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Bitterloop (Kommentar)

Gotek firmware: FlashFloppy 0.6.0a
FlashFloppy is an open source firmware alternative for the Gotek disk drive simulation ( reported).

Changes in version 0.6.0a:
  • Allow PC Floppy Interface (DSKCHG on pin 34) to be selected via a jumper at position JC. Default interface (no jumper at JC) remains Shugart, as compatible with many non-PC systems including Amiga. WARNING: 1.44MB (HD) disks are not yet supported. Only 720k (DD) disks will currently work. HD support will arrive shortly
  • Kingstener: Support narrower 7x16 OLED font. Allows entire display to be visible through the 3-digit cutout in the Gotek case. This is a separate firmware build, update file is in distribution subfolder alt/
  • OLED reliability fixes
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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