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Aminet-Uploads until 28.05.2016
The following archives have been added to Aminet until May 28th, 2016:
nfs-handler.lha          comm/net   8K    68k NFS handler using bsdsocket.l...     demo/aga   202K  68k A dentro by Floppy demo/euro  123K  68k Grade My Waterbear by Scoopex           demo/intro 59K   68k Bingo by CNCD
dkd-high.lha             demo/intro 63K   68k Higher State of Resolution by...
dms-griz.lha             demo/intro 41K   68k Grizzlybear by Damones
nah-revolutionprt.lha    demo/intro 62K   68k Revolution by Nah-Kolor      demo/intro 109K  68k Rebelina by Rebels
karmelia4.adf            demo/mag   880K  68k Karmelia 4 - A Polish disk ma...
eph-odd_gunnar.lha       demo/misc  5.5M  68k Odd Gunnar by Ephidrena - Wil...
SCX-Frazetta.lha         demo/slide 961K  68k Frazetta by Scoopex
SRename.lha              util/cli   164K  68k Flexible rename application
lzip.lha                 util/pack  210K  MOS Data (de)compressor like gzip...
lzip-1.5.lha             util/pack  1.3M  OS4 Data (de)compressor like gzip...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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