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Sven Dröge (ANF)

First demo version of the home banking software proBanking
Today a first demo version of the being under development home banking software "proBanking" has been released. This version 0.40 is a kind of "design study": It should demonstrate the user how this software will behave in offline mode.

Currently the following actions may be done:
  • Assistent aided setup of offline accounts
  • Import from transaction data and/or category data from these file formats:
    • QIF (Quicken Interchange Format)
    • CSV (Exportformat of the German "Sparkasse")
    • AmigaKonto (account format of the equally named software)
  • Add transactions manually
  • Category management
  • Receiver list management
  • Simple graphic monitor for the account history
  • Simple analysis of the transaction data
There is neither a documentation of the avaialble functions available yet, nor are all windows and GUI elements are functionsal.

The software is developed using AmigaOS 3.9.. It should run with the more recent operating systems like MorphOS or AmigaOS 4, but especially with MorphOS there is no warranty of stability.

The author welcomes ideas, proposals, bug reports and feature requests especial since he cannot estimate the demand for a complete online enabled banking software would be.

The implementation of the HBCI interface will be done in a 2nd part of the development, as soon as the software foundation is stable and sufficient. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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