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Stef (Mail)

Web-based image editor: DPaint.js
"DPaint.js" by 'Steffest' is a web-based image editor focusing on Amiga file formats, strongly inspired by the classic DPaint. It is run directly in the browser (works also with the MorphOS browser Wayfarer) and can read and write all kinds of Amiga icons and IFF images. As the developer writes, he developed it mainly because he wanted to have a modern tool for creating Amiga icons with a focus on colour reduction and dithering, to quickly convert modern images into old-school icons, and to edit files on ADF disks directly without having to start an emulator.

Originally intended as a modern icon editor for Amiga icons, the programme developed into a full-fledged image editor with the following main features:
  • Fully Featured image editor with:
    • Layers
    • Selections
    • Masking
    • Transformation tools
    • Effects and filters
    • Multiple undo/redo
    • Copy/Paste from any other image program or image source
    • Customizable dither tools
  • Heavy focus on colour reduction with fine-grained dithering options
  • Amiga focus:
    • Read/write/convert Amiga icon files (all formats)
    • Reads IFF ILBM images (all formats including HAM and 24-bit)
    • Writes IFF ILBM images (up to 32 colors)
    • Read and write directly from Amiga Disk Files (ADF)
    • Embedded Amiga Emulator to preview your work in the real Deluxe Paint
The editor is still in alpha stage, the source code is available on GitHub. Both initial documentation and a short introduction video are available. Bug reports and suggestions for further features are welcome. (dr)

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