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AROS distribution: AROS Vision "Sunrise"
Olaf Schönweiß has uploaded a new version of his distribution Aros Vision. There is no information if and what new features there are apart from the addition of Marcus Sackrow's programs AmiDream and AmiTranslate.

Below you can read a general distribution description by its compiler.

"A brief overview of Aros Vision 'Sunrise': AROS/68k is used as a base. This makes it possible to use AROS and Amiga binaries together. The API implements the functionality of AmigaOS 3.1, so many programs run.

From AROS/68k it inherits RTG, AHI, the MUI implementation Zune, the disk image device, network support, themes, the functionality of Magic Menue and 24-bit datatypes. A preconfigured Magellan is used as the desktop.

Many archive types are predefined and can be opened with a double click and searched and unpacked with an interface (xadmaster). The common packers are pre-installed.

WHDLoad is preinstalled and preconfigured with AROS ROMs. These work with about 60-70% of the slaves. If you want, you can add the original ROM files yourself in the Devs:Kickstarts folder. IGames for startup is included, as well as several WHDLoad games and demos.

The time is synchronized via internet at startup (for this, the time zone must be set correctly).

Shell is very similar to the original. Among other things, almost all AmigaDOS commands of version 3.1 are included, plus many more commands in the C directory. In addition, more handlers are preconfigured in the L directory.

The desktop (Magellan) integrates many of the commands from C and makes them easier to use by integrating them into file types and offering specific context menus. Likewise, after double-clicking, display or playback programs are defined for many types. These can be e.g. music files, mods, videos, animations or pictures. Likewise there are conversion possibilities in many cases.

For websites you can use Amifox, in combination with Amitube also play Youtube videos. Alternatively, there is the browser AWeb or an FTP program and the e-mail program Simplemail.

There are many more programs included such as games, demos, applications and interfaces.

Here is a small overview and selection of the preinstalled software:
  • Music playback programs like AmigaAMP, Eagleplayer and HippoPlayer. Trackers like HivelyTracker, NewTracker. Other programs like SoundFX, conversion programs etc.
  • Developer programs and compilers like ACE, AmiBlitz, AMOS, JForth, FreePascal, E-vo, Moduka and Oberon, script languages like Lua and Python.
  • Emulators like ScummVM, DosBox, Frodo (C64), EmuBoy, Hatari and MasterGear
It is also possible to mount ADF and ISO images, create ADF files from inserted disks, scan the system for viruses, backup and restore important data, work with floppy disks, use tools for hard disks and much more. Additionally there are file managers (like DOpus4 and ClassAction), graphic software like WildFire and TVPaint, tools to edit icons or fonts, fractal programs, raytracer, Ignition, image viewer, PDF viewer, text editors, MakeCD, AmigaEyes, gag programs and many more.

The newest programs are AmiDream (AI for photos) and AmiTranslate (translation of texts). The distribution can be downloaded at the title link." (snx)

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