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14.Jun.2018 (ANF)

Cloud memory with Amiga access: AmiCloud 2.0
The AmiCloud client for all Amiga systems as well as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X allows the access to a cloud memory without traffic limitation for public contents provided by Pascal Papara.

Version 2.0 of the client written with Hollywood now supports an unlimited number of sub-folders. The list of changes:
  • FIX: Sometimes ACManager was not able to connect to AmiCloud, this should be resolved now.
  • FIX: Due to an Hollywood bug the local index is now using a temporary fix that mimic the bugged functions, when the bug will be fixed the standard commands will be restored because this fix is a bit slower.
  • NEW: Local Index is now smaller, useless data has been removed.
  • NEW: Added feedback to the main AmiCLoud window : now when a folder and/or a subfolder is synchronized a message is shown.
  • FIX: Fixed a bug that was causing errors when UTF8 characters were used in the filenames.
  • NEW: Added a local index cleanup function at the end of the synchronization process to remove useless entries.
  • NEW: Nested folders support.
    • New core functionalities to handle this new feature in a recursive fashion
    • Reworked the sharing window to show the folders structure using a treeview
    • Windows & MacOS versions uses system AppData folders to write application data.
  • NEW: Server error 403 Forbidden is now handled by the client.
  • NEW: Added a information Windows to access quickly related web resources and to check for updates.
  • NEW: Added several messages to make it clearer what AmiCloud is doing.
  • NEW: Added multiuser support, heach account can have its own shared folder on the same computer.
  • FIX: Users can change the shared folder if they need it.
  • FIX: When exiting AmiCloud will wait for ACManager to finish its tasks to make it clear when the ACManager is quitted.
Meanwhile AmiCloud can also upload and download files using the browser. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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