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OS4Depot-Uploads until 29.06.2013
The following packages have been added to OS4Depot until June 29th, 2013:
barsnpipes.lha           aud/mis 2Mb   4.0 A MIDI sequencer with lots of tools
gtuner.lha               aud/mis 3Mb   4.0 A Guitar Tuner
warpjpegdt.lha           dat/ima 213kb 4.0 JFIF-JPEG datatype
cmake.lha                dev/cro 14Mb  4.1 Cross platform build kit
db101.lha                dev/deb 402kb 4.1 First class debugger
libwebp.lha              dev/lib 4Mb   4.0 lib for handling WebP images
libicu.lha               dev/lib 26Mb  4.0 International Components for Uni...
app_mui.lha              dev/mis 7kb   4.0 Macros for MUI class support
amiarcadia.lha           emu/gam 4Mb   4.0 Signetics-based machines emulator
uaeassist.lha            emu/uti 258kb 4.1 E-UAE configuration file editor
dcraw.lha                gra/con 3Mb   4.0 CLI converter for camera raw files
gimp.lha                 gra/edi 143Mb 4.1 Gimp 2.6.11 for AmiCygnix
gimp-src.lha             gra/edi 5Mb   4.1 Sources of Gimp 2.6.11 for AmiCy...
ufraw.lha                gra/edi 19Mb  4.1 UFRaw - a RAW image manipulator ...
ufraw-src.lha            gra/edi 500kb 4.1 Sources of UFRaw and related lib...
iconsreworked3.lha       gra/ico 14Mb  4.1 Icons for 3rd party software
crystal-djnick.lha       gra/the 8Mb   4.0 Crystal theme for AmigaOS4 by dj...
fastview.lha             gra/vie 1Mb   4.1 Show, crop & scale pictures ...
mcc_mailtext.lha         lib/mui 360kb 4.0 Custom Class for Messagetexts
fastcompress.lha         uti/arc 4Mb   4.0 Quickly compress into LHA,ZIP,LZ...
bootmemtester.lha        uti/har 106kb 4.0 AmigaOne BootCD adaption of MemT...
assist.lha               uti/mis 6Mb   4.1 Get the most out of your Amiga
poff.lha                 uti/she 57kb  4.1 Shell/WB command to turn off the...
poff_german.lha          uti/she 2kb   4.0 German catalog files for poff
softshutdown.lha         uti/she 42kb  4.0 Software shutdown
ctlg2ct.lha              uti/tex 45kb  4.0 Decompiles catalogs back into .c...
attachmail.lha           uti/wor 535kb 4.0 Attach file(s) to YAM or SimpleM...
flippaper.lha            uti/wor 538kb 4.1 Manages and auto-change your wal...
jack.lha                 uti/wor 14Mb  4.1 Multi-purpose utility for Workbench
sysmon.lha               uti/wor 1Mb   4.1 monitor for Process, Windows (+ ...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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