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Christian Effenberger (ANF)

CD Tools: Update for CDonFire
"CDonFire" is a burning program with which one may burn any 3CaDo generated CD image to CD-R or CD-RW, and now video, audio, and ISO CDs may also be copied.

The program offers the following possibilities:
  • Grab MPEG Movies from (S)VCD
  • Write a VCD image from CD-R/W
  • Write a VCD image to CD-R/W
  • Copy VideoCDs to CD-R/W
  • Write CDDA images from CD-R/W
  • Copy audioCD to CD-R/W
  • Write an ISO image from CD-R/W
  • Write an ISO Image to CD-R/W
  • Copy ISO CDs to CD-R/W
  • Erase CD-RW (fast, full etc.)
  • Repair CD-R/Ws
Tip: If a CD doesn't copy right, try reducing the burning speed! (snx) (Translation: dm)

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