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USB-Stack: ANAIIS 0.92
ANAIIS ("Another Native Amiga IO Interface Stack") from Gilles Pelletier is a USB-Stack, which works on systems with a 68000-CPU. The Stack requieres minimal a AmigaOS 1.3 and is design for Zorro 2-Systemes without Accelerator card only.

Changes in Version 0.92:
  • Most hub will work now. I have implemented 2.0 mode, but old 1.1 style doesn't work. Now it's fixed.
  • Additional code to simply manage mousewheel. ANAIIS will send 0x7a for up, 0x7b for down, 0x7c for left and 0x7d for right, as keyboard events. Strange for a mouse!
  • ctrl + window key + app menu key = Reset !
  • Strange multiselection: Qualifiers key was wrong on repeat state, but good on key up and key down. Now you can move cursor with keyboard keys.
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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