga Community by SixK

SixK SDL-game port: Freecraft version 1.17.1
SixK offers ports of SDL-games on its website 'Amiga Community'. The SDL-library makes the programming of games and other multimedia-products possible which do not depend on platforms.

The game Freecraft in version 1.17.1 has been now added. It is a clone of Warcraft. According to SixK the game runs fine on Amithlon (but there are some colour problems), a little bit slower on an Amiga (040/33) and should run very well on an Amiga with 060 processor and graphic board. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 13:05] [Comments: 0]
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Tales of Tamar

T.o.T.: Amiga-Version 0.43 R13 - Final version will come soon
Version 0.43 R13 is the last but one beta version up to the Tales of Tamar Amiga Basis-Set! Tales of Tamar is an Internet based round game for Amiga, Atari, Linux and PC by Eternity Entertainment Software. There are only a few days to come until Eternity will accept advance orders for the Amiga basis set! Tales of Tamar will be delivered in a nice shaped Euro box with a 64 sites long documentation and three CDs. Should you have questions concerning the online costs or the game playing then please write an email to

Since the last version a lot of older bugs have been fixed. Besides this the soundtrack of ToT has been added which is certainly a highlight. Because of that a very great thanks to the musician Markus Holler!

Additionally to the soundtrack the texts of research have been added and string-input-boxes created. Because of that it is now possible to change the values of the figures boxes via arrow but as well as via keyboard. This applies for the granary, the trade screen, the barrack and the diplomacy.

Meanwhile the wars on Tamar become more intensive. Please read the chronicle to get a survey.

If you are fond of game of roles and games of strategy you should not pass this game! The testers have played this game for two years and are still enthusiastic. This game will revolutionize the world of PBEM-games (PBEM = PlayByEMail). (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 12:53] [Comments: 0]
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Squid's Amiga Page

Rumor Mill: Reset
Between April 1996 and April 2001 John "Squid" Shephard provided the English spoken Amiga community with articles about the Amiga situation with a closer look at the scenery.

After a yearlong break Squid who is also the maintainer of the well frequented Moo Bunny-forum has written and published some new articles on his site. (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 12:03] [Comments: 1 - 29. Jun. 2002, 00:22]
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Younos Salim (ANF)

ANN: Alan Redhouse clarifies coupon promotion
Eyetech speak up about the coupon promotion. I leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions. "No this is not our promotion - and Bill will post the clarification details later. But we are shipping A1 boards + OS4-OEM to dealers (inc Amiga Inc.) and that plus complete systems ourselves.

It is likely that you will probably be able to cash your voucher direct with dealers - but it is down to Amiga Inc. to give out the details of how this will work. The main issue - as so many people have pointed out - is how to avoid the banks becoming the main beneficiaries of what was a well intentioned user support program (we pay euros15 ~USD15 on every receipt transaction for example).

Also the law is somewhat different in te US. In Europe you cannot (past Amiga-related companies excepted!) legally take money off consumers for a product that isn't yet on general availability. And, to me, $50 seeems an awful lot to charge for a T-shirt, with an non-legally enforcable right to an equivalent reduction on an AmigaOne. You will of course (somehow) get the $50 off - this is just really a problem of how consumer legislation is inconsistent - and bank charges are inevitable - across the Global Economy.

That may also go some way to explain why it is Amiga Inc. who receive the money and not us or Hyperion. Just a few facts to confuse the debate,
Alan" (ps)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 11:49] [Comments: 0]
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Boris Dietrich (ANF)

... it is hard to believe!!
The story:

On 24th April 2002 an eBay-member (abreviated as Mr. P.) bought a 40 gigabyte Maxtor harddrive. Normally that's quite a simple thing because this week two pieces of them have been bought which both were not too old. But the rather extrem aimlessness and the very strange behaviour of this one customer let this story escalate which you can read on my homepage under the title link (unfortunately only in German). (ps) (Translation: dr)

[News message: 28. Jun. 2002, 03:26] [Comments: 0]
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