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Martin Wolf (e-mail)

Tales of Tamar: new homepage/announcement of the "Great War of Anarrow" (update)
The homepage of the massively multiplayer PBEM game Tales of Tamar comes with a new design found under the title link. In this role playing game the player takes over the tasks of a leader to build up his country from a little village to a strong empire. In Tales of Tamar can up to 12,000 players participate. One round is played each day. And, if enough players can be found, a special war will take place:

The Great War of Anarrow!

Quest for all Amigians of the blue and the red side!

Tales of Tamar, the round based strategy and role playing game, invites all owners of an AmigaOne or a Pegasos computer with MorphOS to play Tales of Tamar 4 months for free and to take part in the 'Great War of Annarrow'.

If at least 100 players on each side register a new territory will be opened in Elerion from April, 2nd 2005 with the Hombres on the one side of the area and the Mosianers on the other side. Both developers teams, Hyperion and the MorphOS developers team, will officially be invited. They'll represent the overlords of the specific party and therefore are very special for each race.

Winner of this war will be the party that conquered more land. This will be judged by the games jury.

Here are some more rules:
  • Each player has to register via e-mail at and to announce the side for which he/she will fight. To do so just put in the subject line the keywords 'blaue Mosianer' or 'rote Hombres'
  • The war only takes place with at least 100 players on each side
  • The more players take part the better for the particular side
  • The game is for free for four months. After this time all players will be set to shareware and have to pay depending on the state of the empire or may play furtheron for free
  • In 'The Great War of Annarrow' nobody can claim the ToT prize as all play for free
  • All rules of the Tamar world are valid. Insults and contempts are IT allowed as long as they sound medieval
  • People who have questions regarding 'The Great War of Annarrow' may visit at any time on channel #Tales (using a medieval sounding nickname), port 6667 in our tavern and ask the OPs
  • Each player owns only one empire
  • Trolls are very welcome :-)
  • The game starts on April, 2nd 2005 and ends on August, 2nd 2005 with the pronouncement of judgement
Enjoy :-)
Your ToT team (snx) (Translation: wk)

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