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Archive 04/2000


New UGN Times issue released
The second issue of the UGN Times is available for download.
Download: UGNT200004.lzx

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Czech Amiga News

WarpPNG.datatype version 44.4 released
Download: WarpPNGdt.lha - 48 Kb

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Czech Amiga News

Secondspin version 2.09 beta released
Read about the changes in the SecondSpin_Install.readme.
Download: SecondSpin_Install.lha

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Czech Amiga News

AC3 decoder available
On the Frogger website, a new AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) decoder version 0.62 for PPC has been released.
Download: ac3dec.lha - 51 Kb

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Dietmar Knoll by e-mail

AFD-Copyright News
It's time again for some news on the project "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note" (TM) or, for short, "AFD-COPYRIGHT" (TM). This copyright note is an offer to all Amiga developers wanting to release FD-Software, be it freeware, giftware, shareware or whatever.

AFD-COPYRIGHT is now available in sixteen (16!!!) languages - in two formats each, plain text and HTML file. The latest addition is a Catalan translation by LlorenÁ Grau from the ATO. The files can now be downloaded from the official support site for AFD-COPYRIGHT. The URL is (title link).

The forwarding URL ( is currently not available, because is offline since April 28th. I recommend the adress for homepage links nevertheless, because it will probably remain valid for some time to come.

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Andreas Falkenhahn by e-mail

Rainboot version 2.90 released
A major update to Rainboot has been released on the Airsoft Softwair website. Rainboot v2.90 offers a significantly improved WINDOW emulation mode, better sound and module code and much more. It was moreover extremly optimized, and many bugs have been removed.
Download: Rainboot2_9.lha.

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Rolf Roth on ANF

PlayGUI version 2.8 released
PlayGUI 2.8 can now be downloaded from the PlayGUI website. There have been several changes, here a short excerpt from the list:
  • AUTOPLAY option. PlayGUI can now replay the mods directly after loading; so you don't have to press PLAY. This feature can be enabled and disabled.
  • Improved 'About' window, in which you can start YAM or a browser to write an email to the author or to get to the PlayGUI website.
  • PLONESTART. You can now start Plone automatically on PlayGUI startup.
  • STARTMODINFO. You can now start ModInfo automatically on PlayGUI startup.
  • The currently replayed sample can be copied to a preconfigured path with a menu option.
  • Extensive configuration for PlayGUI presets.
  • NO TOOLTYPES anymore! PlayGUI now has a config file!

Download: PlayGUI.lha - 665 Kb

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Amiga Active

Amiga Active issue 8 released
In this issue you'll find reviews of IBrowse 2.2, Cycas (CAD 2D+3D+architecture program) and X-Surf (ethernet card) as well as much interesting information all around the Amiga. (Translation: mb)

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Toaster Open Source
The documentation of the flyer library is available for download. (Translation: mb)

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Oliver Gantert in ANF

Amigaport of 'Orbit' released
Orbit -- A Freeware Space Combat Simulator, an Open Source project by Steve Belczyk, is available from the Aminet directory game/shoot since today. Required are a PowerPC processor, WarpOS, StormMesa and Warp3D. I'm also looking for skilled people who want to port the network code. (Translation: mb)

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Aminet Recent

New Aminet Uploads
FLeagues_BB2.lha     biz/dbase  127K+Football Database For 50 Leagues (v1.2b)
StarBase_SCR.lha     biz/dbase  125K+Star Trek Episodes Database (v1.6c)
OpusGIbar.lha        biz/dopus  265K++380 "GlowIcons" for your DOpus Toolbar/
Heretic2_D1.lha      biz/titan   10M+Heretic2 playable Demo Part 1of4
Heretic2_D2.lha      biz/titan   13M+Heretic2 playable Demo Part 2of4
Heretic2_D3.lha      biz/titan   12M+Heretic2 playable Demo Part 3of4
Heretic2_D4.lha      biz/titan  5.4M+Heretic2 playable Demo Part 4of4
madlertc.lha         comm/bbs   560K+Management software for BBS/RTC
UnrealIRCd-bin.lha   comm/irc   376K+Advanced IRC Daemon Based On Elite-IRCd
MLocator.lha         comm/misc   30K+HAM grid locator <-> lati/long (v1.1)
TATty.lha            comm/misc   97K+Internet Dial Cost By Mak41 V1.30 Italia
Twiny.lha            comm/misc   24K+Control your Amiga from your PC (w/ src)
AmyGate.lha          comm/net   102K+THE Aminet download manager
par071b.lha          comm/net    50K+Amiga-Pc files/disks transfer via parall
facts.lha            comm/tcp    66K+V3.3 NTP clock synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
Miami32b-000.lha     comm/tcp   208K+Internet TCP/IP stack (68000/010 archive
Miami32b-020.lha     comm/tcp   207K+Internet TCP/IP stack (68020+ archive)
Miami32b-CA.lha      comm/tcp    53K+Internet TCP/IP stack (ClassAct archive)
Miami32b-cze.lha     comm/tcp   103K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Czech locale)
Miami32b-deu.lha     comm/tcp   103K+Internet TCP/IP stack (German locale)
Miami32b-GTL.lha     comm/tcp   105K+Internet TCP/IP stack (GTLayout archive)
Miami32b-hrv.lha     comm/tcp    92K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Croatian locale)
Miami32b-ita.lha     comm/tcp   102K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Italian locale)
Miami32b-MUI.lha     comm/tcp    82K+Internet TCP/IP stack (MUI archive)
Miami32b-ned.lha     comm/tcp   102K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Dutch locale)
Miami32b-por.lha     comm/tcp   105K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Portuguese locale
Miami32b-slo.lha     comm/tcp    98K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Slovenian locale)
Miami32b-srp.lha     comm/tcp    99K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Serbian locale)
Miami32b-suo.lha     comm/tcp    98K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Finnish locale)
Miami32b-sve.lha     comm/tcp    96K+Internet TCP/IP stack (Swedish locale)
Miami32b2-main.lha   comm/tcp   518K+Internet TCP/IP stack (main archive)
MiamiDx10c-MUI.lha   comm/tcp    90K+TCP/IP router stack (MUI archive)
MiamiDx10cmain.lha   comm/tcp   1.2M+TCP/IP router stack (main archive)
MiamiSSL221.lha      comm/tcp   1.0M+SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for Miami
SimpleFTP.lha        comm/tcp   128K+SimpleFTP v2.22 - Easy to use FTP client
Tango.lha            comm/tcp   122K+Samba/smb-handler gui. beta.
MetalWEB401.lha      comm/www   963K+V4.0 Visual Html Editor!
DKG-MyHouse.lha      demo/aga    59K+9th place at MekkaSymposium 2k (64kb int
DKG-Neo2.lha         demo/aga   1.0M+4th place at Mekka/Symposium 2k (demo co
rno-urea.lha         demo/aga   1.6M+"Urea" - a demo by RNO from MS2000
TSI-BoolShit.lha     demo/intro   6K+"Bool shit" 4k intro by Taski at M/S`2k
EuroChart40a.lha     demo/mag   858K+The Official Eurochart #40 by DEPTH & IR
EuroChart40b.lha     demo/mag   855K+The Official Eurochart #40 by DEPTH & IR
EuroChart40c.lha     demo/mag   854K+The Official Eurochart #40 by DEPTH & IR
nah-speed51.lha      demo/mag   1.2M+Speed #51 by Nah-Kolor (Symposium2K)
blitzgtfix.lha       dev/basic   13K+Blitz2 fix for many Gadtools problems
Transparent.lha      dev/basic    2K+Invisible Window demo code    
CLib37x.lha          dev/c       36K+Example.library in 100% C (SAS/Storm/Max
devpic.lha           dev/cross   88K+PIC16 development package
IO_Torture.lha       dev/debug    3K+Checks for improper use of I/O requests
MCesrc.lha           dev/e        8K+FULL E source code to Maxs BBS door, Mag
MadMatrixsrc.lha     dev/mui      9K+C sources of MadMatrix, a MUI game.
MCC_SpeedBar.lha     dev/mui     61K+Highly configurable toolbar class
PFS3ud.lha           disk/misc  123K+PFS3 undelete 
VF2000.lha           disk/misc   51K+32 Device update for HFmounter
3pfts.txt            docs/anno    1K+Third Planet From The Sun web site opens
IM_2000.lha          docs/hyper  29K+Iron Maiden 2000 guide V1.1
AIOV35.lha           docs/mags  632K+Amiga Information Online, Issue 35 (Apri
jamar00.lha          docs/misc   72K+JUST-AMiGA mailing list msgs for all of 
PipeOnSymmek.lha     docs/misc    7K+Partyreport from Mekka&Symposium 2000 by
F1GP_2000.lha        game/data    9K+2000 F1 season data for F1GP-Ed (23 Apri
WBPScenes.lha        game/data   67K+WBPerplexity puzzle scenes set #1
silencer.lha         game/demo  698K+First beta demo of forthcoming isometric
WormWars.lha         game/misc  687K+WormWars 5.61: Advanced snake game
Lost_Prince.lha      game/role  1.0M+Fantasy graphic adventure
DBIB.lha             game/shoot 1.8M+Create DOOM-style games
Shuffle2.lha         game/think 7.0M+Great new logical game (MYST theme)
akMPEG4.lha          gfx/show   171K+MPEG player (CGfx/P96/AGA) V4.43 (68k/PP
TestGear1.lha        hard/hack  325K+Simple test equipment projects, Disk 1.
imdbDiff000414.lha   misc/imdb  2.0M+Diffs for the Internet MovieDatabase
SpaTra06.lha         misc/misc   92K+Spanish Translations Pack 06 v0.50
nd-frogs.lha         mods/neuro 130K+OSS 10ch. funny Acid Stomper
bO-012.lha           mods/techn 830K+#012 bOhema release by xball+spektra
bO-013.lha           mods/techn 779K+#013 bOhema release by effron
bO-016.lha           mods/techn 324K+#016 bOhema release by xball+protas
Aamp2HtmlConve.lha   mus/misc     7K+Converts AmigaAMP playlists to HTML
alem_0010.lha        mus/play    53K+ALEM's Skin 'Workbench' for AmigaAMP
ModulPlayer433.lha   mus/play   160K+Modul-Player V4.33
destiny_.mpg         pix/3dani  124K+MPEG done with Tornado3D V2.1b and Utrac
TIM_0022.lha         pix/anim   109K+TIM's DeluxePaint Animations
TIM_0012.lha         pix/art    913K+TIM's HandDrawnImages(Heads&Caricatures)
TIM_0021.lha         pix/art    356K+TIM's HandDrawnImages
Eclair.lha           pix/boot   307K+Eclair bootup for Rainboot2
LoonyBPs-01.lha      pix/boot   583K+Four Bootpics for CyberGraphX - More to 
jcIcons.lha          pix/icon   104K+Os3.5 Icon package
Borgs.jpg            pix/mark   613K+5 Borgs in a Borg cube
alem_0007.lha        pix/misc   2.9M+ALEM's digitized images (machines)
ALEM_0008a.lha       pix/misc   2.9M+ALEM's DigitizedImages(mushrooms) 1/2
ALEM_0008b.lha       pix/misc   3.2M+ALEM's DigitizedImages(mushrooms) 2/2
alem_0009.lha        pix/misc   2.5M+ALEM's digitized images (cereals)
AP9Recto.jpg         pix/misc   445K+AMiGa=PoWeR N 9 Cover Recto
TIM_0008b.lha        pix/misc   121K+TIM's Workbench animations (WbLogo)
TIM_0023.lha         pix/misc    24K+TIM's Anaglyphe (relief3D picture)
AKIconz4_WiP.lha     pix/mwb     93K+A MWB *GAMES* Icon Collection (Vol. 4) -
neerv_mwb.lha        pix/mwb    156K+Neervoort s MWB Game - Icons !!!
9thHennepin.jpg      pix/trace   28K+Raytraced with POV-Ray
destiny.jpg          pix/trace  238K+JPEG done with Tornado3D V2.1b
RainCat.jpg          pix/trace   51K+Raytraced with POV-Ray
Singapore.jpg        pix/trace   56K+Raytraced with POV-Ray
EarthDay2K.lha       pix/views  1.1M+My Tribute to Earth Day 2000
alem_0013.lha        pix/wb     112K+ALEM's Workbench 8 colors & MagicCopper
MungMem.lha          util/boot    2K+Patch correcting procedures (de)allocati
RA_USCleaner.lha     util/boot    8K+Toggle, removes BEGIN/END instructions
RemAPollo.lha        util/boot   46K+A1200 040\60 MMU Apollo Turboboard Rema
AKCC.lha             util/cli   152K+Advanced CLI-Commands for KS V33-40 (22.
picsize.lha          util/dtype  15K+Shows picture dimensions using datatypes
FreeWheel.lha        util/mouse  63K+Tool for WheelMice + trackballs/3-button
Aminet.awnp.lha      util/rexx   62K+AWNPipe Arexx gui. Searches and Download
info.lha             util/sys    27K+AmigaDOS info command replacement (39.18
CreateOutline.lha    util/wb      4K+No more OutlineFont-like patches (1.2)
DefIcons44.lha       util/wb     37K+DefIcons clone for os3.5 (44.5b)
Explorer.lha         util/wb    825K+Displays File_ID`s.Converts Archives.Cre
HitMenu.lha          util/wb     27K+HITMENU - Small "software manager"
IconHandler.lha      util/wb     26K+V1.13 Drop file on AppIcon to change ico
rndwbpix.lha         util/wb     10K+Random wbpattern picture selector (39.5)
StopMenu.lha         util/wb    200K+Very nice startbar with many options
StopMenuUpd.lha      util/wb     35K+Updates v0.94+ to v1.00
TextloaderNG.lha     util/wb    463K+TextConverter V2.12 - Word,WPerfect,HTML
(Translation: mb)

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