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AMOS: Several test games by Electric Black Sheep
Under the name "Projects in the attic" the game developer group Electric Black Sheep (among others minigame None of us or fantasy shooter Quest) has released a collection of games created with the programming language AMOS for testing purposes (YouTube video).

The programs contain elements that are either not yet finished or have not yet been used. One or the other detail could be used in the future, but would need to be worked on for that. Some projects also represent failed ideas, showing visual aspects and possibilities. The attached source code can be downloaded and is free for anyone to edit. Games:
  • Chopter (Desert Strike)
  • Dawn (Agony with a bat)
  • Eclips (Stardust, with an owl)
  • GameOfLife (Game of life simulator, with space and mouse you can draw into the simulated image)
  • Harvest (you have to abduct animals with a UFO, and you can shoot at the pigeons flying in the opposite direction)
  • Quest3D (Already published game in a "slightly" different form)
  • StarDustWars2 (Star Dust Wars game with different engine behind)
  • StarshipTroopers (Simple shooter)
  • Walker (Walker, only one movable figure)
  • PH-ScrollEngine (Displays Tome Map ...relatively fast)
  • PH-ShadowEngine (...)
  • (...)

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