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Amiga Kit

Amiga Kit: ARM Graphics library for A600GS computer
Press release: AmigaKit Ltd is pleased to announce an important software development for the forthcoming A600GS computer system ( reported). The new ARM Graphics Library is pre-installed accelerating the performance of AmiBench and 68K applications.

The ARMgraphics.library was created by AmigaKit's in- house developer to bypass the bottleneck of the 68K graphics functions. It accelerates graphics rendering performance in applications.

AmiBench is pre-installed on the A600GS computer system. It opens the desktop environment in high resolution 1080p with True Colour icons. Now it can use the new ARM Graphics Library for various purposes including faster rendering of windows, icons and backgrounds.

Third party developers can take advantage of this library by using it's powerful functions from their 68K application. It also offers an opportunity for 68K games developers to enhance their games with faster graphics rendering.

The library provides a link between 68K programs and the native ARM processor. Further work is underway to patch 68K system graphics functions so older applications that are not written to use the ARM Graphics Library can benefit.

AmigaKit has developed AK-Datatypes, Picture Datatype and Datatypes Library over the many years for the Enhancer Software on X5000, X1000 and A1222+. These have been compiled for 68K to run on the A600GS, In addition these system components can also be accelerated by the ARM Graphics Library for extra performance.

The A600GS computer system is due for launch in the second quarter of 2024. (dr)

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