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Event: Review of Amiga37
Last weekend the Amiga37 took place in Mönchengladbach. We would like to summarize here for our readers what there was to see for news, but also interesting observations at the fair:
  • according to ACube and Trevor Dickinson the A1222 boards (Tabor) will be produced at the end of the year and should be available at the beginning of next year
  • price will be similar to the Sam boards, so it should be around 900 Euro
  • an A1222 board was shown on site, but not in operation
  • ACube's laptop is supposed to be an open source laptop with a T2080 PPC CPU and upgradeable GPU, which can also run AmigaOS 4
  • The MorphOS team showed a beta version of MorphOS on an A1200 and A4000 (with PPC cards)
  • The Apollo team is working on baords for the A3000 and A4000
  • also working on the possibility to boot (and play) from ADF
  • in addition, a cable is being developed to connect a floppy drive to the V4 so that you can boot from floppy instead of ADF
  • Ben Hermans was also at Amiga37 and talked to Mike Battilana, Matthew Leaman and Trevor Dickinson
  • Alinea Computer presented their new Subway 2021 USB card: up to four USB interfaces are provided on the Amiga with clockport. These interfaces are compatible to USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 specification (no high-speed mode)
  • a Subway Power Adapter for the old Subway was shown as a prototype, which can provide more power for USB devices like hard disks or cell phones (up to 800 mA are possible). The card also has built-in overload protection and will also be available for the Subway 2021.
  • Nico Barbat and Simon Neumann introduced their new publishing company Look Behind You and presented two news:
    • the card game Amiga Duel: 32 Amiga models have been lovingly illustrated and researched, printed on cards and now compete against each other by features such as year of manufacture, innovation, computing power or kickstart. The card game is available for around 13 Euros
    • the book Die Geheimnisse von Monkey Island (The Secrets of Monkey Island) is a homage to the adventures of the ingenious pirate and has been published in a German first edition for about 25 Euro
  • Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener showed the latest version of his soccer game in 3D look Souverän Soccer:
    • in addition to bug fixes and engine tuning, features such as kicking in, fouls, free kicks, penalties and a jumping goalkeeper have been added
    • Triace, member of the group Desire, has composed two great pieces of music for the game
    • all this can be seen in his latest preview video, recorded live at Amiga37

Those who would like to get an impression with the help of videos:
  • Video by Jörg "Torque" Klopsch and McFly
  • Video by "Alles Spielkram": DAS war die AMIGA 37
  • Video of the live stream from 16.10.2022
Last but not least: On the occasion of Amiga37 Amiga Kit has published a detailed second blog entry. (dr)

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