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29.Jan.2008 (Forum)

Amiga Inc.: BitByBit Founder to Enhance Development Team
Press release Issaquah, Wash. - January 28, 2008 – Amiga, the pioneer in computer gaming, announced today that it has added Jamie Krueger to its development team. Krueger founded BITbyBIT Software Group LLC in 2004, and will bring his knowledge of the Amiga platform to bear on future product development.

"Amiga has gathered a team of highly skilled and motivated developers, with a focus on writing innovative software, and I am very pleased to be joining their ranks as a full time member", said Mr. Krueger. "I first started my software company three years ago with the goal of getting more developers to write software using Amiga technologies. Now, working for Amiga directly, I am looking forward to helping do just that from the inside."

Amiga has been a recognized player in the computer gaming industry since the 1980s and has recently re-introduced their Classic Games for use with Windows PC hardware., Amiga plans to expand their Classic offerings to include several hundred titles available by the end of this year, and will soon announce new advances with the release of AmigaAnywhere version 2.

"We’re excited to have Jamie join our team", said Bill McEwen, president of Amiga. "We have a lot of great things happening and a lot of new software to ship. Jamie will help us expand product development immensely."

About Amiga
Amiga, Inc., initially founded in 1983 and re-established in 2000, is a computer software company with a rich heritage in game development and a focus on forging a path for multimedia platform development and hardware-independent technologies. For almost two decades Amiga’s software has been a mainstay for motion picture studios, multimedia creators, and digital entertainment enthusiasts around the world. For more information, visit

Press Contact
Ann Revell-Pechar
Revell-Pechar, Inc.
C: +1-404-550-0802
O: +1-678-691-0533 (snx)

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