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Accelerator board: Flash Update for the ACA500
Jens 'Paradroid' Schönfeld by Individual Computers has made available a Flash update for his Amiga 500-expension ACA500:
  • fixed unreliable entering of menu with mouse button
  • fixed star field and expert menu random settings bug, does not alter memory any more when menu is not started
  • Gurus were not shown, because our serial debugging caused launching the Rom-debugger. It is an experimental fix - please check it out!
  • acamaprom stability updates
  • possible workaround for display
In order to overwrite the Flash-ROM you have to unzip the file and copy it into the main directory of a FAT-formated memory card. The card then is put in the AUX-slot of the ACA500 (and all other cards must be removed).

After rebooting the computer, by pressing F10 you enter the "expert menu". By pressing the F-key you can to initialize the Flash-update.

Download: (492 KB) (cg) (Translation: dr)

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