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Dirk Hoffmann

Amiga emulator for MacOS: vAmiga 2.0 Beta1
Yesterday Dirk Hoffmann released the first beta version of vAmiga 2.0 of his Amiga emulator for MacOS which is currently under development. As he tells us, he had planned to skip the final version 1.1 for quite some time, because in the meantime much more features have been added than originally planned. The highlight compared to the last beta release is the harddrive support. He wrote:
"I didn't really plan to implement this, but GitHub user mras0 has programmed a great harddrive controller (boot rom) that allowed me to add harddrive support with manageable effort. With the beta version released today, vAmiga 2.0 is feature-complete. So as soon as it proves stable enough, I'll release the official version 2.0." Detailed changes:
  • New features:
    • Added hard drive support.
    • The Sparkle updater is back.
    • Added a new video mode that automatically centers the display window.

  • Enhancements:
    • Copper accuracy has been improved.
    • vAmiga is a notarised app now.
    • The path to the FFmpeg executable can be customised.

  • Bugs:
    • The HSYNC area has been shifted to the proper location.
The minimum system requirement is macOS 10.15. (dr)

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