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Arne Urbaniak (E-Mail)

Amiga disks on PC: Copy program G-Copy 0.1
After the release of A-Copy, a program similar to X-Copy for reading and writing ADF disk images under Windows using the ADF drive hardware, Arne Urbaniak has now written 'G-Copy', a corresponding application for the Greaseweazle.

This is currently available in version 0.1 and is intended for testing. Unlike A-Copy, which was written using Microsoft's free and open source software platform '.NET', G-Copy, as the author writes to us, was completely new and written in Python. Basically, the two applications are to be merged as time permits, though there would be many more Arduino-based controllers, all with their own configurations and command parameters. In addition, there would be many requests for implementation of other systems and formats (Atari, Apple, TI99).

Features of version 0.1:
  • Doscopy: ADF file -> disk and Disk -> ADF file
  • Nibblecopy: SCP file -> disk and disk -> SCP file (incl. copy protection)
  • DMS2Disk: HD-DMS file -> disk
  • DMS2ADF: HD-DMS file -> HD-ADF file
  • IPF2Disk: HD-IPF file -> disk
  • Delete, format, QFormat

Tasks still to be done:
  • Bamcopy
  • Copy start-end from the hard disk to the correct place of the file
  • Copying the correct part of the file to the floppy disk
  • Writing to several destinations
  • better troubleshooting

Download: (30 MB) (dr)

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