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ReAction GUI for XAD: Avalanche 2.4 for AmigaOS 3 and 4
Chris Young's Avalanche is a ReAction-based graphical user interface for the unarchiving system XAD, which also supports the xfdmaster.library and can search for viruses using the xvs.library. Since version 2.1, simple editing of LhA/Zip archives also is possible (Zip requires zip.library - only under AmigaOS 4). The developer has written his tool explicitly for AmigaOS 3.2.1, but has also tested it under AmigaOS 4. Changes of version 2.4:
  • Support Deark (needs enabling by tooltype)
    • This is a "beta" feature, it may be unstable and due to a bug in Deark, it is not possible to extract to the root of any device.
  • Add option to select modules (MODULES tooltype)
  • Fixx password caching
  • Also use T: as temp by default from CLI
Download: avalanche.lha (115 KB) (dr)

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