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RTG driver: P96 v3.1.1
In July Individual Computers updated its graphics cards driver P96 to version 3.1.0. Version 3.1.1 now fixes some bugs introduced with this version:
  • the mouse pointer might have been "lost" in certain cases - fixed.
  • RTG card's memory organization improved for higher blitter usage rate, increasing overall speed experience if enough memory is available.
  • P96Mode now ghosts disabled modes and resolutions, which makes them easier to spot.
  • If new settings are created, P96Mode now populates the available modes with VESA default values. It is no longer necessary to create them all manually. As soon as the modes are attached to a board, P96 checks the validity of them.
  • Memory requirements of the planar boards are now checked against the planar memory size, which may be different from the chunky size.
  • For the S3 Virge in 8-bit stream-processor enabled modes, the leftmost pixel column was missing; fixed.

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