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Arcade port: 'Scramble 500' released
A few days ago we already reported about Jean-François Fabre's new project: the port of the shoot'em-up classic Scramble (video). Now the developer has released his game (adf file) on Since, as he explained to us, he was able to fix the last bugs, it is basically ready. If users still find bugs, he asks to report them.

According to his GitHub page, the game was written entirely in 68k assembler and already runs on Amigas with Kickstart 1.3 and 1MB of memory. Features:
  • original visual & sounds
  • faithful enemy behaviour & speed & increasing difficulty
  • 50 frames per second (PAL) even on a 68000 A500
  • all levels
  • joystick controlled (port 1) or keyboard controls (arrows + ctrl + alt)
  • can run directly from shell or from whdload (fast machines/complex configurations)

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