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Steffen Nitz (ANF)

SN-AnlagenArchiv 0.75 / SN-HTMLKompress 1.05
Steffen Nitz released the Version 1.05 of his SN-HTMLKompress already, which comes with a increased packrate of HTML-files of 10%.

Today he released also the update to version 0.75 of his SN-AnlagenArchive, which works with the actual quotation and a lot of new additionals. SN-AnlagenArchiv is a managmentsoftware for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium, as mintage and bullions.

Changes for SN-AnlagenArchiv 0.75:
  • Each of Mintages/bullions are recorded for every entry
  • The windowtitle of the Stockwindow shows the exchange rate which is needed for profit
  • Choice-gadget for ordered or buyed mintages/bullions and a field for the sellers name
  • it is possible to show two pictures for every entry
  • Two new graphical statisitics for metalvalue and the Zwei neue grafische Statistiken für Metallwert und Auctionvalue-stock
  • The mainstatistic shows collectingareas with numbers of mintakes, metalvalue, auctionvalue, weight
  • Now is a textfile for every record available
  • globalnote for every record
  • exchange quotation completed til 25.Nov.2005
  • Demorecord a updated
  • Manual updated
  • Errors fixed
(snx) (Translation: aj)

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