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27.Nov.2004 (website)

TvR: v2.6 of the TV tuner software for Mediator boards released
The program TvR by Robert Krajcarz (screenshot) is now available as version 2.6. With this software you can control TV tuner PCI cards that are used with a Mediator board.

TvR allows searching for radio/TV stations, the creation of a TV program list, setting up the TV picture (brightness, contrast, colour), channel switching, resizing of the TV window (from 10 % to full screen), choice of video source (TV, cinch, SVHS), sound (mono, stereo) and speaker volume. In the full screen mode it offers OSD (on screen display) for the chosen functions. Stopping and saving of the TV picture is also supported. The control is done via GUI, keyboard or remote control.

New in 2.6 V2.5:
  • Minimized clicking when doing channel switching
  • Closing the TV window automatically switches to the radio mode
  • Mouse pointer hidden in the full screen mode
  • Saving of the position of the TV window
  • Saving of single pictures
  • Correction of the SVHS input
  • F4 key for changing the colour decoding system
  • Enhanced skin control
  • Stopping of the video via keyboard
tvr_26.lha (60 KB)
tvr_skins.lha (1,5 MB) (snx) (Translation: wk)

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