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André "Ratte" Pfeiffer (ANF)

Tips for Scandoubler Indivision MK2
André "Ratte" Pfeiffer has two tips for users of an "Indivision MK2" Scandoubler developed by Individual Computers:

Solution for vertical stripes in VGA-mode

Sometimes the new IndivisionMK2 creates vertical stripes in analog VGA-mode. This problem can be fixed with an analog VGA-cable (without DVI-I port + adapter) (more information).

The producer has warned of this solution because there is a danger that the used digital-analog converter may be destroyed. In any case, of the the described solution is used it will void the warranty.

Indivision MK2 as WB-accelerator

Just like the InivisionAGA the MK2 supports the modes HighGFX and HD720. Furthermore the MK2 for the first time can display the Xtreme Mode (1280x1024). For desktop computers without graphic board the most interesting mode might be the SuperPlus Mode. The solution is equal to the Super72 Mode (800x600) but twice as fast! For the Internet with "AGA only" it might be a good compromise concerning solution, colours and speed (more information). (cg) (Translation: dr)

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