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A2000 motherboard in E-ATX form factor: New revision 2.0 announced
At the end of July the developer 'jasonsbeer' fixed revision 1.2 of his replica of the A2000 motherboard in E-ATX form factor, 'Amiga-2000-ATX', as production candidate. Now he has recommended all users who are going to build such a board to wait for he "expects to assemble and test the next revision (2.0) of the Amiga 2000 EATX board by the middle of November. The revision 2.0 board will have additional features that many will find attractive." Detailed changes:
  • Supports both Agnus 8372A and Agnus 8375 (A500+/A600 variety) on the same board
  • Added external floppy drive header
  • Support for two real-time clock options
  • Moved Zorro bus termination
  • Cleaned up the schematics

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