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Amiga Future (Webseite)

AROS: Weekly progresses (since 19.02.2018)
Last week's progress in development of the open-source AmigaOS clone AROS:
  • Fixed/re-introduced i8259A legacy PIC support (neil)
  • Bug fixes that allow ACPI support to be fully disabled when using the 'noacpi' boot option (neil)
  • Allow PCI devices to be used again when ACPI is disabled (neil)
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug when setting up IRQ routing table information for PCI (neil)
  • Added a new boot option, 'noapic' (not to be confused with 'noacpi'), that disables modern APICs in favour of legacy i8259A PICs (e.g. in case APIC support doesn't work well on your PC). 'noapic' and 'noacpi' must be used together to have an effect (neil)
  • Fixed a bug in APIC support that led to crashes during boot because the kernel's list of system call handlers was corrupted during IRQ initialisation. This fixes booting with ACPI disabled (neil)
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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