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Michael Rupp (ANF)

Javascript: TAWS - The Amiga Workbench Simulation 0.29
TAWS ("The Amiga Workbench Simulation") is a Javascript simulation of the Amiga-Workbench 1.0 - 4.1 for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Apple-WebKit-Browser (including Odyssey).

Any kind of feedback the author Michael Rupp would very appreciate. He still is searching for support for the French translation. His work can be supported by a donation from inside TAWS.

Changes of version 0.29:
  • Complete french localisation - many thanks to Claude 'Amiguy' Malter
  • Boot animation in «OS 1.x»- and «OS 2.x» mode which can be halted with «Ctrl-D» to get a command prompt and resumed with «LoadWB». (example).
  • OS 4.x window layout: implementation of the dots in the scrollbars. They are hidden if the bar gets too small.
  • OS 4.x window layout: requester symbols are now preloaded.
  • Skinning system: the files «CycleSel.png» and «CycleDis.png» are now optional. If they are missing, «Cycle.png» is used.
  • Kickstart graphic: Version edited to fit OS 4.1 FE Update 1
  • ListBox: the needed image files are now preloaded.
  • Adjustment for OS 4.1 FE Update 1 on «Workbench / Version, Copyright ...»
  • Amiga Early Startup Control:
    • Implementation of «Boot With No Startup-Sequence». Type «LoadWB» to resume booting.
    • Reworked the layout to have it pixel-perfect with all browsers.
    • Adjustment for OS 4.1 FE Update 1 to show USB entries at «Expansion Board Diagnostic»
  • AmigaShell:
    • new command «LoadWB», incl. the parameters «-debug», «delay» and «cleanup»
    • new command «Wait», incl. the parameters «sec», «secs», «min», «mins» and «until» and the possibility to cancel with «Ctrl-C».
    • new commands «NewCLI» and «NewShell» (excl. the parameters «window» and «from» for now)
    • «Echo»: implemented support to output the version variables «$kickstart» und «$workbench».
  • Optimisations for OS 1.x:
    • The fuelbar is now drawn after the rest of the window.
    • Copying the content a disk by dragging the disk into a window is now prevented (this is only possible from OS 2.0 and above).
    • Outputting the correct message when trying to duplicate the RAM-Disk: «This disk cannot be copied»
    • Implementation of some special case in OS 1.2: if a file is moved within the RAM-Disk but does already exist in the destination drawer, the existing file is overwritten without notice or anything.
  • Bugfixes:
    • The list of volumes in «Workbench / Open volume» is re-sorted after a volume has been renamed.
    • Rename the drawer «System» now works.
    • Correction in setting the menubar text when switching the focus from a program window back to the Workbench. Previously, it stayed «Workbench Screen».
    • Icon «DiskCopy»: after showing the message the previously active window it now reactivated.
    • Requester in «OS 1.x»-mode: size correction when showing the message «Volume X is write protected».
    • Requester in «OS 1.x»-mode: clipping functionality of the sizer gadget works again (bug since v0.28).
    • OS 1.x window layout: «CLI» and «MergeMem» work again (bug since v0.28).
    • The screenbar gadgets were left in selected state if a window was currently selected (bug since v0.28).
    • Preferences with system-font «Topaz»: in the Cycle «Language» the entry «русский»» was not using the Topaz font.
    • Palette: the background was not fully filled by the background patttern (f.e. when using the AmiKit-presets).
    • ListBox in OS4-style: correction of the left and right space between list entries and border.
    • Safari and Odyssey Web Browser: correction of the ListBox scrollbar
    • Internet Explorer and MS Edge: Das Rename-Fenster wird nun bei der Eingabe von «a» nicht mehr geschlossen, falls der Cursor noch im Textfeld liegt.
    • AmigaShell (all browsers except Firefox): correction of the clipping when making the window smaller.
    • Amiga Early Startup Control: «Display Options», «Use» and «Display Options» onc more: the selection was lost.
    • Amiga Early Startup Control: no more JavaScript error when resizing the browser's window.
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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