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MorphOS: Screenbar plugin Uptime 1.5a
The #amigazeux team has updated the Screenbar plugin 'Uptime' for displaying uptime - the time the computer system is running and functional - for MorphOS to version 1.5. Changes:
  • Added a savety requester when trying to reset the uptime record.
  • Uptime records can be reported via MagicBeacon now with configurable frequency.
  • Now comes with a real Installer script courtesy of InstallerGen by Rob Cranley.
  • Text can now be rendered off-center by specifying a pixel offset.
  • It's now possible to have the gauge frame drawn around or over (default from previous versions) the gauge itself at the edges (see settings).
  • Cycle gadget for adjusting the frame type now shows a small preview image.

Update: (04.04.2022, 17:48, dr)

Thanks to a hint from Guido Mersmann a bug in the installer has been fixed with version 1.5a released yesterday, which now copies the MagicBeacon images correctly to SYS:Prefs/Applications/MagicBeacon instead of MOSSYS:Data/MagicBeacon. (dr)

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