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Amiga Future (Webseite)

Emulator: WinUAE 2.4.0
Version 2.4.0 of the Amiga emulator WinUAE has been published.

New features:
  • VSync supported in fastest possible CPU and JIT modes, complete rewrite, fast, 100% jitter free
  • Built-in CD filesystem. Full Amiga CD compatibility, including audio tracks and Amiga Rock Ridge extension, without need for manually installed CDFS, completely replaces old CD option that mounted CD drives as read-only harddrives. NOTE: CD device names renamed to standard CDx: (Old was WinCD_x:)
  • Commodore A2024 monitor emulation (1024*1024 grayscale monitor)
  • Individual Computers Graffiti emulation
  • PCMCIA IDE hardfile emulation
  • USB game controller low latency raw input mode is now the default. (Mouse and keyboard support was already implemented long time ago) Windows Vista and newer only. Custom input mappings may need resetting
  • PC keyboard mode, keys like home, end, pageup, pagedown etc are mapped to Amiga key codes
  • Input configuration qualifier key/button support. Any key or button can be configured as a qualifier and other key mappings can be configured to require one or more active qualifiers
  • Programmed screen modes (DBLPAL, Multiscan etc.) display positioning and setup greatly improved
  • Performance improved in fastest possible CPU without JIT mode
  • Performance greatly improved when immediate blitter and fastest possible CPU is enabled and program does lots of small blits
  • Gayle IDE emulation IDE doubler mode compatibility improved
  • Sound syncronization updates, much more stable with VSync (more updates planned in future)
  • Fastest possible CPU mode audio glitch prevention hack updated (WHDLoad IK+, Moonstone, Uridium II, etc.)
  • Added pause emulation/disable sound option to active but mouse uncaptured state
  • RTG emulation optional ZorroII mode
  • UAE harddrive controller RDB harddrive "Do not mount" and "Bootable" options supported
  • Interlace mode handling and switching improved
  • Interlaced fields are matched in vsync modes if both Amiga mode and output device mode are interlaced
  • Lots more options can be modified on the fly using uae-configuration
  • Multiple display adapter/multiple monitor selection and support improved
  • GUI sound buffer range adjusted, non-linear scale, more smaller buffer sizes selectable
  • Joystick/mouse autoswitch also enabled in Input panel non-GamePorts mode
  • Native code execution disabled by default. Enable option in Miscellaneous panel
  • CPU Idle automatic limit added, no more slowdowns if it is set too low
  • Keyboard emulation improved, properly emulated handshake and lost sync state
Bugs fixed:
  • uaenet.device crash if opened without installed winpcap
  • Startup crash if more than 8 serial ports detected
  • Random hangs when switching cycle-exact mode on the fly
  • CD image/physical media change on the fly didn't always trigger notification correctly
  • Lots of bsdsocket emulation compatibility and multi-thread stability fixes (YAM hangs fixed)
  • Directory filesystem reported file size was not updated until file was closed
  • Directory filesystem host-side memory leak fix
  • Some Advanced Chipset options were not correctly overridden in compatibility mode
  • Mouse input stopping working randomly after returning emulation from GUI
  • Emulated middle mouse button got stuck in rawinput mode if middle button was set to untrap mouse
  • Detect and fix bad configuration options when using uae-configuration, for example it was possible to enable both cycle-exact and JIT at the same time causing frozen emulation
  • Rare cycle-exact mode interrupt timing issue. (Guardian Dragon II / Kefrens random hang)
  • Some minimized/inactive/active switching issues
  • Directory harddrives configured as unbootable still booted normally under KS 1.3
  • Windows dialogs (not GUI or file dialogs) were invisible in fullscreen Direct3D mode
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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