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amigaworld (Webseite)

Ben Hermans listed as Hyperion's director again
In early May, Ben Hermans was delisted as Hyperion's director and presumably replaced by a judicial liquidator for Ben Hermans B.V. - the company that held the actual director position, while the person Ben Hermans acted as its permanent representative. According to an entry in Belgium's legal newsletter (local copy), Hermans was already reinstated as a director at the end of June (automated translation):

"With judgment of the Dutch-speaking business court of Brussels from June 18, 2021 [...] the judgment of May 7, 2021 where Mr. Jean Louis de Chaffoy de Courcelles was appointed as judicial liquidator, has been overruled. The judicial dissolution of Ben Hermens [B.V.] was revoked and the judicial liquidator was released from his assignment."

This week, Belgium's company register has been updated as well and now lists Ben Hermans' company as a director and Hermans himself as the company's permanent representative in that role again.

In a statement included in our previous news item, Mr. Hermans had announced that his private company had only got in trouble because it failed to file the yearly account for 2019 in time and that he was working on solving that.

Said yearly account is also available online now (local copy). The last page of the PDF file is - in contrast to the Rest of the document - made up of a picture containing scanned text instead of actual text and is therefore not readable for translation software. We OCR'd the document and fed the resulting Dutch text to a translation program. The result tells us the following:

On November 4, 2019 Ben Hermans sold 2165 Hyperion shares he personally owned to his company Ben Hermans B.V, for a price of 402,690 Euro (186 Euro per share). These are likely all of Hermans' shares: After a capital increase just a few months before the transaction in question, Hermans owned about 97% of the total of 2245 Hyperion shares. The transfer of shares from Ben Hermans to Ben Hermans B.V. has to be reported in the latter's yearly account due to a potential conflict of interest: Hermans sold shares of the company he runs to another company, while permantently representing the latter in the former's board of directors. (cg)

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