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30.Nov.2004 Uploads until 30.11.2004
New uploads at

xpkgzip_os4.lha      uti/arc  56kb OS4 PPC xpkGZIP - Sublibrary for the XPK package
blobwars.lha         gam/pla   8Mb SDL platform shoot'em up
blobwars_upd.lha     gam/pla 981kb SDL platform shoot'em up (Update 0.96.2 -> 0.98.1)            gra/vie 297kb A simple image viewer
angband-bin.lha      gam/rol   1Mb Angband - a modern rogue-like RPG game
angband-src.lha      gam/rol 115kb Angband variant makefiles plus Amiga code
tome-bin.lha         gam/rol   2Mb T.o.M.E. - a popular Angband variant
zangband-bin.lha     gam/rol   2Mb ZAngband - a popular Angband variant
os4_aquax_theme.lha  gra/the   7Mb Gui theme For Amiga OS4.
id3edit-os4.lha      uti/fil  52kb port of simple shell based ID3 tag editor
omegappc.lha         gam/rol 798kb Omega 0.80.4 - another rogue-like RPG :)
autodocviewer.lha    dev/uti 183kb Autodoc viewer for OS4
xmamegui.lha         emu/gam 104kb GUI for the OS4 xMAME port v0.10
wet.lha              uti/wor 208kb Show weather conditions in WB titlebar(OS4)
uhexen.lha           gam/fps 835kb Straight port of UHexen for OS 4
identify_lib_os4.lha uti/mis  16kb identify.library replacement for OS4
killwingui.lha       uti/mis  53kb Kills windows of crashed apps
(cg) (Translation: cg)

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